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Excl: government sends out test kits with leaflet telling people WITH SUSPECTED INFECTION to ‘stay at home’ – by GOING to work or shopping

Department of Health’s letter in partnership with NHS, Ipsos MORI and Imperial College gives advice directly contradicting official ‘self-isolate’ order for those with possible coronavirus infection

A Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) leaflet has been sent out with coronavirus testing kits giving dangerous advice to those who think they might be infected with the virus.

The kits, sent out as part of a study to people with suspected infections, are accompanied by a letter signed by polling company Ipsos MORI but bearing a prominent DHSC logo – and by a leaflet giving “GUIDANCE FOR HOUSEHOLDS WITH POSSIBLE CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) INFECTION” (emphasis added).

But although that guidance comes under a header of ‘Stay at home’, it tells people with possible infection that ‘staying at home’ means going to work if they cannot work from home – and to go out for food or health reasons, as long as they stay two metres apart from other people and wash their hands when they get home.

It gives this advice even though it also reminds sufferers that they can infect others even if they don’t have symptoms:

As the government has previously acknowledged, a two-metre distance does not guarantee that infection will not be spread – it is simply a distance that they believe lowers the statistical probability of infection enough to reduce the load on the NHS. However, indoors the virus has been shown to be able to spread over considerably larger distances, for example in this study of a cluster arising from a single meal at a restaurant in China:

The government’s official advice for households with potential coronavirus infection has not changed. Those who think they might be infected must still stay at home – seven days for the first person manifesting symptoms and fourteen days for other members of the household, to allow time for any further infections to show beyond the incubation period of the virus, then longer still if those other members show symptoms. The only exception is for vulnerable members, who can go to stay with friends or family if available.

And the official advice is explicit that people in self-isolation must not go out ‘for health reasons’ unless their symptoms become so serious that they need hospital treatment:

-if you have coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms:
do not go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital
– you do not need to contact 111 to tell them you’re staying at home
– testing for coronavirus (COVID-19) is not needed if you’re staying at home

– if you feel you cannot cope with your symptoms at home, or your condition gets worse, or your symptoms do not get better after 7 days, then use the NHS 111 online coronavirus (COVID-19) service. If you do not have internet access, call NHS 111. For a medical emergency dial 999

The full letter and DHSC leaflet accompanying test kits

The DHSC has been contacted for comment, but has not yet confirmed how many people received kits with this leaflet. However, any study would need a wide base of subjects – so the number of people being given this dangerous advice is likely to be in the thousands and possibly in the tens of thousands. Further clarification and/or comment are awaited from DHSC.

Ipsos MORI’s press office did not answer calls.

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  1. And another rain forest gone as they print 5 million corrections and the doctors who take the calls are all saying: “You Bastards!” 🙂

  2. Can this bunch of morons get anything right? In this pandemic, with tens of thousands dying they are having meetings we hear with the chief advisor to the PM telling the scientists what to say????? On top of him breaking all the rules! It’s mass murder, no ifs, no buts!

    1. Patricia, they always get it right (from their perspective) when they are giving knighthoods to their donors, tax breaks to their multi millionaire pals and keeping their own kids safe at home while the public schools are all closed due to the corona virus.They also get it right when people suffer and sometimes die as a result of the brutal benefits changes to the benefit system, when they run the NHS into the ground and neglect social care.Their policies are designed with these ends in mind.
      I think you wrong to describe them as morons. They are not. They are clever and along with their right wing allies in the MSM, PLP and elsewhere they engaged in a campaign of character assassination of Jeremy Corbyn which the electorate swallowed and as a result this Tory government was elected by a landslide. Their huge majority means they can do exactly what they like to us all including mishandling this crisis resulting in thousands of needless deaths of patients in care homes and elsewhere and the of medical and nursing staff who care for them without adequate protective clothing and equipment.
      I would love to see them brought to book for this but it won’t happen – their parliamentary majority will see to that.

  3. How many more millions are Tories paying IPSOS Mori to send more thousands to death???

    Every day a new Tory low. Their twin competencies – handing out hundreds of millions to chums and scraping the bottom of ever more sickening lows. Heartbreaking to see.

  4. Time for this incompetent bunch of clowns to go, and that means the lot of them , not just Mister ‘We got Brexit right’ Cummings. If they won’t go then physically throw them out. We are, after all, their landlords!

  5. expect Dominic Cummings gone by 23:58 hrs today. though as he will still b in background, the Cummings johnson horror show will continue.

  6. The Tories only win – only survive at all – because of their propaganda advantage.
    Until we wipe out that advantage any Labour win will be temporary and of little consequence to the many.
    Putting the media in fear of jail for subversion of democracy is the only way – unless you think we should have a whip-round and buy the BBC?
    Oh. of course – we already own it. Or at least we pay for it. Duh.
    Good to know we all help the Tories win, isn’t it?

    1. The sad truth is that the Labour Movement has always had both the power and the motives to establish and control its own Press and associated media. It could do so now. It could have done so in 2015.
      The problem is that the Labour right- the sort of people who surround Starmer and used to be Blair supporters- wants the party to be dependent on the capitalist and The Establishment media in order to sell the rank and file the nonsense that Labour’s policies must be tailored to suit the media barons.
      With a voice of its own Labour would never have been intimidated into silence by the ridiculous and laughably transparent conspiracy behind the anti-semitism campaign. But the Labour right was more than happy to leave the party’s defence up to The Guardian and its like.
      The problem of socialism is one that Labour cannot dodge- any authentic socialist programme will inevitably conjure up the ruthless opposition of the imperialists and capitalists whose interests are at stake. This means that the entire weight of these interests will always be thrown into the battle against socialism. There is nothing new about this except that it has never been easier to establish a media power- the fact that in these circumstances Labour goes naked and unarmed into every gunfight is no coincidence.
      No socialist paper would ever justify Starmer”s current behaviour. To the capitalist media he is doing exactly what they need, thus they drool over him and will do just as long as he continues to be a destructive force employed against the interests of the people.

      1. Little point launching a new newspaper – you did say ‘press’ – when the existing ones are dying. I’ve said before we should launch a TV channel but the cost would be enormous.
        No, I think the way to make the media honest is to bludgeon them into it by threatening them with jail.
        They and the Tories would be apoplectic – they’d be so outraged it would instantly become a massive row worldwide – one that gets media bias into the spotlight and under the microscope.

        They say “Stalinist!” – we say “Not at all, we’re defending democracy itself – and only those sentenced by the Courts for subverting democracy go to jail.”
        They say “Press freedom under threat!” – we say “Not at all – you’re surely not demanding the ‘freedom’ to lie to your readers are you?”

        The MSM have the advantages of being long-established, having no moral values and not being thought by the politically unevolved to be particularly political.
        Labour’s newspaper would be new, overtly political and morally opposed to selling tat and tits.

  7. It is of course impossible to know how many people who have died as a consequence of coronavirus would have died from an ordinary bout of flu, but there is little doubt that many of them would have recovered from an ordinary bout of flu, and the point is THIS: If it transpires that coronavirus ‘escaped’ from a lab – as other viruses have in the past – then WE – and I mean EVERYONE on the planet – have to do all we can to make sure, one way or another – that it never-ever happens again:

    ‘Explained: Scientific indications that show SARS-CoV-2 virus is man-made ‘


    1. How do we make sure it never happens again? It’s not remotely realistic is it? Or do you favour war with China as many seem to? Not sure that would help; bombing the Labs seems a bit desperate and rather dangerous.

  8. Paul, get real FFS. Given what’s happened, and I don’t just mean the hundreds of thousands who have died as a consequence of the coronavirus, but the global shutdown and the effect on economies etc as well, then OBVIOUSLY if hundreds of millions of people put pressure on their respective governments to prevent it from ever happening again, then the US and other major economies can – if China won’t play ball – do whatever it takes until China succumbs.

    Think positively Paul instead of spouting your B/S nonsense about war with China and bombing labs. Viruses have ‘escaped’ from labs in many different countries, and not just China!

    1. Yes but what would you do to stop those escapes? Mass pressure from people is pretty vague. Vote Tory in the hope of an anti China coalition that would demand Outside Inspection of the labs? That leads to war which although you dismiss it is in fact on the lips of the American Administration on every possible occasion. There are Other reasons of course why the US now treats China as a sworn enemy which began with Obama’s Pivot to the Pacific. Biden backs confronting China; it’s not just Trump. We know one possible script; the Inspectors complain of lack of access to key sites and are instructed to pull out while Shock and Awe is prepared. It seems extremely unlikely the West would rely on a ground occupation so it will come to a nuclear exchange. Public opinion isn’t going to change the mind of the Washington elite, you must be aware of that?

      1. Paul: In an article on the GMwatch website posted a few days ago (which I read shortly after posting the link to the other article on their website) it says the following:

        The highest level of biosafety is level 4 (BSL-4). This is for work with agents that could easily be aerosol-transmitted within the laboratory and cause severe to fatal disease in humans for which there are no available vaccines or treatments. Because the WIV [the Wuhan Institute of Virology] has a BSL-4 lab, many have assumed that work like this on infectious bat coronaviruses linked to SARS, a closely related coronavirus to SARS-CoV-2, was being conducted at the highest BSL-4 level of biosecurity. Clearly, as the WIV researchers state, this was not the case. But they are not at fault in failing to use BSL-4 for this work, as SARS coronaviruses are not aerosol-transmitted.

        The work does, however, fall under biosafety level 3, which is for work involving microbes that can cause serious and potentially lethal disease via inhalation. So it seems inexcusable that it was carried out only at the relatively low biosafety level 2, which, as Ebright says, “provides only minimal protections against infection of lab workers”.


        And apart from having a totally negative attitude towards doing whatever can be done to prevent such an occurrence from ever happening again, you base your rhetoric on the assumption that China wouldn’t be a willing participant in doing everything they can to make sure that it doesn’t. As for the different measures that can be taken to reduce the possibility of it ever happening again, I’m sure there are plenty of experts/scientists out there who can tell us what needs to be done.

  9. Jeremy wouldn’t bomb China, he would appoint a committee to mount an inquiry and learn lessons. He would probably expect to be told it was the Chinese Jewish cabal working with the CIA. He would appoint Diane Abbott to explain it clearly to us all. Then congratulate the Russians for not getting involved. Then call for demonstrations in Trafalgar Sq where certain commentators can say he’s poised to win power and he’s ‘hitting it out of the park’.

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