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More than 50 French schools now closed just a week after re-opening as new outbreaks spiral – yet UK media continue to ignore

Yesterday, the SKWAWKBOX reported the re-closure of seven schools in northern France after more than seventy new coronavirus cases were confirmed linked to them, just a week after the French government sent around a third of the country’s school-age children back to school.

The situation is developing rapidly – and now more than fifty schools have been closed across France after new confirmed or likely cases of the virus were identified.

Yet the UK media again seems to be stubbornly ignoring the French situation, while continuing to push a line that re-opening schools in England is low-risk – and even attacking teachers, unions, doctors and others who have expressed concerns or challenged the government to show the data on which it is basing its claim that children can safely return to the classroom.


The French media have reported in full on the changed situation, but once again the UK media are failing to challenge the government and instead are in many cases actively colluding in a propaganda push to send our children into the front line of the virus threat.

The perception of much of the rest of the world is that this country is a coronavirus disaster zone blighted by a dishonest and incompetent government. But then, those country’s are not taking their ‘news’ from the UK’s supposedly ‘mainstream’ press and broadcasters.

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  1. …… but, but, but the Tories keep repeating that they are just following the scientific advice that they refuse to publish.

  2. Translation :’The French are still in Panic! mode’.

    If not – details please. Actual illness? Deaths? Source and validation of the data?

    1. Yep, it is only the current lock-down that has ‘smoothed the curve’ of coronavirus deaths. The death rate will surge up again as soon as lock-down is eased. This coronavirus plague will be in the form of multiple high death peaks, interspersed by repeated lock-down periods of lower rates – until a vaccine is found , if it is found. And each period of lock-down will be squandered by the government’s incompetence in implementing a proper contract/trace/isolate programme (which need to be run by local authorities NOT the cowboy firms like SERCO the Tories keep handing money to ) .

      The true UK , all four nations, coronavirus death toll is now around the 70,000+ mark (with thousands more of directly associated deaths still to be calculated because of the NHS ending other vital treatments, like for cancer). Even the official ONS figure , which is always two weeks out of date , is 50,000 + ! So when will that disgusting paid troll, RH, now repurposed by his paymasters to amplify the lying Tory government propaganda that, ‘the worst is over , drones, so back to work and school with you ‘, be prepared to concede that , maybe there is an out of control epidemic now ripping through the UK, massively amplified by both government incompetence and its ‘herd immunity’, eugenic philosophy ? Never of course, just as the troll, RH, has never conceded that Labour adopting his oft recommended Remain and 2nd Referendum policy in the 2019 Election was totally predictable electoral suicide ! Such is the way with unprincipled paid Mandelson puppet trolls. (RH will probably now make some non sequitur anti-Semitic reference to my supposed ‘zionism’ to cover for his disgusting constant parroting of Tory propaganda).

      1. Lol timfrom… warlock surely? Oh no, I forget we’re in the pc gender neutral age. Ducking stool, give him half a chance, anyway, burning isn’t allowed these days.

        I see Hitchens is promoting graphics likening Johnson to the N.Korean president… no need, suits and ties now represent burgeoning totalitarianism at home, no longer any need to use racist stereotypes.

    2. RH, , asking questions like detailed validation of facts is not following the dogma of the day.

    3. Perhaps you’d prefer it if no reports were made at all then RH that will suit your paymasters would it not ?
      Maybe you should provide the details proving that there is no CV19 related issues with the 70 closed schools .
      keep up with the propaganda I am sure that someone may eventually listen to your risible dismissal of the CV 19 pandemic

  3. Jobs, jobs, jobs, houses, houses, houses
    Reform right to buy to include private rented, build two houses for every one sold
    All seasonal worker’s to be able to claim Universal Credit in addition to wages
    Time to address devastation to economy

  4. Watching daily briefing and the scientist looks like she is competing in a gurning contest, its embarrassing watching this individual struggle to hold the government line
    The scientists are the weak link and will break under intense scrutiny

    1. Gov scientists break under any scrutiny, that’s propaganda media’s job to ensure they don’t get any real scrutiny and if they fluff it, so what, more confusion just adds to the fear mongering assault on the public.

  5. Perhaps dipstick Tory IDS gave the game away when re recently commented that opening schools “Will unlock labour.”
    Perhaps with the rich safely enconsed in their bolt homes, and according to The Sunday Times (17/5/20) having collectively lost £6b since the Covid crisis, they need the parents (workers) to go back to work, to make up the losses of the rich and powerful.
    Rich and powerful gain, working class risk and pain!
    “It’s the rich what get’s the pleasure and the poor what get’s the blame.
    Now ain’t that a blooming shame.”
    But just a thought, if parents are taking kids on local country walks or walks to parks, the kids can learn by observing nature and may fight climate change.
    Perhaps they could use their creative skills making posters and badges on ‘Test! Test! Test! Trace! PPE!
    Keep all workers and card homes virus free!’
    Denmark has massively lower stats and is another ball game!
    Good piece in the New Left Review how the US and UK seem to have lost respect for experts, science and learning whilst South Asian countries haven’t and seem to have coped better.
    Evidence dear citizen, evidence.

    1. 100% in agreement with you on that QWERTBOI unlike others on here that do nothing but denigrate and whine about it and I bet they don’t pay a penny towards it either .

  6. I read in the Guardian the other day that the death toll in Mexico was 4,500. And it has a bigger population than this country.

    1. Tony – The figures in Mexico are unfortunately still on the rise and they are predicting that in about a week that the hospitals in São Paulo will be completely overwhelmed.

      I read the other day that we have the highest Covid-19 per capita death rate in the world. Perhaps we should take some comfort from the fact that as far as the total deaths are concerned we thankfully come 2nd to the USA (a much bigger country).

      1. timfrom – You are of course right, a silly mistake on my part. However it should be noted that Mexico was a late starter with infections and has now imposed one of the strictest lockdowns in the world

  7. It looks like the Tory’s ‘back to school’ policy is not going to plan.

    Up to 1,500 primary schools in England are expected to remain closed on 1 June after a rebellion by at least 18 councils forced the government to say it had no plans to sanction them.

    As the backlash escalated over the government’s policy of lifting the coronavirus lockdown on schools in a fortnight, a number of new local authorities said on Tuesday they would not force primary schools in their area to follow the plan. Councils joining those already in opposition included Birmingham, Calderdale council in Yorkshire, and Conservative-controlled Solihull. In total they represent more than 1,500 maintained primaries.

  8. Numbers down? Culling the Herd & Herd Immunity must be working, because now we’ve got rid of the bed blockers who cost the NHS so much. No need to test anymore, the old & vulnerable liabilities who contribute nothing anymore will soon be gone. Nature has its own way of population control, although wars are more efficient. Just a bit of a cold Granny! When you pop your clogs, can I have the house?

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