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Breaking: Reading stabbings suspect named as shoplifter with history of violence

The suspect detained over the murder of three people and the serious wounding of three more in Reading last night has been named as Libyan national Khairi Saadallah.

Last year, Saadallah appeared in court charged with punching a Sainsburys security guard in the face and attempting to stab him with a broken wine bottle when he was accused of shoplifting alcohol.

The BBC falsely linked yesterday’s Reading attacks with a local ‘Black Lives Matter’ protest when news of the murders first broke. Right-wing hate-promoters have continued to spread the fake news. Police are treating the incident as terrorism.

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  1. Smashing up Libya-the gift that keeps in giving. And had the support of the Starmerite/Blairites.

  2. The labelling of the incident as a ‘terrorist’ one is pure Security Service hyperbolic narrative – just like the stories about Covid-19 in SB and The Groan ( aka ‘The House Journal of the Security Services’).

    I’m glad that SB isn’t falling for the con on this one.

    1. Good , am I glad that there are others that look at this virus thing in a different way to that of almost everyone. What are the figures, how many frontline staff are now employed and why do l and many others no longer see our GPS or district nurses. Well I saw avid on the box concerning the recovery of a nurse being wheeled out of hospital. There were at least 50 staff applauding her on her journey home. I love our NHS but this isn’t it. I have three family members employed in the NHS and they refuse to tell me about anything, why. Why not use trained staff in the private care homes? Well at least we know that we will do anything that they tell us to. Not to worry Max Headroom will sort them out or something. New dawn, new party.I am railing against myself here for being all bloody mouth and no trousers. Go out and prepare for rounds2,3 etc. Stay in and belt up if you know what’s good for you. Keep well everyone. ☮️

  3. None of us know this man’s motivations and probably never will.
    The police calling it a terrorist incident this early suggests he’s probably declared his motivations, but his statement may be true or false.

    1. I suspect a lone wolf, possibly radicalised, but like too many others, also with his fair share of mental demons. Alas, from what I’ve seen swirling around on local Facebook, the far right and racists are putting two and two together and making it a round dozen.

  4. I didn’t catch his name, but the senior cop who made a statement to the media earlier today made it quite clear that BLM had nothing whatsoever to do with the stabbings, and that this guy has nothing whatsoever to do with BLM. Does anyone know if the BBC apologised for linking BLM to the stabbings – ie made a formal apology? I’ve not heard anything to that effect, so I’m gonna assume they haven’t, and if THAT’s the case, then it seems to me it’s tantamount to racism.

    PS Does anyone know who these right-wing hate-mongers are that skwawkbox refers to, and where they are doing their hate-mongering and dissembling their falsehood(s) – ie their racist smear(s) that BLM were involved?

  5. Racist Hatemongers?Clearly the BBC and The other classification system of Terrorism being overcooked,rather than deranged lunatic goes berserk..

  6. Same way as some now classify anti-fascists as fascists, and another, ‘to be anti-fascist is to be anti-Semitic’. We now live in the age of, ‘The Ministry of Truth’. Some in the LP are also using this nonsense, predominantly against supporters of justice for Palestinians and more generally against people who want the LP to remain true to it’s rule book and constitution,
    It’s a sign that they have no political argument, nothing to offer economically in opposition to the corporate worlds rules in which we live. They know they can’t win the argument at grass root level. The individuals who so vehemently oppose democracy should look up the word fascism.

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