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McNicol fails in attempt to be removed as defendant in lawsuit vs Labour Party – on grounds of owing ‘dignity and respect’ to members

Former general secretary accused in leaked Labour report loses bid to be de-listed as defendant

McNicol on holiday in the French ski resort of Tignes as Labour campaigned in two key by-elections

Former Labour Party general Iain McNicol has failed in a bid to have his name removed from Mark Howell’s lawsuit against the party over the alleged efforts of former right-wing headquarters staff to hamper the party’s election campaigns and disciplinary processes, which Howell claims mean that they “sought the victory of rival parties”.

McNicol – whose case is being funded by the party, to the deafeningly silent non-outrage of centrists – tried to extricate himself from the case, but his attempt failed when the judge ruled that Chapter 2 clause II, paragraph 7 of the party’s rule book was probably sufficient grounds for him to be forced to defend his conduct. That section outlines the treatment that party members have a right to expect:

Members have the right to dignity and respect, and to be treated fairly by the Labour Party. Party officers at every level shall exercise their powers in good faith and use their best endeavours to ensure procedural fairness for members.

The judge felt that there were likely issues in McNicol’s alleged behaviour that brought this section of the rules into play in regard to Howell’s claim that Labour under McNicol,

breached its contract with the claimant and its non-contractual pact with the voting public of the UK.

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  1. Who is this masked man
    Wish a few on here had his Sir John Halls
    We wish him well

    1. Shut up Doug you idiot,and can I suggest you follow your own advice to Paul.

  2. So the Party still paying for Ian McNicol’s defence. So this is what our levies are used for, disgusting!!. Do we know if Mark Howell has been suspended from the Party’s membership? Who is he? Is he the whistle blower?

    1. You should stop paying to keep this dubious show on the road. It only takes a few minutes to cancel the direct debits. The photo of the fellow says it all. Snake in the grass.

      1. Why the hostility Doug? No need for that, is there? OP is correct. Continuing to fund this charade seems pointless. They’re bound to find the money from elsewhere (the irony that Corbyn rescued labour financially is not lost on me).

        The sad fact is we’ve been abandoned, again. They’re after the middle band of 70%. That excludes the top 5 and the bottom 25% (being generous to the 5%).

        Have read about this story in more detail elsewhere, and it’s obvious that the party has dragged their heels at every step. Only now are they launching inquiries into people named in that report from months ago.

        Stay safe.

      2. He’s more of a weasel-face I reckon. Which is worse, snake or weasel?!

    2. nvla
      There are only two parties who benefit from Labour members resigning and that’s Keir Starmer and the cheap and nasties
      Unless you have a cunning plan

      1. I don’t think it’s very ‘cunning’ to stay on in an organisation that will piss on you as soon as look at you. You may well want a quiet cosy life without any expectation of winning anything thereby relieving yourself of any responsibility or hard sweat – but in return for constant humiliation. By staying you allow those who actually OWN the Party to think you’ll put up with anything they do!

      2. I do have a cunning plan, but now isn’t the time.

        So, until then, do what I did, and educate yourself on Labours past. Look into how many times the donkey farmer type was inflicted upon us. Read how Labour became a political wasteland during the 1930s. Labour _IS_ the cheap and nastys…

        And if it’s not the party shafting you, the bloody unions shout “Hold my beer!”

        The only way anything will change, is through revolution, and I can assure you that many, including those who would profit from it will fight against it. After all, how many of us have truly realised they are a slave? The most efficient slave is the one that thinks they’re free…

      3. Doug, as I have said many times already , the cunning plan is IF you want to stay in and fight then you do that, and IF others choose to fight the RW bastards in the PLP and the hierarchy bureaucracy from outside, then we do that too.

        There is Forward momentum which , I hope as you are so vociferous in wanting to stay and fight , have joined and voted for the Forward 24 slate ?
        Outside there are the many embryonic groups of socialist organisations also fighting the corruption within Labour .
        The goal is WE ALL FIGHT FOR THE SAME THING A SOCIALIST PARTY FOR THE MANY , and right now Labour is as far from that as we are from Mars.

        So far the only effective action over this report on corruption within the party has come from outside pressure ,i.e the law courts !
        That , speaks volumes regarding what the Labour Party is under the RW of Starmer and the Blairites .
        So work with all your comrades inside and outside the party , many of whom have been unjustly expelled , and through UNITY there is the best chance of effecting change for the better .
        Divide and conquer is the cheap and nasty way remember that .

      4. Exactly summarised. I am sick of ‘lefty’ posing that amounts to just conceding ground and shooting the Labour Party in the foot, whilst backing essential Tory policies.

  3. McNicol is a slime ball of the first order. He, more than anyone, is responsible for destroying trust of the Labour Party by the electorate. Slaps you on the back with a knife in his hand.

    1. Could you elaborate? You seem to be implying that the ‘electorate’ were aware of his machinations. Yes, there is no doubt that McNicol was one of those at the centre of the saboteurs and doing whatever HE ccould to undermine Jeremy’s leadership, but I doubt that many of the electorate outside of the left membership of the party had any awareness of that. And the reality is that he was general secretary in 2017 when Jeremy and the LP under his leadership came so very close to winning AND that Jenny Formby had been in place for around eighteen months as of the GE last December.

      In the final analysis, none of the saboteurs in the party (including the JLM) – or with-out, such as the BoD and the CAA and LAA et al – could have been effective without the accomodation and collaboration of the MSM – ie without the MSM being their accomplice and co-conspirator in the Smear Campaign(s)..

      1. Allan Howard – white flag man. As is often the case, you grab the wrong end of the stick. Even though it was McNicol who tried to prevent Jeremy Corbyn even being on the leadership ballot after the failed coup, it’s precisely because the electorate were NOT aware of McNicol’s behind the scenes machinations and did not realise that he and others were working against Jeremy, that many of them believed some of the nonsense which was being allowed to go unchallenged and as a consequence, they lost trust in the LP.

      2. Can you give an example or two of me getting the wrong end of the stick. That of course is the problem with you shills, and like steveH, for example, you dissemble blatant falsehoods. Several months ago, for example, you dissembled the Big Nazi-type Lie that I had criticised you repeatedly for speaking about Zionists and Zionism, and you did so knowing full well that I had never-ever once done so. And I think I’m correct in saying there has only ever been one poster on skwawkbox – perhaps two – who has repeatedly castigated you for referring to Zionists and Zionism and, as such, accused you of being anti-semitic.

        They are entitled to their opinion, but Zionism is Zionism, and Zionists are Zionists, and it would be absurd beyond words of course if it was OK to use the terms when speaking positively, but NOT use such terms when being critical. Zionism is not a religion of course and, as such, it is NOT anti-semitic to criticise or condemn Zionists or Zionism.

        And YOU are a lying little fascist shill who poses as someone on the left, whilst dissembling – and endlessly repeating – falsehoods about appeasement and capitulation AND not refuting the smears and falsehoods etc and fighting back, and throwing people under the bus etc, and the reason you and your buddies do so – and have done so for the past year or more – is because your objective has been to create negative feelings in readers of skwawkbox towards Jeremy Corbyn. And like ALL good black propagandists, you and your fascist chums on here play to peoples emotions. And needless to say, you all know damn well that Jeremy and Jennie were in a no-win situation regarding the A/S lies and smears, and to refute them, or claim that they are smears concocted and designed to sabotage Jeremy’s leadership of the party, was just to invite MORE condemnation and vilification and outrage, albeit ALL false and phoney.

        As I’ve said on a number of occasions in response to the falsehoods you and you buddies constantly repeat, there is of course no way on this Earth that the very MSM who were conspiring in the smears and demonisation, of not only Jeremy, but the left-wing membership as well, ‘transforming’ them into bullies and thugs and a cult, not to mention anti-semites, were EVER going to let anyone expose their lies and falsehoods and smears. Of course they weren’t, and you are just being totally disingenuous to maintain otherwise.

        And like the good little fascist shill that you are, your ‘white flag man’ is just another propaganda falsehood which, of course, being a fascist shill, you repeat over and over again. You would have people who read skwawkbox believe the very opposite of the reality, and the reality is that if you own and/or control the MSM, then you have complete and total control over the narrative, and the very fact that, on average, respondents to the poll commissioned by the authors of Bad News For Labour believed that 34% of LP members had been reported for anti-semitism, is of course testament to the power and effectiveness of the MSM.

        Oh, right, but it was ALL Jeremy’s fault for not fighting back! Yeah, sure!!

      3. Allan Howard, white flag man. I know I really shouldn’t wind you up but you asked me to so who am I to refuse?

        Unlike you, I don’t keep a log of every dot and comma printed by Skwawkie but you asked me for examples where you’ve got the wrong end of the stick and without any sense of self awareness you’ve provided them in your last couple of posts. 1) I didn’t imply that the electorate were aware of McNicol’s machinations. 2) I’m not a shill for anyone or anything (you need to get your dictionary out). 3) I’m not a fascist (don’t let your anger management problem get the better of you).

        A little bit of advice – calm down and enter into these discussions not thinking that the world is against you and when the next vacancy for a witch hunter arises at LP HQ under no circumstances apply, lest your neuroses drive you crazy.

  4. McNicol has we are told left the party so why would we pay his legal expenses didn’t our former Scottish leader have to defend herself
    Sexism and racism all on show before EHRC report plops onto our desks, oh what a tangled web
    Is Mark Howell getting any support, can we contribute

  5. I was expelled from the Labour Party. My letter, signed by Iain McNicol, stated that I had posted support for the Green Party in the social media on the 16th April 2016. No appeal was allowable and the expulsion was to last five years.
    I had also posted support for Mr Corbyn, but that wan’t mentioned, though may have been the real crime.

  6. Where do I crowdfund Mark Howell !!!
    Now TWICE this corrupt pile of site running the Labour Party has lost against the rule of the law courts.
    Chris Williamson and now this ruling .
    Time for the membership to WAKE THE FUCK UP and take the bastards in Labour to the bloody cleaners .

  7. There is going to be a crowd fund if you follow his Twitter feed to the right on here

    1. thanks Doug , will keep checking his twitter so as to contribute my old Labour Party Subs no longer paying so will make good use to “fix” this git of an ex GS .

  8. McNicol broke his contract with the Labour party whrn the whip was removed in the Labour Lotds.He should not be funded by the Labour party and he’s now broken the contract again.Nominated in a dirty deal by Corbyn and covered by our membership fees.Thats why I will not be renewing my membership at the end of the month.!How oftem have we seem our money fumd the right wing establishment Sewer.

  9. interesting comments but the question that needs asking is why?…why did he and his mates do it? what was in it for them? another skiing holiday? was he really so frightened of rail re-nationalisation that he decided to conspire to crash his own party so that in 5 years someone a bit more like him may have a beter chance at being elected? or did he start to believe his own propaganda?

    1. Politics is a charade. A curtain to hide the real guns.

      Pick anyone of them, and apart from the odd anomaly, they’re all in it for themselves. Occasionally, they’ll push in something that they think is good to put their weight behind, but most excel in empty meaningless gestures. I remember Blair and Free Deidre…look at Assange ( and on that note, my money is not on the military leaks, it’s the pedo evidence…in nonce parlance, hotdogs and cheese are little children and sauce is an orgy. Feel free to search wikileaks for those terms…)

      Democracy is dead. Look around you. What are your eyes showing you?

      Stay safe

      1. As Chico Marx said to his mark, “Who ya gonna believe? Me, or your own eyes?”

  10. “Party officers at every level shall exercise their powers in good faith and use their best endeavours to ensure procedural fairness for members”

    Take the past as a given. But what about the continuing breach of this proviso in ‘antisemitism’ fakery?

    If the current law suit is successful (far from a given, of course), would this not strengthen grounds for action by all those illegitimately bounced out of the Party by patently unfair procedures?

    1. YES on ALL counts and I sincerely hope that Chris Williamson gets his chance along with many other innocents kicked out , Marc Wadworth , Jackie Walker etc etc It would be a just and fair redistribution of funds from the corruption into the LAW and other fighting funds to defend the many members against future shite from the bastards running the LP

  11. “Party officers at every level shall exercise their powers in good faith and use their best endeavours to ensure procedural fairness for members”. I wonder where giving suspended members names and addresses to the media fits into that. That’s what’s happened in Lpool.

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