Daily ‘Fail’ replaces black kids with blurred background for front page pic

The Daily Mail’s front page is a shameful enough piece of propaganda even on the face of it.

A ‘let our teachers be heroes’ headline to pressure teachers into returning to school when the government not only has the virus nowhere near under control, but is tripling mortuary capacity in preparation for a huge surge in deaths caused by its ‘back to work/school’ policies, is inexcusable.

But it also removed three black kids from the image accompanying the nauseating headline.

The ‘Fail’ front page shows a white teacher and a smiling, white pupil, with another white face just visible behind the teacher – and a blurred beige and white classroom background on the side of the front pupil away from the teacher:

But the original picture looked very different:

The young black girl to one side of the teacher has been cropped out – but the two black kids to the left of the picture as we look at it have not just been cropped for fit. They have been replaced by the blurred beige and white.

The Daily Mail presumably knows its readership.

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  1. Even without the issue of black erasure, the headline is disgusting just by itself.

    First, I don’t know any teacher willing to go back to work until it’s safe. Even if they really want to get back to work.

    Second, a survey from my kids’ school shows that the overwhelming majority of parents don’t want their kids to go back to school, until it’s safe. That includes me. And yes, I really struggle with the home schooling, it’s really difficult. My kids wreck my head. But I don’t want them to get back to school until it’s safe for them, or whoever they might pass the virus on to.

  2. The Guardian’s Marina Hyde really gets her claws into Johnson in this article. Follow the link and read the full article, her excoriating low opinion of Boris continues…..
    Does anyone know if Boris Johnson knows stuff about classics? Ancient world, that sort of thing? It’s so difficult to tell with a man who wears his learning as lightly as the prime minister does. But we must ask after a distressing – and distressingly well-sourced – report in the Financial Times suggesting that the reason senior Tories want all MPs to return to sitting in parliament like, yesterday, is because they feel their man does better when he’s backed up at the dispatch box by the only set of cheerleaders in the world you wouldn’t want to have sex with (I’m very slightly paraphrasing their comments). Poor prime minister. I believe the same thing happened in the Athenian agora to Socrates, who came across as a stuttering haystack unless he was supported by serried ranks of inadequates screaming “no, YOU are!” at his debating opponents.

    1. Nothing like quoting one of the lady gardens who got us into the mess with Johnson in the first place.

      Hyde’s writing is less useful than scribblings on a public lavvy wall. It’s bitchy catty passive aggressive shite.

      1. Strange was she and her fellow “ journalists “eg Jonathan Friesland the same ones who pumped out day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year the bilge about AS, JC being a racist and so on. Yet, here we are now they are being quoted as new oracles.!

  3. It’s no good having a go at the Daily Bile whilst failing to criticise the general goverment narrative reflected in its headlines.

    Get real.

  4. IS Skwawkbox really serious about this? A picture in a newspaper in which 2 kids have been cropped & one of them is black? Is the slaughter in Care Homes becoming a bore or is Skwawky auditioning for a job on the Guardian?

    1. The picture editor responsible could easily defend the selective crop on grounds of layout and fit I think – the girl to the left has a dark blue jumper and dark hair that would interfere with the headline. The boy’s jumper has been lightened to a pale grey for that reason.
      Whether racist intent could be proved, or whether Skwawkbox could be successfully argued to have unfairly implied a racist motive on the part of the comic concerned, I don’t know.

      1. I would strongly agree. To fit any more kids of any colour in that picture would have made the daft headline very unreadable, unless they were greyed out to such an extent that they would have been practically invisible anyway.

  5. Right wingnut MSM and toilet papers
    Cheap and nasty Tory party Eton mess
    Billionaire bottom feeders
    Tory racism shows its ugly face again
    Scumbags in print

  6. SHOCK; GASP; HORROR……..Newspaper editor authorises front page photograph to be cropped! & Greg Dyke believed that “There are too many ugly white faces @ BBC” Racism in action?.

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