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‘R’ rate rises in every English region but one – before Johnson’s lockdown changes

Yellow = higher rate of infection. Only one region, the south-east, has reduced slightly compared to the previous dataset

Manchester mayor Andy Burnham has tweeted the latest regional ‘R’-rate table showing how fast the coronavirus is spreading across England’s twelve regions – and the news is bad in all of them but one.

As Burnham pointed out, the ‘R’ has risen in every region except the south-east – and is at or above one in almost half, meaning the pool of infection was either increasing or not reducing. The latest table shows data as of 10 June and so would not reflect the acceleration effect of Johnson’s more recent relaxations of England’s lockdown.

The increases mean that, across the whole of England, the ‘R’ rate is no longer below one – yet Johnson ploughs ahead with a reduction in social distancing and the re-opening of retail and hospitality, in spite of sharp rises in the R rate of nations even with a low incidence of the virus, such as Germany and the cautious examples of Australia, New Zealand and others who have kept cases and deaths very low.

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  1. If anyone reading the headline thought the region was gonna be anywhere else than the SE, then I’m sorry to inform you that Mars isn’t an English region, nor is it in the UK.

    But the SE may as well be Mars to every other English region.

    1. But the SE may as well be Mars to every other English region.

      Or, should that be: ‘But to the SE, every other English region may as well be Mars’ ??!!

  2. The servile ‘left’ pronounces again, casting the runes and chanting magic numbers.

    Try using basic data analysis rather than GI>GO computer artefacts.

    1. Try employing a bit of common courtesy instead of hubristic bollocks.

      ‘Servile left’… Have a word with yerself, soft shite.

      1. Just the evidence, Toffer. Just the evidence. I don’t extend courtesy to dangerous self-indulgent fantasy and Kawasaki syndrome fantasists. There’s been too much damage to workers already from this WMD-type scam.

      2. Very well RH bring forth the statistical evidence that proves the R figure for these areas has not increased or moved in any way .Confine the data to the same time period as that for the figures you dispute , ensure they are from a proven reputable source ( not some USA quack of a Dtr etc ) and thus allow for comparable like for like comparisons to be made between your data figures and those of the table above .And spare us all the farcical fairy tale language/statements

      3. Two hours later and still waiting. RH, are you there?

        It was a rhetorical question of course, as RH is ALWAYS there monitoring the site!

      4. Oh that’s rich, asking for common courtesy on here! “Servile” hits the nail on the head!

      5. ‘Just the evidence’

        The evidence is you’re the one openly and unashamedly backing the government and corporate line of: ‘Get back to work and put your health – and even your life in some cases – on the line, for very little difference in your lifestyle. You simply must because we haven’t had a colossal profit off your backs for what seems like a fucking eon, you dilatory workshy, feckless peasants’

        Well you can get fucked dickhead. You and your ‘facts’.

        Upwards of 60k dead still not enough for you? Oh no, of course not – They were mainly old and useless so they don’t count.

        When I see the likes of de piffle & rees-smog and raabid pulling the tripes out of themselves in nursing homes, hospital wards, building sites and factory floors; actually producing by the fruits of their labour, the nation’s wealth, rather than sitting on their bone-idle arses and raking it in from capital that they inherited, THEN AND ONLY THEN will I be prepared to risk myself and my loved ones in equal measure

        Until then the economy can go ride itself. They can well afford to pay, and if they don’t well just write the debt off at a stroke of a pen.

        But as you’re so concerned about the economy – just what are you doing to produce the nation’s wealth right now?

        That’s right – the same as me. Nothing. So either shut up instead of being some sort of internet standard-bearer, or go out and volunteer and put yourself at this negligible risk you want everyone else** to undertake.

    2. Dictionary won’t help you on this one, but what you meant was “computer artifacts.”
      You’re wrong on the substance too.
      Don’t ask “which part” – all of it.

  3. Why does it take a mayor of an English metropolis to tweet key data like these?

    Knowledge is Power as they say- and HMG would rather you had none

    (FWIW, to Boris Johnson, Nicely Nicely Armrest is the gift that keeps on giving).

  4. Andy Burnham is a good lad really ,and trys his best to be Labour ,and has been helping out the Opposition who’s been sick lately and have not got out of bed yet Unfortunately Andy got in with a bad lot in his early days as a young MP.but since he got out hes showing even criminal PLP prisoners deserve a second chamce

  5. Just came across the following in my inbox from ‘ Campaign for Chris Williamson’:

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    Since recovering substantial costs from the Party after they lost in the High Court, that is precisely what we have done.

    We have already defended some of the leading lights of British socialism from lawfare tactics used by the racist Israel lobby, which seeks to criminalise pro-Palestine activism and marginalise black, Muslim and Jewish anti-racism activists.

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