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Breaking: Spain says more than 12,000 Spanish health workers infected in chilling warning for lax UK government

Around 14% of total known cases are health workers in chilling warning for UK, but real figure probably far higher

The Spanish government has announced that 12,298 of the country’s health workers have tested positive for coronavirus – around 14% of its total sufferers.

The news is a chilling warning for the NHS, as the UK government is still not providing adequate personal protective equipment.

Worse, the total among Spanish health workers is likely to be far higher, as the Spanish government is only testing those with symptoms – and studies have shown that at any given time 50-75% of those infected are showing no symptoms.

The UK government is ignoring medics and is not yet testing even symptomatic NHS staff – putting our NHS heroes and the patients they treat in serious danger.

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  1. Grim news, indeed.

    But WHEN (as opposed to IF) it happens here, the toerags’ reasoning will be that most of those infected health workers will be immune in a fortnight or so…Then the REAL fightback can begin. 😷

  2. Hospitals are no longer accepting elderly patients from Care Homes……’Care from cradle to grave?’…………chilling!

  3. With Cummings now in his bunker there seems a fair chance that other ‘advisors’ will take the opportunity to ignore his ranting and maybe engineer him away from power? When bullies are cornered they often just fold.

  4. All the criminal gang have done a runner and will probably blame most of the lost opportunity on the NHS.They will claim no knowledge of the whole fiasco whilst being in isolation due to having caught the virus fighting in the front line.I can see awards knighthoods and lordships being thrown round like confetti amongst the establishment.Be warned Cummings and johnson whilst sweating it out in isolation have come up with another wheeze to route out fake news and untruths being reported.Yes despite being at deaths door Johnson and Cummings have found time to appoint a team working via Downhill street to go for the left wing press.reporting “The Truth” .Watchout Squawkbox and Canary,and I am sure RT and the morning star will feel the wrath of our fearless BBC and our sick government.

  5. The health and social care workers are now the vectors of transmission, just like school children were used in the same way. Does anyone do a risk assessment or apply precautionary principle?

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