Premier League season ‘to complete in June at St George’s Park with players under lock-down at local hotels’

Games to be played at FA’s National Football Centre in Midlands with TV cameras only and players under lock-down away from families, according to sources

St George’s National Football Centre

The Premier League season will be completed in June at the FA’s St George’s National Football Centre (NFC), with players from every club staying at local hotels under lock-down, according to sources who spoke to the SKWAWKBOX.

The FA is arranging hotels for each club, but only players and staff will be there – players will be apart from their families for the duration of what will become effectively a World Cup-style finish to the season.

TV cameras will cover the games, but there will be no spectators – and all remaining games will be completed during the month.

Media have reported that St George’s would be used as a training base and Wembley for games, but this would be a long drive for teams to make repeatedly from quarantine bases with no crowds to fill seats – and only one pitch for what would be a large number of games, with all teams having eight or nine matches to complete, so it seems the matches may be spread across the NFC’s several pitches, if the sources’ reports are correct.

The plan would allow Liverpool FC, currently 25 points ahead, the chance to clinch their first Premier League title.

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  1. And we’re sure all the players will obey the new “No spitting on the pitch” rule, are we?

    1. Very good point Mr McNiven,physical exertion tends to produce excess saliva so simply making spitting a yellow card offence would be awkward. By extension,should a player test positive during the period will he and all his team mates have to self isolate for a number of days thus making it impossible to fulfill the fixtures?

  2. We don’t spit on the carpet at home or the floor at the gym or in the street when we’re running. Or at least most of us don’t.
    It’s a fear thing when young men spit demonstratively in public like footballers do – sad little pussies are saying to their peers, “Stay away – I’m dangerous and I don’t give a fuck, see?”

    Or maybe they’re just so scared of being called “gay” they won’t even swallow their own saliva? 🙂

  3. James Brokenshire just said on BBC News, “What’s important is that we have the CAPACITY to test.” when challenged about numbers tested actually decreasing.

    In other words, “We could test more people if we wanted to but we don’t think it’s that big of a deal that people are dying NOW for the want of testing.”

    BBC Breakfast’s Louise Minchin let it pass as if he’d given an actual answer instead of bullshit prevarication.

  4. BBC on Twitter says: “Coronavirus: Cyber-spies hunt Covid-19 research, US and UK warn”

    David McNiven
    Replying to

    UK and US want research kept secret? In a global pandemic?
    Why – so they can sell a vaccine at a higher price?
    I hope some whistleblower shares all research.
    Coronavirus and global warming are two threats to humanity which DEMAND cooperation.
    Trump & Johnson are donkeys.

    FUCKING RETARDS is what they are but Twitter hides bad words.
    Every bit of research should be shared globally in real time. That’s what science with humanitarian implications used to be about before the greedy Yanks started patenting gene lines.

    1. How predictable that the BBC name the ‘usual suspects’ Iran; China & Russia, as ‘gangs attack our research facilities’. There’s big profits in big pharma as US distribution companies cash in on British Research, carried out @ Britosh Universities.subsidised by British taxpayers.

      Sanctions against Iran are killing innocent civilians who need medicine, but Israel always wants the ‘pound of flesh’. Benji ; Donald & Hilary need to find the wizard as they have no heart.

      There is money to be made in a vaccine…….serving money not people. It is time that our Universities were publicly owned & all medical research co-ordinated to serve the people in a publicly owned drugs company. We would be independent of USA; China; Germany (aka EU) etc & not dependent on the whims of other nations in times of crisis. No excuses allowed as BoJo blames lack of testing on ‘the global market’ China manufactures the vast majority of the world’s pharma products..

      Me? I blame the pesky Russians. We are told that they meddled in US elections (along with Israel), but the Donald was still elected. Can’t they get anything right?

      PS Is there any proof about Russian meddling in US politics or is it the lie that became truth because of constant repetition; a bit like anti-Semitism in the Labour Party.

  5. To all those who advocate leaving the party, just watched PMQ’S and Starmer is the mouse that never roars

  6. On football returning you want them all to contract the virus to build up herd immunity
    Most wont even know they’ve had it
    Then release those who have had it
    Then release those who will be killed by the lockdown
    First get schools back
    At some stage people are going to have to take their chance, we know what to do to limit the spread, but the fact is we will all get it eventually
    So if you have underlying conditions be extra careful or do something about them
    First class honours degree in the bleedin obvious

  7. How how HIW did Starmer EVER get appointed to DPP❓❓❓ I continue to be amazed. We know he is dull. We can see that. But gosh, painfully incapable as well???
    Starmer obviously can’t understand the meaning of forensic if it sat in his silly face. OR maybe he has agreed with his Tory chums to give them the easiest ride possible.
    Anyone aware of Starner’s record would expect little of him. Yet in these bizarre interesting times, he manages to sink even lower than that‼️
    Our “authorities” really need a FULL clean out‼️ Not only Cummings & johnson need cleaning out but Starmer too‼️ How did things come to this⁉️⁉️⁉️
    Incredible. Absolutely incredible.

    1. I’m afraid that you’re a little too forensic or too graphic for my ‘sensitive’ tastes. The very thought of anything sitting in his face becomes a nightmare on the thinking man’s television.

  8. The silence on starmer is deafening from those that were advocating him and his EU bollocks by their acquiescence.

    steve h doesn’t even appear on any threads critical of the slimy get (Whicjh is every one starmer’s mentioned in); the others skirt around the issue.

    As for the football, the season should be declared void. No title for the kopites, no relegation for the bottom three. Two world wars prevented my beloved Everton from defending the title. Heysel did for us in the 80’s more than any other English club; right at the moment when we’d reached the pinnacle of our success – and Evertonians weren’t even responsible for that disaster, were they?

    We had to suffer it alongside all other English clubs, give the kopites a taste of what it feels like to be denied when it’s not your fault.

    Oh, and European competitions IF played next season, to be competed by all teams that were eligible last season (19-20)

  9. Toffee
    Two teams who in my time was definitely robbed
    Everton and Leeds
    There is a God of football and he’s a nasty fucker at times, but to deny Liverpool and Newcastle (F A Cup) is not something I could vote for
    I have two recurring daydreams that bring me to tears
    One is my daughter walking down the stairs on her wedding day
    The other is Newcastle winning the cup, in that dream the moment the final whistle goes I’m teleported from Wembley to the Big Market to join the Geordie nation going mad mental in the Toon

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