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Former BMA deputy chair says ‘Happy birthday NHS – but when non-COVID tsunami hits, if you love it, step up to protect it from govt who will exploit crisis to wreck it’

Leading medic warns of a new crisis to hit NHS after coronavirus wanes – and of the Tories’ plan to exploit the crisis to further destroy and sell it off

Leading GP, health campaigner and former British Medical Association deputy chair Dr Kailash Chand OBE has recorded a video to wish the NHS a happy birthday on Sunday – and to warn of a new and deadly threat to its future if supporters of the NHS do not step up to resist the Tory government’s plans for it.

Dr Chand pays tribute to more than a million NHS staff who have fought for the lives of this country’s people – at the cost of more than 400 deaths among NHS staff – but explains that the cancellation and postponement of treatments during the coronavirus pandemic is going to lead to ‘a tsunami of non-COVID diseases’ that will hit the NHS.

And he warns that the Tories will exploit the renewed crisis to break up the NHS to their ‘friends’ and ‘cronies’ in the private sector, before calling on those who love the NHS to ‘stand up and be counted’ for it:

Dr Chand is absolutely right. The birthday present the NHS needs is a people full of renewed determination to fight for it – one that refuses to let the Tory government pursue its ideological aims for our nation’s greatest achievement.

Dr Chand spoke in a personal capacity as a doctor and health campaigner with decades of front-line experience.

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  1. In their ‘esteemed wisdom’ some voters prioritised a no deal Brexit over the NHS.

    1. Wrong again, knobhead

      Some geniuses prioritised staying in the EU over a socialist government that would’ve protected the NHS

      WTF did the EU ever do for our NHS.When did they intervene to stop the privateers from profiting off the sick…

      …On, that’s right. The eu actually ENCOURAGE that sort of despicable carpetbagging.

  2. If we had a democratic socialist Labour government, the NHS would have been safe. However, the satrap for the establishment and the right US oligarchs made sure their Knight of the realm put a spanner in that idea.

  3. What he says is already happening with the Govt refusing to give £10 billion the NHS needs right now despite previous promises. Cummings is playing a dangerous game, like some 16th Century royal favourite with no power beyond that of his Sponsor, people will soon be calling for his head. I wonder if he can really rely on Johnson?

  4. Hundreds of thousands have already stepped up to ‘save the ‘NHS’ and not been attending with serious conditions and symptoms, many have died to ‘save the f’ing NHS’ during the ‘Covid crisis’! Staff banned from speaking out that NHS has not been overwhelmed. When will NHS staff realize the Covid crisis is an integral part of Gov plans for NHS and changes to society, economy, banking, shedding/downgrading jobs, asset plundering and siphoning wealth upwards let’s not forget massive Gov power grab sidling Parliament, issuing restrictive social diktats etc. not that there has been any political opposition only demands for more lockdown.
    A Leicester doctor speaks out.

    It’s high time NHS staff stepped up to save the real non corporate NHS and the millions that depend on it, they stepped up for YOU…

  5. “Non Covid tsunami” Lol! Language is important, it’s a ‘Save the NHS’ and lockdown tsunami of serious medical and surgical problems sidelined in the ‘save the NHS’ Covid lockdown era. People have short memories of how BMA has been complicit in successive Gov neoliberal privatisation agendas … Doctors contracts anyone? Punishing and silencing doctors speaking out for decades.
    Hundreds of thousands of the public with serious illness have been saving the NHS, some too afraid to attend, have died, it’s high time NHS staff started speaking out to save the true non corporate profit seeking NHS and the millions of people that depend on it!

  6. Change the language
    How many people have died because the Tory party have a visceral hatred of the NHS
    You have spent 10 years running it into the ground and are in the process of selling off what is left to Trumpton

    1. The Tories must privatise the NHS because it is a constant reminder of ‘Socialism in Action’. The Labour Party should embrace this strap line & further embrace the private ‘Care Home Workers’ & the ‘Home Care Workers’ by bringing them into the protective umbrella of NHS. That, Sir Keir, is extending Socialism & massively improving the chances of creating the next Labour gov’t.

  7. Repeal Section 75 of the Health and Social Care act 2012 requires CCGs to put out to tender any contract over the value of £615,278.

    2006 Blair tenure DHL has signed an agreement with the NHS to increase its share of the medical supply market. DHL took over 1,650 staff from the public sector NHS Purchasing and Supply Agency The new company will be known as NHS Supply Chain.

    Currently, DHL using Novation, the largest US medical supplies company, as a subcontractor and continues to do so.

    Look at Simon Stevens Chief executive of NHS and his resume.STP’s Accountable Care Organisations.-based on Obama Care

    From NHS Five Year Forward Plan 2014

    Depending on the combined efficiency and funding option pursued, the
    effect is to close the £30 billion gap by one third, one half, or all the way.
    • In scenario one, the NHS budget remains flat in real terms from
    2015/16 to 2020/21, and the NHS delivers its long run productivity
    gain of 0.8% a year. The combined effect is that the £30 billion gap in
    2020/21 is cut by about a third, to £21 billion.
    • In scenario two, the NHS budget still remains flat in real terms over
    the period, but the NHS delivers stronger efficiencies of 1.5% a year.
    The combined effect is that the £30 billion gap in 2020/21 is halved,
    to £16 billion.
    • In scenario three, the NHS gets the needed infrastructure and
    operating investment to rapidly move to the new care models and
    ways of working described in this Forward View, which in turn
    enables demand and efficiency gains worth 2%-3% net each year.
    Combined with staged funding increases close to ‘flat real per person’
    the £30 billion gap is closed by 2020/21.

    This was the Government option £22 billion of cuts/efficiencies and £8 billion new funding

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