Video: BBC puts out fake news to blame unrelated terror stabbings on Black Lives Matter protest

Outright fake news smears peaceful demonstrators. Watch and share urgently

The BBC has claimed that stabbings in Reading were linked to a completely peaceful ‘Black Lives Matter’ protest. This is Establishment fake news: the police have stated that the stabbings were a ‘random’ terror attack – nothing to do with the peaceful demonstration, as a BLM Reading organiser has made clear.

Watch and share urgently:

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  1. Thankfully in their later news reports the BBC have now corrected this by explicitly stating that there is no connection between the peaceful BLM march and this violent incident which took place more than 2 hours after the BLM protest had finished.

    1. I’m glad to hear that SteveH but the misinformation was put out there by the national broadcaster and a failing rag and some people will never hear the amended version. I find it hard to believe that the inaccurate info was put out in good faith because my opinion of the BBC and the Daily Mail is so low that nothing they could do would surprise me,

      1. Smartboy – I’m not disagreeing with you, it would be interesting to see a transcript of the editorial meeting that decided on BBC’s original stance.

      2. I looked on Twitter as soon as I saw SB’s post yesterday and couldn’t find any BBC reference to “at the BLM protest,” just to “at the BLM protest site” as per SB’s post.
        Some readers would conclude from it that the stabbings were “at the protest” but what I read didn’t actually say that.
        Looking at the BBC tweet today it also says “…at a park where a Black Lives Matters protest was held earlier” – whether I just didn’t notice that yesterday or it’s been edited since – I don’t know.

      1. We are entering into the third tower, Maxwell now.

    2. Given the total unreliability of the Beeb over Covid-19, they deserve no defence. But, in the interests of accuracy, the first detailed coverage that I picked up (radio) was at pains to disconnect this from the prior march. They were, however, using the hyped-up term ‘terrorist incident’ to describe the stabbings, in line with official framing of such incidents in general.

    3. What are the beeb up to? No HK,no yellow jackets, Isis etc They seem to follow BLM everywhere, as usual I am not sure what I have before. Break from covid, now new figures are coming out.Odd days indeed. Wouldn’t surprise me if Max Headroom is offered a cabinet seat , so that all voices are heard. It’s a tough time to be a free minded, Socialist. Regards ☮️

  2. The Mail led the pack with breaking news of deaths ‘soon after a BLM protest meeting’. As is often the case the BBC was right behind them. You could sense the desperate hope at the Mail it might be true and those black trouble makers could be made to suffer. Quite an insight into racist increasingly fascistic Britain waiting for the moment to kick up rough, a Reichstag fire moment. It’s a warning we should listen to because the only POWER at the moment is in the hands of two totally unscrupulous men, Rasputin Cummings and Pol Pot Johnson. The media will applaud whatever they do and Parliament is utterly supine with the Opposition terrified of even criticising them,

  3. Funnily enough, since about a week ago I’ve been meaning to draw attention to the fact that the Panorama hatchet job ‘Is Labour Anti-semitic?’ is only available to watch on Iplayer – as of today – for another eighteen days. When they FIRST put it on Iplayer they said it would be on there for eighteen months, then a few months later it was down to fifteen months, and then a few months later it was down to a year.

    So if you’ve never watched it, or want to watch it again, it’s avalable until July 10th. Needless to say, it is just one BIG Nazi-style Lie from start to finish, and every single person who appeared in it was lying through their nasty little fascist teeth (apart from the Labour guy whose name escapes me). And if you’re not aware of it, seven of the ten people who were supposedly just ordinary Jewish LP members, were all executive commitee members of the Jewish Labour Movement, and one of the other three their former Campaigns Officer (see link below).


    And I don’t know if anyone posted anything about this – I just came across it when verifying that it was July the 10th last year that the program was aired – from four days ago:

    ‘Lefties furious as expose on anti-Semitism in Corbyn’s Labour up for major award’

    A BBC Panorama documentary about alleged anti-Semitism within the Labour Party while Jeremy Corbyn was leader has been nominated for a major British award, sparking a huge backlash.

    Nominated for a major award for black propaganda! What a joke!!

      1. And just to be clear (for anyone who hasn’t seen the Panorama propaganda hatchet job), for everyone else who appeared on the program – the former LP staff and the so-called experts – a caption came up for each one of them saying who they were and the position they held etc, BUT *didn’t* for the ten people who were portrayed as just ordinary Jewish LP members, all of whom appeared anonymously, apart from Izzy Lenga, who mentioned her name at the beginning of her segment (and one other who just mentioned her first name).

        As I said in my post above, seven of the ten were executive committee members of the JLM, and another one their former Campaigns Officer (until just a few months before the program aired!) AND one of the other two was a member of the JLM (and no doubt a buddy of the executive committee members), and the other one was involved with the BoD.

        Anyway, here’s a link to my ‘assessment’ of the program at the time, which dismantles the program and exposes it for what it was (and specifically the Izzy Lenga segment and what she claimed):

      2. Allan, although the actors in the Panodrama were members of JLM etc. and to us that’s conclusive evidence of conspiracy I fear it wouldn’t be seen the same way by anyone not familiar with Labour or “The Lobby.”
        Jewish members and employees being members or officers of JLM wouldn’t be thought unusual, much less incriminating, unless JLM was proven to be acting on instruction from the Israeli Embassy – and I’m not sure that would even be allowed to be mentioned in court unless “The Lobby” were first entered into evidence – and I suspect that wouldn’t be allowed either.
        Not claiming any great legal expertise, just what I learned from Rumpole, Law & Order etc. 🙂

    1. Also at least one of the participants was I believe was in the film THE LOBBY al jazeera

  4. Another example of the casual racism that exists within the current power structures of our society.
    The Conservatives have suspended an activist after she tweeted that a Muslim MP born in Bradford should “go back to Pakistan”. The party said Theodora Dickinson was being investigated on Friday after targeting Labour shadow minister Naz Shah.

    1. I just did a search to ascertain if the Sun and the Mail and the Express covered the ‘go back to Pakistan’ story, and as far as I can gather, neither the Sun or the Express did so, and whilst the Mail DID cover it, what’s interesting is the comments, of which there are just THREE! And, of the three comments, TWO are, in effect, supportive of the woman who posted the tweet in relation to Naz Shah. And just look at the number of down-votes the critical comment got AND the number of up-votes the two supportive comments received.

      Contrast THAT with an article published in the Mail the same day (June 19th) about Jeremy Corbyn with the headline: ‘Corbyn’s ‘toxic culture’ of chaos: Major report blows open disorder, doubts and infighting at heart of Labour….’, where there were 2,734 comments, the vast majority of which are derogatory (click on Best Rated and check out the first few, highest-rated comments):

      NB And it doesn’t look as if the Times covered it either, or the Telegraph, although I could be wrong about the latter, as you now have to sign in to be able to do a search, but the Telegraph didn’t come up in the list of results when I did a general search on duckduckgo.

      1. The few times I ventured on the mail online (which I usually avoid because disinfecting my phone, running a antivirus scan and calling an exorcist each time is very time consuming), I’m always dubious by the number of votes some comments get… I know it’s one of the most read online “news” site, but when compared to outlet with similar reach, very few comments get nearly as much “likes” as some comments there! I wouldn’t put it past them to have tools boosting comments the editorial team agree with in order to create a false impression of public support.

      2. Oh, the Mail DEFINITELY fiddles the up-votes and down-votes Ben, as I have pointed out on here on a number of occasions, and definitely have their own shills churning out many of the comments.

        Anyway, I was just about to post a link to this when I saw your comment, which I just came across on the Electronic Intifada’s blog:

        ‘European Court upholds right to boycott Israel’

  5. “SteveH21/06/2020 AT 1:34 AM
    Smartboy – I’m not disagreeing with you, it would be interesting to see a transcript of the editorial meeting that decided on BBC’s original stance.”

    ………….As the BBC is a public body do we have an y FOI rights to ask for this?

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