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Video: young black men walking dog stopped, questioned, then detained – for looking the wrong way at a police car

Black Lives Matter – just be careful of your facial expression while walking your dog

Video published across several tweets by the @CrimeLdn Twitter account shows two young black London men, who had been walking their dog, be stopped, questioned in a condescending and aggressive tone – with no social distancing – by an all-white group of police officers and then detained.

And when challenged, one police officer is heard saying that the reason for the stop was the ‘reaction’ of the men when they saw a police car:

And the targeting did not end there. Shortly afterward, those who can be heard objecting to the treatment of the men were stopped and questioned again in a local park – by police who said they were looking for a white male:

Black Lives Matter. Just be careful to keep a neutral expression on your face if a police car passes you while you’re walking your dog.

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  1. The ethnic community is keeping calm in the face of continued provocation from Govt, Media and Police. What a sick Society we live in.

  2. @Paul, are we witnessing neo- fascism? Don’t expect either the Tories or Labour under Starmer to do anything about it.

  3. I cannot imagine what thIs community goes through
    The oath taken by UK police is as follows:

    I do solemnly and sincerely declare and affirm that I will well and
    truly serve the Queen in the office of constable, with FAIRNESS,
    INTEGRITY , diligence and IMPARTIALITY, upholding FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHTS and according EQUAL RESPECT TO ALL PEOPLE ; and that I will, to the best of my power, cause the peace to be kept and preserved and prevent all offences against people and property; and that while I continue to hold the said office I will to the best of my skill and
    knowledge discharge all the duties thereof faithfully according to

    Sadly it seems that like politicians the police seem to work by their own rule book and get away daily with flouting their responsibility and instead of working for all communities they work against certain communities
    Respect must be earned it is not automatic

    1. Am genuinely surprised. Usually a chap like this is arrested for the crime of having a nice car whilst under the influence of being black


      1. @PW

        Nice post. If you haven’t watched it, 8:46 by Dave Chappell is powerful. He mentions a black cop (ex exemplary military career) who tried to do the right thing. He ended up being booted out, and worse.

        I’d provide a link but this post will disappear if I do.

        I’ve also experienced profiling, my son’s experience it today of the crime of looking chavvy…

        A Jamaican work colleague and good friend told me a decade ago about his son and the police. He has 5 sons, and each has gone through grammar and university. The lad in particular was home from uni. Had visited friends and was walking home at about quarter to twelve. Gets stopped.

        You, against the wall, empty your pockets!

        Okay. Any particular reason officer?

        We’ve had a report of people looking in gardens…

        Gets searched, find nothing. Lad carries on home.

        One street from home…

        You, get against the wall. Empty you pockets!

        Huh?!?! Why?

        We’ve had a report of people looking in cars…

        Hang on, I got stopped five minutes ago because someone was looking in gardens!

        Cars, gardens, it’s all the same to me. Get against the wall now!

        When my friends son got home and explained what happened, my friend went out looking for the police. He didn’t find them, and I honestly dread to think about what would have happened if he had.

        The system is endemically corrupted. The police are unfit for purpose. They needs taking apart slowly, and rebuilding in a manner that suits the general public, and not the establishment. Until then, all cops clearly not to be trusted, relied upon or bothered with.


    2. You give the police equal culpability with the political control that shapes their role. I think that the corruption of politics is at the root. Look at this list :


      Here we are in the middle of a confected crisis that has been brought about by political decisions that contradict all those supposed necessities of a democratic society.

      The police are then told to enforce the implementation of that corruption. It’s no wonder that what should be the basis of policing is undermined.

      1. “Here we are in the middle of a confected crisis…”

        Oh FFS, give it a bloody rest! We’re all perfectly well aware of your constantly banging that drum. There’s really no need to keep reminding us, especially when the article has nothing to do with Covid-19 and everything to do with police harassment of black people.

        Have you ever been stopped and harassed for no reason other than you might fit a negative profile, in my case simply because I was a skinhead? No? I thought not. Well I have and there’s certainly no mistaking me for a black person.

        Or perhaps you’ve been falsely arrested for assaulting a copper, had the shit beaten out of you in the cells by his mates and subsequently convicted, when he was the one doing the assaulting in the first place? No? Or had armed police breaking down your door because they went after the wrong person, they just thought it might be you? No, again? Well friends of mine have, and they’re not black either. They just happened to fit similar negative profiles and not one of us has ever assaulted (except in self-defence at least) or robbed anyone.

        This police harassment of black people has been going on for all of my lifetime and beyond but it’s only now getting the oxygen of publicity and yet there you are trying to shoehorn it into your own agenda as if you hadn’t gone on about it at every other available opportunity. It’s so bloody boring, we got the message long ago.

        Actually, most coppers I’ve come across are pretty decent and uphold the laws as they’re meant to, there are just some, as with any group of people, who are just plain nasty. The problem with the police is, just like doctors, they generally all stick together but in their case the bad ones can pressure the decent ones to fall in line with their racist views and actions or face harassment themselves. That’s the real problem. It’s got nothing to do with government corruption or a ‘confected crisis’.

      2. PW, a suspicious person might wonder whether RH and Bubba spackling the comments section with endless Covid denial shite like an after-curry arse burner is the Tory Propaganda Department’s latest ruse to reduce Skwawkbox’s readership.
        They’re probably paid by the word – pennies I expect – which would explain the tedious, hourly repetition.
        Fuck me, they’re copying the BBC. It just occurred to me as I was scribbling this.

        Cumminge: “It doesn’t have to be good, literate or relevant, just long, boring and repetitive. We’ve got no arguments that hold water so we’ll BORE the lefties away from that dangerous blog.”

      3. Jared you implying that the problems in policing have just began since this “confected crisis” if so please give your head a wobble

  4. ‘Trump gives fascistic rant at Mount Rushmore event held in defiance of health experts’

    The president who has ripped up the Bill of Rights, trampled on the right to asylum, jailed thousands of immigrants, including children, in concentration camps, and praised neo-Nazi terrorists as “very fine people” presented himself as the defender of the principle proclaimed in the Declaration that “All men are created equal.”

    He branded the protest movement against police killings as a “far-left fascist” campaign “to wipe out our history, defame our heroes, erase our values and indoctrinate our children.”

    1. ‘How Israel’s propaganda war has silenced Europe’

      It remains difficult to criticise Israel, the occupation, accompanying war crimes, breaches of international law, or Israel’s treatment of Palestinians; it is all branded as antisemitism and quickly disappears from the agenda. Alongside this campaign of branding, most Western nations, including the US, have passed sweeping legislation that aims to declare war on the completely legitimate boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement, in an attempt to criminalise its activities and its activists.

      How incredible that this struggle against an occupation and its legal infrastructure is undergoing sustained delegitimisation and criminalisation. Imagine any other committed struggle – say, against the sweatshops of Southeast Asia, industrial meat production or mass concentration camps in China – being labelled as criminal in the West. It’s hard to imagine.

      And yet, the struggle against Israeli apartheid – and there is no more clearly moral struggle today – is deemed criminal.

    2. Ironic, since Mount Rushmore is on Dakota tribal land stolen from them during the Sioux Wars. I guess it’s OK to “wipe out our history, defame our heroes, erase our values and indoctrinate our children” when you’re doing it to the natives.

    1. The charge of ” looking at me in a funny way ‘ is pretty close to reality.

  5. Another instance…The old chestnut of ‘We smelled cannabis’ (The modern equivalent to: ‘He was slurring his words and smelled of alcohol for the public order offences they’d nick people on for merely disagreeing with them or not ‘showing respect to their authoritah’)

    As I wrote on Mike’s blog: ‘They whinge about being understaffed…Well, the amount of damages they’re gonna be paying out from their budget to this lad will probably equate to two coppers’ yearly salary, maybe more’

    That’s if the totally independent IOPC find any wrongdoing, of course. (About as likely as donald trump waking up to discover he’s black.)

    Knobheads. Small wonder people are putting up videos of plod getting it given back to them.

  6. Allan, without research in the field we’ll be sitting ducks for all future viruses and never have any chance of understanding them, much less finding cures.
    Even with an international ban N. Korea, Israel and various other nations including the UK won’t genuinely comply – they’ll just continue the research in secret at places like Porton Down.
    Might as well demand CERN be shut down in case it creates a Black Hole 🙂
    Scientific enquiry carries many risks but we can’t and shouldn’t stop.
    The supreme danger is and always has been the ignorance and greed endemic to societies mired in capitalism – cooperation doesn’t kill people, competition kills people.

  7. We need an investigation into all aggressive ‘policing’. The young men who live in inner city areas/ housing estates have always been stopped & searched, regardless of skin colour, From Govan to Moss Side, from Hillsborough to the Miner’s Strike, aggression followed by misrepresentation is normal. The police are not loved in most working class areas, whether it’s Glasgow; Belfast or Cardiff.. Stop & search without reason was suspended & re-introduced to combat ‘yardy’ knife crime & drugs, but this is not just a race issue, it is about culture & social class. Simply pointing accusing fingers solves nothing. We have ‘Policing by consent’, but it is the masters who make the rules & who defines consent. The function of the Police is to protect the status quo; they are an agency of control.

  8. Orgreave Public Enquiry. Shrewsbury 24 enquiry.
    Just wait until the Corona Virus Act is implemented to its fullest extent by a S.I.
    Featherstone and Tonypandy revisited.

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