Centrist MP Kinnock rebuked by South Wales Police for non-essential travel – after pinning tweet about non-essential travel

Welsh MP told off on Twitter for ignoring his own reminder

Rebuked MP Stephen Kinnock, left

Centrist Labour MP Stephen Kinnock has been publicly rebuked by South Wales Police for non-essential travel, after he posted a picture of himself at his parents’ home on Twitter.

Kinnock tweeted about visiting his parents for a ‘socially distanced’ birthday celebration for his father, Labour peer Neil:

But while the MP may have kept his distance while at his parents’ home, he seems to have forgotten about the requirement to limit travel to essential journeys. However, South Wales Police didn’t – and issued a polite rebuke and reminder:

Ironically, five days ago Kinnock tweeted a reminder of the government restrictions, including the one about essential travel only – and pinned it to the top of his Twitter feed:

He does not appear to have replied to the South Wales Police tweet.

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  1. Have to correct you on “he does not appear to have replied to this tweet” – I looked at the thread and there is a later tweet from him that explains he had done some food shopping for his parents and was delivering that to them and took the opportunity to wish has father a happy birthday.

      1. Ian – You are of course right, it is not an excuse, it is a valid reason.

      2. Perhaps another suggestion would be he had already made the decision to visit as it was his Paters birthday and wrapped that up with the excuse of getting essential items , a good cover story ?
        Couple of points
        1.I find it very difficult to conceive that the Kinnocks being multimillionaires and Worldy wise were unable to arrange from a local source the delivery of said essential items , nearby neighbours and friends perhaps ? Or a delivery slot being OAP’s and having a priority at the local supermarket and delivery system.
        2.Being an MP and very much ” in the public eye ” , it is beholden to Kinnock Jrn to set a good example for his constituents to follow , ,,,,, he didn’t !

        Now can we stop making excuses for his stupid ill thought out behaviour as a immature little wanker on the Right wing of the party who’s actions undermining Corbyn over the last 4 yrs has bought us to a Johnson murderous reign .
        Thank you Sbox for bringing this to our attention .

      3. PS , Wnker Kinnock travelled 150 miles from Wales to London , for this “essential ” supply . AND then travelled 150 mile back again . Go onnnn SteveH pull the other one it got bells on !

        Notable that Gobshite Phillips , Kevin McGuire and Isabel Oakeshott on TV defending Stephen Kinnock.
        Nuff said !!!

      4. rob – ” Kinnock travelled 150 miles from Wales to London , for this “essential ” supply . AND then travelled 150 mile back again”

        I haven’t read that anywhere, I must have missed it, do you have a link.

  2. One utterly gormless gobshite, that. Completely bereft of the ravages of intelligence.

    1. It is surprising that Kinnock’s tweet (at 13:39 today) replying to the SW Police wasn’t also published above

      Stephen Kinnock
      Replying to
      I felt that this was essential travel as I had to deliver some necessary supplies to my parents. I stayed long enough to sing ‘happy birthday’ to Dad, and then I was off. All the best, Stephen.

      1. He didn’t *have* to deliver essential supplies to his parents, there are other more local agencies.

      2. Ian – Are there, like who. There is much to criticise Kinnock Jnr for but inaccurate and/or incomplete nonsense like this is counter-productive.

  3. Wonder what kincock snr said when kincock jnr rocked up at his door, asking how they were?

    Did he say: ”We’re ALRIGHT?! ”

    (I’d get me coat but Im not allowed out unless it’s for essential travel)

  4. Despite the ghastly Kincocks and other Blair cesspit feeders, I am still optimistic … convinced that a TRUE Labour government is possible. And, it can only be born of “Left” ideals with the commitment akin to the advertising industry’s commitment. Their planning, understanding of psychology and their determination is of little concern to the “Left”. More items of Rx is needed, but effective planning, understanding of psychology, ongoing assessment and dynamic reflexes are URGENTLY needed bt the “Left”. As a newbie, those “symptoms” of group malaise, appeared obvious to me. By year two, they were even more obvious. It was puzzling as to how our lamentable operation was allowed to continue eg giving Keir Starmer any position at all in the shadow cabinet. Allowing Starmer to foul the party with Tony Blair’s 45 minute WMD evidence free scare tactic effluent.

    From 2019 especially, you could see that there is a deep set habit of running away from close up defence. More crucial, an aversion to attack. We were always reacting, dragged along by events, caving at every pressure eg gifting Johnson an election… for fear the hostile MSM… will be…hostile. Even though the leadership and TWO coups were won DESPITE the hostile MSM & PLP. The membership said SOD the rightwing WMD Blair brigade. Yet after EACH victory, appeasement, each month, more generous than before. So more appeasement. Lets see if it will EVER be reciprocated.Don’t hold your breath.🌹🌹🌹

  5. Toffee and the other Brexit fanatics, just taking another opportunity to shoehorn an anti-Brexit comment in. It looks like voters have recognised the self inflicted referendum damage! 64% of all voters and 87% of Labour voters want Brexit postponed. They must all be right wingers eh? or in Skwawky’s terms ‘centrists’!

    1. Err….WHAT anti-brexit comment have I supposedly “shoehorned in” , you weirdo??

      Care to show us all? What’s that? You can’t because there isn’t one? Oh well, must be the Zionist Jews’ fault, then eh?


      1. It was me who shoehorned the anti-Brexit comment in Toffee, just for your delight – you duffer! But don’t worry I’ll be looking out for an opportunity to kick the Zionist traitors and feed your neurosis whenever I can.

    2. Don’t worry Comrade Jack, Keir Starmer advocates ignoring the Referendum result & take UK back in, under the guidance of Tony Blair.

  6. Why anyone is applauding the busy body right wing police on this site appalls me. Senior jobsworths deciding to enjoy their own self importance and untramelled power, what possible harm was Kinnock jnr doing sitting 2 metres+ away? Is being in a car with his wife going to infect anyone from another household?
    Beware the Jack boot when they want to come for you.

    1. Good point Citizen and I am sure that this and many more goverments will use emergency powers to remove civil liberties permanently.I also fear for the squawkbox and canary and more left wing outlets.This is too too good a chance for them to miss.

      1. You are correct Joseph, this is the thin end of the wedge.
        The local paper it has announced the police are stopping vehicles going into Manchester, demanding ID and if your reason for travel is not deemed good enough by the young officer you are told to turn round and fined or both. The police have also started visiting shops and telling them to stop selling certain goods they deem non-essential, in one case Easter eggs.
        Could be interesting when they start visiting Libraries and bookstores to find ‘harmful material’, perhaps they will want to start a few fires to burn books they don’t approve of. Oops I wonder where we have seen that before?

  7. By the way. How many millions did Cameron spend destroying trees to send a booklet to every home❓ It failed to convince. Yet Johnson is squandering more millions to send more paper that will be binned with other junk-mail.
    If £1.5 million could buy 100,000 test kits, and who knows how many items of PPE, Just think of how many USEFUL items could be purchased with the MILLIONS Johnson is spending on his latest stunt. I really feel i’m living through some strange dream. It really is beyond comprehension.⚠️⚠️⚠️

  8. The police round my area have been “moving on” the homeless. “Where should we move on to.?” They want to know. The police have been acting like the thugs they are all over the country. And Skwawkbox is cheering them on. Stalinist apologists who can’t wait for a full-blown police state.

  9. The way some are going on about the plod on here you’d think they were persecuting kincock to an early grave.

    He got a polite reminder on twitter ffs, not some unwarranted fine and a good drubbing for questioning their authority or disputing their version.

    I distrust the plod and have made my distrust apparent on here a few times but I still trust them more than I would the idiot bliarite kincock.

    1. Toffee – Yes the exchange between both Kinnock and the police was polite on both sides. Unfortunately despite Kinnock having already published a valid justification for his actions several hours earlier.this was in marked contrast to your own inimitable response “One utterly gormless gobshite, that. Completely bereft of the ravages of intelligence.”

      1. Have you forgotten the video of him at the 2017 election, where even his wife thinks he’s a complete fuckwit?

        ‘Forgotten’ perhaps not… ‘Forgiven’ , however – well that wouldn’t surprise anyone.

  10. Toffee – No I hadn’t forgotten, although it is difficult to see how this is relevant to the above. I was simply commenting on your tendency to throw a wobbly before you’ve made yourself aware of all the facts.

    1. Last I heard, leopards don’t change their spots. You wanna defend him, knock yerself out. It’s no skin off my nose, and less of a surprise. In fact, I more or less expected to see you do so.

      After all, you’re loath to criticise watson, starmer and just about any other (bliarite) reason labour is still in opposition, too.

      kinnock was a helmet back then; he’s every bit as much a helmet now. Just as you’re free to shriek protest in his favour; I’m free to criticise him.

      And I’ll do so – as & when I feel .

  11. My step daughter has 3 young children……can she take them out of the house together to go shopping, or should she leave leave one or two @ home unsupervised? I’d do the shopping myself, but can I…….?

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