For 22 consecutive days, the UK lost 1,000+ people to C19. On not one did govt admit it

Tory manipulation of reporting has hidden true scale of Boris Johnson’s catastrophic response to pandemic crisis

The funeral of 13-year-old Ismail Mohamed Abdulwahab, who died, separated from his family, from COVID-19

The SKWAWKBOX has long argued that the Tories were using their control of how and when death figures were released to manage public perception of the scale of the catastrophe their slow and often non-response to the coronavirus pandemic caused.

Now that argument has been proven by figures calculated from official records – which show that for twenty-two consecutive days the UK lost a thousand or more of its people to the virus and to Boris Johnson’s reckless arrogance.

A chart compiled by the Press Association from official sources and commented on by a senior union official makes the disaster bleakly clear:

But there has not been a single day on which the government’s daily press briefing or any government statement has acknowledged that. Instead, Johnson, Hancock and co have repeatedly said how ‘proud’ they are of their ‘achievements‘ – and Johnson has repeatedly refused even to express regret at the death toll.

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  1. Stick to the facts :

    (i) Nobody knows how many deaths can actually be attributed to Covid-19. The peculiar, questionable revisions to death registration made sure of that. Similarly, it is impossible to know beyond estimation how many deaths are the result of Lock-Up – although it will be a growing number as delays in access to medical services mount. Then there are the other circulating viruses, and the higher than usual number of vulnerable people to any of these causes in this particular year.The whole numbers thing is a mess : *that* is the indictment of the government.

    (ii) The only reliable figure is that for all-cause mortality, which figures have been reliably published, with the usual time-lag for correction, by the ONS. There is no evidence of manipulation.

    (iii) Those figures are clear : this is a year of higher than average mortality – but not exceptionally so. The most accurate estimation of above-expected deaths from *all causes* is about 30,000 *over 21 weeks* – not 1000 a day solely attributable to Covid-19. (see CEBM)

    1. “(i) Nobody knows how many deaths…”
      True, so stop trying constantly to play down the numbers.
      Or at least have the decency to wait until NHS doctors state on the record that this year’s not exceptional and that they were NOT instructed to leave CV off the death certificates and instead attribute them to pneumonia or heart failure in a bid to prevent panic.

      It’s despicable to undermine and trivialise the work and the sacrifices of NHS staff and others by calling this pandemic “overblown, nothing exceptional, a conspiracy.”
      You two are a real pair of shitheads.

      1. McBullshit, not looking at the data from the NHS again. Go and have a look instead of making yourself look a twat!

    2. John Thatcher…We have already lost the control of the economy and the welfare state.You a right that the coming misery which will be used like the virus to spread fear and permanent control of the people via severe curtailment of civil liberty’s We have been treated to an example of conservative rule,now they’ve been given the green light for go,the gloves will come off.A fightback will not happen and its down to charity to pick up the peices of broken Britain…Step up the knight of the realm..?I despair that their is no longer any OPPOSITION ….

  2. Christ RH you must sit there with your finger poised on the keyboard , talk about first out of the starting blocks , so predictable it’s tedious , stopped reading after first 2 words , nobody knows and yep neither do you .

  3. So the Covid 19 epidemic never happened, isn’t happening now & ‘Body Bag Boris’ isn’t responsible for many thousands of un-necessary deaths. Just another day at the office. Who told young people they were immune & the old & vulnerable had to be expelled from NHS wards for their own safety? Is that 1st or 2nd Degree Murder or only Manslaughter? Ask Sir Keir?

  4. For a more accurate picture than “ A Chart Compiled by Press Association from official sources”

    Over 95% of “COVID Deaths” recorded in England and Wales had potentially serious comorbidities, according to statistics released by NHS England.

    The latest figures make for pretty stark reading. Or, rather, they would make for stark reading…if they didn’t follow the exact same pattern already shown in other nations around the world.

    We’re going to focus on the comorbidity stats. Here are the number of deaths where Covid19 was listed as the only cause, split by age:

    Ages 0-19: 3
    Ages 20-39: 32
    Ages 40-59: 255
    Ages 60-79: 551
    Ages 80+: 477
    These are across all of England and Wales since the beginning of the “pandemic”.

    Simply put: Of the 27045 deaths with Covid19 in English hospitals (up to June 3rd), only 1318 had no pre-existing conditions. That’s less than 5%.

    This mirrors, almost exactly, the statistics reported in Italy back in March

    1. In fact, the 25,727 other cases were listed as having over 42,000 comorbidities. That’s almost 2 each (the report itself points out that many patients had multiple conditions). This, again, aligns completely with the Italian figures which said over 80% of fatalities had at least 2 comorbidities.

      What are these comorbidities? We don’t know. Not entirely specifically. The report lists ischemic heart disease, chronic kidney disease, asthma and dementia among others. But it also lists nearly 19,000 “other” conditions, presumably including liver failure, emphysema, AIDS, ALL forms of cancers and literally potentially thousands of other diseases.

      Implicit in this is the possibility that these diseases were the actual cause of death, and that Covid19 played no direct role at all.

      Further, the PCR test for coronavirus can return false positives in up to 80% of cases, so it’s entirely possible the majority of these deaths never even had the virus

      1. The question of comorbities is irrelevant. Almost everyone and certainly those over the age of fifty suffer from a condition which could potentially kill them. Many people live half a century or more with such conditions.
        You might almost as well deny the deaths of people in Grenfell were due to the fire, because, after autopsy, it was discovered that they were bound to die,m anyway, from heart disease, trenchfoot, or diabetes.
        What is not deniable, in sensible company, is the fact that this virus has killed, is killing and will kill more people, who may or may not be suffering from other conditions.
        What you are doing is running interference for the neo-liberal politicians, and their ideologists, responsible for not containing or preparing for this deadly pandemic.

    2. You are forgetting the lack of testing capability, which suggests that many more deaths can be directly, or indirectly, caused by the virus. THAT is why the excess deaths measurement PER CAPITA is so important as a comparison to how different approaches to virus control can lead to better outcomes.

      And on THAT FRONT we are worst in the world…

      Other countries, also with human beings suffering other medical problems, dealt with it so much better. Denying the facts mean we can learn nothing from this!

      I am one of those people with comorbidities. I have COPD, ASTHMA, and DIABETES TYPE 2. I have lived for more than TEN YEARS so far. Something denied those who caught the virus. So stop trolling for this incompetent government and grow a brain.

  5. rob/Steve
    If you believe then its true
    My sister used to keep imaginary chickens behind the couch
    So dont worry it will soon be over and then I bet you cant wait to disappear behind the couch again in November

    1. When you read a thoughtful reply that provides evidence for a particular view either respond with evidence of your own as to why that view is incorrect or do nothing. When you respond like a petulant child who doesn’t like being shown up you are devalued in the eyes of the world and not considered a serious person with a possibly valid point of view. Hysterical, thoughtless over reaction seems the stock in trade of many on this page. Perhaps that shows the intellectual bankruptcy of their philosophies. One can sympathise with the job Starmer has got to get rid of this type of baggage in order to make our party believable and electable again. He seems to be succeeding.

      1. ” One can sympathize with Starmer..”. So do MI5, MI6 for not prosecuting them for participating in torture and kidnapping, so do the police officers who shot an unarmed man 7 times plus killed a man with his hands in his pockets they weren’t prosecuted either, so do the American government for continuing to persecute a political prisoner on trumped up charges for revealing their war crimes, so do the US oligarchs pulling his strings, plus the apartheid state involved in ethnic cleansing and the right cabal in the Labour party.

      2. Plain Stupid…Dow you mean The conservative and unionist party when you say “our party” .

    2. Oh how I wish it was just imaginary , unfortunately it’s not and for those dead it’s all too real for their relatives

  6. The disturbing thing is that we’ve all known this for a very long time, but the majority of the MSM led by the disgusting BBC News continue to slavishly report on the basis of this openly manipulative governments false and minimising figures. It’s truly Orwellian.

  7. Bevin, 7.57pm.

    “ The question of comorbities is irrelevant. Almost everyone and certainly those over the age of fifty suffer from a condition which could potentially kill them. “

    Let’s see the evidence, proof, data that to use a precise age group 0-19 “ Almost everyone……..suffer from a condition which could potentially kill them.”

    Let’s see the evidence, proof, data that to use a precise age group 20-39 “ Almost everyone…suffer from a condition which could potentially kill them.”

    Let’s see the evidence, proof, data that to use a precise age group 40-49 “ Almost everyone… suffer from a condition that could potentially kill them.”

    Let’s see the evidence, proof, data that to use a precise age group 50- 59 “ Almost everyone ….suffer from a condition which could potentially kill them.”

    Let’s see your evidence, proof, data to use a precise age group 61-70 that “ Almost everyone……suffer from a condition which could potentially kill them. “

    1. Let’s see your evidence, proof, data that to a precise age group 60-60 “ Almost everyone…from a condition which could potentially kill them.”

      1. Look at NHS data, tables and information brief it details which age group had one or more primary illnesses . It also lists those that didn’t have any . Check that out!

  8. John Lennon sang: “Just give me the truth” and all we get from the Tories, who are out of their depth, is propaganda, information management and spin.
    Think capital is kegging it as the rich have lost £6b and some CEOs 20% of income and Tories are to add to £200b QE with another electronically printed £150b.
    Whilst the rich are safely enconsed in country retreats (apparently these are not second homes?) or overseas bolt homes, we have the Tories Dash for Cash, pushing working people back to work at potential risk and they show their desperation supported by Starmer’s political pyschcophants as both promote the pursuit of commodities in search of customers!
    The Tories have been turgid and Labour lukewarm, real socialists need to offer an alterbative and hope.
    The Big 2 are useless, think we need the Left Wing Democratic Socialist Big Three!

    1. The stock market has had about £654,000,000,000 via QE pumped into it so far and the US has has $1,000,000,000,000s pumped into via the Fed into Wall Street.

      The banks, the hedge funds, shares, assets, the very very very rich investors have lost almost sweet FA just like in 2008.

      The economic data so far is the economy has contracted by about 25% and heading to the precipice because the real economy has to all intents and purposes almost collapsed.

      We heading to an economic depression on the scale of the 1929 Wall Street crash because of a Corona-19 that, according to data from 8 countries including Austria has a fatalities rate ( all deaths are regrettable) between 0.2-0.46% and the median is between 80-86 with the majority of the unfortunate fatalities having 2 or more primary illnesses and will send millions and millions of people into the poor house.

      If you ever read George Orwell’s book, The Road to Wigan Pier, you can get a taste of were we are heading.

      Time to wake up before we reach the abyss!

      1. We were heading for that crash anyway,doubly so with the UK, given the extra disruption of a no deal Brexit.What is also true is the governments will use the virus as a scapegoat for the resulting damage.However,those who extrapolate from that the argument that either the virus is being grossly exaggerated,or is a complete hoax really are attributing far too much intelligence on the part of the British and other governments.There are many threads to untangle in the story of the covid 19 virus with many actors trying to manipulate the message for their own narrow ends,and it will be some time yet before we untangle the truth from the lies and exaggerations.What is true however is we need to prepare ourselves for the deadly fight for control of the economy in the coming collapse.

      2. ………….& the stock market is collapsing or………?

  9. The notion of nation states, in the Western Imperialistic world, has long since passed.

    We are subservient to the American empire and have been for a long time. The Federal reserve is not a state institution but mainly controlled by private central banks.

    For over 45 years the US has hollowed out their once very powerful industrial capacity and financialized it. The UK has followed a similar route. The crash of 2008, required trillions of dollars to be pumped into the financial sector, similar in the UK, to stop financial institutions going bust because of their greed and incompetence.

    This mountain of debt has continued to grow both in the US and the UK. Printing more money to inflate the stock market has been continually undermining the real economy.

    Now, we are at a precipice because of vested interests again based on faulty data, refusal to accept facts and data instead of hyperbole, hysteria and frenzied fear.

    If we don’t reverse this soon, the UK the US and many other economies are going to have another great depression MK2 which we all know were the first one led to.

    1. …….& a Labour chancellor used tax payer’s money to bail them out Darling!

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