Watch: 3D-print visors produced in response to MP and foodbank charity appeal. More still needed

You can help, either by making visors if you have the equipment or by spreading the word

3D-printed visors for front-line staff

Two weeks ago, the SKWAWKBOX published an appeal by a Liverpool MP and a foodbank charity for readers with 3D-printing equipment for front-line health staff, after MP Ian Byrne was swamped by appeals from desperate nurses and paramedics.

Readers responded immediately and vital equipment has been delivered daily to hard-pressed staff. And one, Laura Carr, has provided footage of the visors she has been producing:

For details of contacts coordinating PPE supply, read this.

If you work in a care home or know someone who does and would like to report on coronavirus cases and deaths in your facility, visit here.

If you have 3D-print kit, please help. If not, please share this article to reach those who do.

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  1. So much of this crisis could have been managed to keep deaths to a minimum. Were it managed by an averagely competent secondary school government THOUSANDS of lives would have been saved . It would not surprise me if primary school pupils could do better, thus avoiding the grieving of hundreds of thousands of families and children.

    Definitely, gang leaders… yes those guilty of dreadful crimes, PLEASE offer your common sense. SEIZE this opportunity to demonstrate you can use your brains for POSITIVE things. This is an opportunity to start a new life!!!

    I’ve been STUNNED by how thoughtful, insightful, and articulate, these excluded… rejected un besuited & booted criminals speak on the radio. I put my hands up. I am a delicate, being with no “street” intelligence. Joan Sutherland was one of my obsessions in primary school. How weird is that???

    But, on LBC and Talkradio, prisoners and ex prisoners phone up and amaze me with clarity and perception, of which i can only dream. Lets skirt over brevity. The convicts and ex convicts put me to distinct shame. They may not make as many typos. And, they would DEFINITELY do better than this lousy incompetent government. Anyone, ANYTHING… even a stone could do much better than this crap Tory gang. ๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน

  2. Well done to all those whose commendable actions are , unlike this useless shit heap of a Govt , actually helping .
    Brilliant !

    It is on one hand uplifting and heart warming to see the ordinary Joe Soap Brit wanting and doing all that they can to help.
    On the other hand I am filled with utter rage and fury at the complete , and I can only assume, deliberate wilful incompetence of this shit heap Govt , that has at it’s disposal in comparison a MASSIVE amount of power and resources that would fix this lack of PPE in a nano second .
    It takes people power just like this to illuminate the fact of just how ,, I just can’t think of the words any more to describe this Govt , they are just , just ,, well WTAF are they doing in power !

    There must be a reckoning at the end of the day

    1. rob, This incompetent and negligent Cummings & johnson government was caused by Keir Starmer with the creature Peter Mandelson. The Mandelson winking snake, seeped stinking poison that it was plotting “night and day” to destroy Corbyn. Yet that venomous Mandelson serpent, is yet o be expelled from our party.๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน

  3. It’s good that people with 3-D printers are doing what they can, but plastic injection moulding is many thousands of times faster and far cheaper per unit – and plastic injection moulding machines and pellets/granules to feed them are everywhere.
    A lot of highly-skilled time goes into mould finishing because it makes commercial sense to have a perfect mould that lasts as long as possible – it may have been automated while my back was turned but if that high finish that can take weeks is a bottleneck it should be dispensed with for such as single-use visors in this emergency.
    A hundred thousand a day could be easily achieved within a couple of days and oversupply within a fortnight given ten SME’s working on it – competing for the fun and pride of it like factories did in WWII – instead of competing to crush the other guy in the Tory manner.

  4. The “Stop Corbyn” plot, helped this criminal government gain power st the expense of the Labour party and the 40,000 approx lives lost to date. What’s happening is criminal!!! “JOINT ENTERPRISE” must now apply to
    Keir Starmer. Starmer is utterly guilty DIRECTLY and by “Joint Enterprise”. By INTIMATE and WILLING ASSOCIATION, Starmer with those responsible for ALLOWING these death numbers to rise not just above 20,000., but most likely in excess of 40,000 to date. How so??? Because these AVOIDABLE deaths are due to Starmer’s collaboration with the his wrecking saboteurs’ “Stop Corbyn” plot. From the time Jeremy was elected the saboteurs choreographed their coups. But there’s more. The “Stop Corbyn Campaign” WITHIN the Labour Party, included “DEATH THREATS”.

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