Starmer’s former favourite for general secretary suspended over leaked report

Former party director suspended over leaked report

Former party director Emilie Oldknow, who features prominently in the leaked Labour Party report, is among those suspended by the Labour Party – along with former campaigns head Patrick Heneghan – according to a report by Novara Media.

Oldknow was Keir Starmer’s original preferred pick for the general secretary role – from the day he won the leadership election – and this preference persisted for a considerable period even after the leak, according to party sources.

Oldknow was a director of the party close to former general secretary Iain McNicol. She resigned in March 2018 after the announcement of McNicol’s resignation. He also features prominently in the leaked report but has so far not been suspended.

As the SKWAWKBOX revealed on Friday, seven people have been suspended in connection with the leaked report and the ensuing investigation, after a long delay. The identities of the remaining five so far remain undisclosed.

Ms Oldknow has been contacted for comment.

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  1. Why on earth aren’t all the names disclosed? Is it Starmer’s natural reflex as a Prosecutor not to disclose anything until you’re made to? What else is being kept secret one wonders?

    1. Bit of a pickle for Sir Keir.
      He’s obliged to reward those at HQ who betrayed Corbyn’s 2019 GE bid but their racism against Black MPs is impossible to dodge now that BLM is in the public consciousness.
      He’s now got the CAA demanding sanctions against those three black working class women MPs for sharing a platform with Jewish former Labour members.
      I’m sure he’d love to oblige but punishing black people for not obeying instructions isn’t such a great PR stunt as it would have been a few weeks ago.

  2. Could not be happier with my party, standing up for members
    Rejoin and recruit
    Is this Jonathan Ashworth on his way out

    1. I don’t think so Doug. I read somewhere that Ashworth and his wife have “separated”. Whether this reported separation is true or not I don’t know but either way he has been very quiet about his wife’s appalling behaviour. Looks to me as if he is copying the late Tessa Jowell who “separated” from her husband when his problems hit the headlines only to quietly get back with him once the dust had settled.

      1. “Quietly get back with him” – so she didn’t leave him for sounding like a gerbil then?

    2. It hard to imagine a slimier individual than Jonathan Ashworth, as his appearance on Marr today reminded me!

      1. Having met him I can say more slime than a slug , weak as water a real wet drip. God where do we get them from !

      2. ”Having met him I can say more slime than a slug , weak as water a real wet drip. ”

        Narrow it down, please, rob…

  3. About time too. Just because the report on the investigation was leaked does not mean that the evidence obtained and conclusions drawn in the report are invalid. They most certainly appear to be valid and members are outraged but it seems to have taken a very long time for that penny to drop with the party heirarchy.
    Furthermore the fact that Keir Starmer preferred this unpleasant to Jennie Formby and saw her as a fitting replacement casts serious doubts over Starmers judgement.

  4. Don’t worry.they’ll be back after a discreet time period has elapsed. Just like that other one, I forget his name was it Mumblebum, Candelson, Cockwombleson…?

  5. Come on its the Labour party we are talking about..not the mythical democratic socialist labour party.ITs not for you plebs to ask any questions whilst the knight sits with the coven ?…

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