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Don’t know where it’s from, but this summary of the govt’s coronavirus lies is a must-read

List circulating on social media sums up the Tories’ performance so far in a 30-second read

The SKWAWKBOX has been unable to identify the author of this list, but it’s a brilliant summary of the government’s performance and dishonesty during the coronavirus crisis that should take 30 seconds or less to read.

It’s something you certainly won’t see or read in the ‘mainstream’ media. Share widely.

Govt: We’re talking to supermarkets
Supermarkets: You’re not

Govt: There’s a shortage of chemicals
Chemicals companies: There isn’t

Govt: The science has changed
Scientists: No it hasn’t

Govt: We never got the email
EU: Yes you did

Govt: 25,000 tests per day
PHE: 7,000 tests per day

Govt: Ventilator companies are making ventilators for us
Ventilator Companies: you never got back to us. Dyson are though

Govt: We’ve got 30,000 ventilators coming
Dyson: actually, it’s 30 for now

Govt: PPE has been delivered
NHS: No it hasn’t

Govt: We’ve built the Nightingale
Nurses: but no one can staff it though

Govt: Unprecedented economic package!
Self-employed: Not until June!

Govt: Banks will give you short term loans
Banks: 40% overdraft rates and we want your home as collateral

Govt: Save the NHS
Me: You bastards have been killing it for the last decade

Govt: We are not pursuing herd immunity
WHO: Yes you are

Govt: We are not lying
Media: oh ok, good job old boy

If you know who wrote it, leave a comment so s/he can be credited.

Update: the list was created by Ricky Coxon, although he was at pains to point out that the research was mostly done by others on twitter, Wikileaks and elsewhere.

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  1. We have already built one of the forty hospitals and numerous field hospitals as pledge in our manifesto.
    We have also got some of the promised retired nurses back to work again as we pledge.
    We have also legislation which will enable us to introduce martial law if we deem it necessary via a SI therefore not requiring it to be discussed in parliament -we are the party of law and order.

  2. Me
    You have a visceral hatred of the NHS and have run it into the ground for the last ten years, what’s left will be sold to Trumpton
    You Bastards

  3. Just to repeat. Why should anyone, anywhere any time be shocked, surprised or stunned that the Tories are a mob of pathological greedy, grasping liars. Aided and abetted to remain in power by the equally compulsive ” moderate, centrists” Blairite right wing malcontent liars who constructed the AS fabrications plus all the other despicable acts they could manipulate to prevent a democratic socialist Labour party succeeding in the last GE. Let’s hope this is not forgotten on the mantra of ” unity” when Starmer comes out from under the stone he has been hiding under.

      1. Unfortunately, there are a small minority who do not share that view and regrettably amongst the likes of Nathan Yeowell, Gurvinder Singh Josan it will never penetrate their rhinoceros type hide.

  4. Uncle Festa and the Adam’s family
    You dont know the number of staff who have died because you sent them onto the frontline without any protection
    MSM, toilet papers and red Tories you all piss in the same pot

  5. I had posted a screenshot of the original Ricky Coxon twitter post on Facebook and it had been in my timeline for days, until a Facebook friend of mine started telling me it was all incorrect. I asked him to tell me how, and I started posting lots of supporting news articles to support the original post. Next thing I know, he says there is a lot going on behind the scenes I don’t know about and the post has been removed from MY timeline and there is no trace of the discussion…

    Has anyone else noticed this post being removed?

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