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Video: Gary Neville says both his hotels made available to NHS from Friday – with no redundancies and no unpaid leave for staff

Former Manchester United and England footballer Gary Neville

Ex-footballer Gary Neville has published a video announcing that at his two hotels, no staff will be asked to take unpaid leave, there will be no redundancies – and he is lending both to the NHS from Friday, free of charge, for NHS staff fighting the coronavirus:

Mr Neville, who has been outspoken on social issues previously, has set the bar high for other businesses and wealthy individuals both in protecting the people who work for him and contributing to the wellbeing of the nation.

How many others will have the empathy and intelligence to follow suit?

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  1. Well done , Gary , Over to you Richturd Branston !
    Johnson now an irrelevance as people power makes the running .One hopes it will snow ball more and more leaving Bozo the clown shown up for what he is … a completely useless tool .
    Brew Dog brewery now making hand sanitizer given away free ,

    Shame shame shame on the parasite Richard Branson.

      1. Remember WE ie JEREMY CORBYN, proposed UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME. The MSM and their turd tools scoffed. All our policies are the ones that will prove vital. If vital now, why not forever❓❓❓

  3. I have been waiting on this non government to make a move on what they call the legacy issues in the northern part of Ireland .Now Johnson’s Conservative and unionist party have announced a cover up of the murder of innocent civilians by British and protestant para militaries of the Catholic Irish what is more commonly known as the troubles.Many like me have waited 50 years for a investigation and now the good Friday agreement has been shattered and broken.Amongst all the horrific bad news globally,this will probably go unnoticed,but will have a major impact on the only legacy that the Labour party could be proud of under Tony Blair and his Labour government Peace in Ireland.and the Good Friday agreement.No suprises but the ruthless approach to justice from this non government is a pointer to how deceitful and uncaring this establishment non government will treat the British working class in the epidemic,thank God we have people in Britain like Gary Neville and his family who realise lives are sacred and are valued by many of the ordinary people struggling like the Irish to survive the Conservative and unionist party.

  4. Ps…apologies if you think this is Off message,but the Johnson regime need to be shown up for the dangerous and callous regime that they are and shown for who they attempt to run the country for.

  5. Jeremy Corbyn has shown himself to be the statesman and ‘man of the people’ that Bozo the dangerous clown will never be. The calls for JC to remain as Leader are getting stronger by the day as Bozo’s popularity plummets.

  6. Well done Gary Neville. Not much chance of seeing anything similar from THE SPAFFERS mates

  7. Wish I could think of something ordinary people could do to help other than food delivery driving – I haven’t heard mention of voluntary work being organised or even planned yet.

  8. A lady from Leeds on the radio overnight said what we all need is ” a great big Boris hug”. Hard to believe someone can be so wrong on so many levels.

    1. Was she young and “available” as I am sure Spaffer Johnson would just Love to spaff about with her ….
      Some folks .. just not salvageable really they just have to be minimised and neutralised to stop them for further damaging the rest of us , like and IQ test before the vote .
      OK oK folks it was a joke , a dark one I admit but in these dark times dark humour seems appropriate.

  9. And some good news from the USA where a fairly conservative Democrat has been defeated by a primary challenger for a seat in the House of Representatives.

    If such open selections are good enough for the USA then why not have them in this country? In the pending leadership and deputy leadership election only RLB and Richard Burgon support open selection.

    Please, therefore, be sure to vote for them.

    Thank you.

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