Video: the ICU breathing exercises that might just save your life

Queen’s Hospital doctor and director of nursing pass on ICU breathing technique that helps clear lungs and prevent pneumonia

Queen’s hospital intensive care doctor Sarfaraz Munshi

A Queen’s Hospital intensive care doctor and the hospital’s head of nursing have made a video of the breathing exercise they use with intensive care patients to help them avoid pneumonia, as a guide for people infected with the coronavirus – or wanting to be in the best pulmonary shape in case they do become infected.

Dr Sarfaraz Munshi and nursing director (and ICU nurse) Sue Elliott outline the easy technique that anyone can carry out to ensure that fresh air gets as far into the lower lungs – a common site for pneumonia to start – as possible:

Following these exercises could help some sufferers ward off the worst complications of the virus – and they come from the people best placed to know what works.

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  1. Good news to save your life – according to newsnight…

    Forget the deaths – de piffle is ok,

    Don’t believe me?

    Unless they’re as quick off the mark, then wathc from the start on iplyer before they ‘edit’ it….

    1. I had a strong feeling that piffle was faking it to hide away from scrutiny and to garner public sympathy. Another ruse dreamed up by his ‘handler’ Cummins I would wager.

  2. Thanks, Doc!

    (You can go back to finishing your shave, now! 😛 )

  3. By the way, on the twitter part of the page (top right) , why is there a blue screen with the notice about ‘sensitive material’ for the twitter videolink to the video?

    No ‘sensitive content’ about it. It should be publicly broadcast.

    Weird, that.

  4. What’s the use of the info if it tell you anything.
    I could tell people that fear is the biggest factor in recovery from any ailment and I am going to Explain the reason here,
    Fear create that famous flight or fight reaction, this helps us survive in a time of danger, you all know this already, but the point here is if fear has kicked in the blood is sent to your legs and arms, which comprises the immune system, lowering your ability, to fight illness, since there’s not much chance of a tiger chasing you, well you know what’s happening, your worried about all this Con vid 19 = fear, compromised the immune response and increase chance of not recovering.
    Let’s be giving full information not part, it’s like me saying don’t worry about with no grounds as to the reason what I have said.

  5. It’s not actually the best advice for Covid virus because one of the symptoms is a dry cough so the cough as part of this routine isn’t of use, it’s for other breathing problems also not suitable and dangerous for COPD patients and pregnant woman. The best advice is still to breath in deeply through your nose (it warms the air helping a little with the cough) also to aid breathing sitting slightly forward helps also leaning on the back of a chair, if your Asthmatic you will or should already know these routines + personal advice learn to use your diaphragm when breathing we normally only use a small part of our lung capacity using the diaphragm helps fill more of your lungs

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