Right’s desperation clear in Dent Coad stick-man attack

The Establishment is clearly very, very, very keen to create a smokescreen to distract from Labour MP Emma Dent Coad’s new inequality report and her steadfast support for her community against the Tory government’s utter failure to respond properly to the Grenfell Tower blaze that took so many lives.

Desperate, in fact.

Over the last few days we’ve seen increasingly desperate attempts to smear Ms Coad as racist, in spite of her huge popularity with her constituents from ethnic communities, but today’s attempt would beggar belief if the Tories hadn’t already killed satire some time ago.

The latest smear attempts to claim that because Ms Dent Coad sketched a ‘hangman’ symbol on the ‘Tory tree’ symbol, it means she was daydreaming about hanging a black Conservative from a tree.

Well, that’s what it quickly turned into. The Fawkes blog didn’t have the wit to make that leap of idiocy and simply claimed she was hanging a Tory – but was quick to bandwagon-jump when Tory MP Kemi Badenoch went Marianas-trench-low with the ridiculous claim that it was meant to be a ‘black Conservative’:


Because Ms Dent Coad used a black pen that she no doubt had handy, black being one of the two colours of pen people tend to have in a pocket or handbag.

Of course, if you actually read the article – far too inconvenient for Tories desperate for a smear campaign, of course – Ms Dent Coad is writing about the harm the Tories do to people, not about harming Tories:

edc punish

Only Tories, of course, are shameless enough to turn a defence of victims into an attack on the person defending them – but we already knew that.

The real point of the hastily-sketched logo is, of course, that Tory policies kill people – as journalist Aditya Chakrabortty pointed out on last week’s question time. Just like the logo below – used previously on this blog – is about Tories harming disabled people.

Not a sign of a desire to tip disabled people into a harbour:

Tories attack disabled

And, since the Fawkes eejits will certainly be sniffing around this post, the person in the wheelchair was portrayed in black only because that’s the colour used for the person in the wheelchair – as it is for the wheelchair itself – on many disabled access signs, badges etc if the sign has a white background. And the foot kicking the wheelchair is black to match the other figure, not because it’s meant to represent a black person of any political persuasion.

That’s how ridiculous the Tory claim is.

Fortunately, social media users are busily pouring scorn on the ludicrous smear even now – but, as we saw last night, the fact that a smear is ridiculous is no bar at all to the ‘MSM’, including the BBC, repeating it in their news bulletins and on their websites and front pages.

So ask yourself: if the right is this desperate and this bereft of anything better to use against the left – so desperate that they have to go back seven years and this is what they come up with – just how intellectually, politically and morally bankrupt must they be?

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  1. Oh no, you’re quite wrong, Skwawky.

    You see, if the hanged man is drawn in black ink then that clearly demonstrates that the person being hanged IS indeed, black. You can’t deny it.

    Perhaps they should’ve used a green pen…But then the martians’d be the ones under attack…

    kemi badenoch…Straight out of the hindson school of alternate realit.y

    1. That made me chuckle well said toffee
      Indeed that is the best way to deal with the Tory Troll Hindson laugh at it and take the piss .Shut the twat down and not give it the air to breathe even more poison into the blog sphere

  2. That has the potential to offend all five black Conservatives and anyone who grew up being lynched in the deep south of the USA.

  3. Your reporting on this story and the obvious reasons for the attacks and smears on Dent-Coad has been very good.

    It is also unacceptable to have a report highlighting the other disgraceful and tragic side to life in that rich borough… image to be maintained for the wealthy housing market and all that…

  4. Reblogged this on The Night Owl and commented:
    To this date, nothing has surprised me in the Tory war against everyone but themselves – but for them to stir up this kind of mud, over a sign written in black ink (a colour I always use when writing or drawing anything) is totally beyond the pale – but then, the Tories have been so beyond the pale since they got into power, that they’ve gone around, and come right back again!

  5. Without any racist inference at all the shadow brexit minister thinks that drawing is unacceptable.


      1. She also said that “token ghetto boy” was an unacceptable phrase to use, without having read the article.

        Could it just be she’s reasonably minded, and doesn’t like intemperate language or images?

      2. Commenting on articles you haven’t read because of 3rd party comments from one of the least trustworthy sources out there is a habit nobody should be encouraging

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