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Video: epicentre of Italian region’s coronavirus outbreak reduces new infections to zero by WHO’s test-and-trace

WHO has urged all countries to aggressively test and trace to curb spread of virus

Vo in Italy

The northern Italian town at the epicentre of one of the country’s regional outbreaks of the coronavirus has reduced the number of new infections to zero by following the World Health Organisation (WHO) ‘test and trace’ method for all of its residents, according to the financial times.

Vò, near Venice, saw the first death from the virus in Italy – and a rapid rate of spread. But the Financial Times reports that the implementation of a testing regime for all the town’s residents, combined with tracing contacts of any found to be infected, has reduced the number of cases to zero:

The FT’s front page

Vò is a small town, so replicating on a national scale is not easy – but such aggressive testing programmes have also helped South Korea and other Asian countries reduce the rate of infections.

Boris Johnson has persistently ignored the WHO approach and continues to do so in spite of being forced into a u-turn when his advisers belatedly realised their plan would kill hundreds of thousands of people.

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  1. I do hope that the international community and most importantly the “Haig” are noting just what is being done by our non government to the British public.IT is clearly becoming obvious to everybody thats observing like me from outside the country that the non government of Boris Johnson have planned the mass infection of the majority of the population.This is not government incompetence,and they are all well educated and I can only assume a conspiracy to mass murder a significant number of the population and destroy the economy.has been planned from the very beginning.

  2. Johnson’s Government is failing on a dramatic scale. Only an almost completely compliant media keeps the show on the road. But for how long? Such is the speed of the crisis they may well lose control by the end of the week.

  3. My partner works in the NHS and they simply dont have the capacity to test, only tests being carried out are in hospitals for those with underlying conditions
    Everyone else is expected to self isolate along with any immediate contacts,
    The policy is to make cases fit the current capacity of the NHS which after 10 years of being run into the ground is extremely limited
    Now the greatest insult to those who have suffered from Austerity for 10 years as socialism for the billionaires kicks in and troughs are filled to over flowing
    Branson asks for billions at the same time as he puts his staff onto unpaid leave,
    They only get away with it because the MSM and toilet papers frame the story and red Tories support them
    The bottom line with covid 19 is the NHS are triaging who lives and who dies, they only have the capacity to save a few who make it into hospital and that’s a failure of capatalism
    If it doesn’t fall after this then we have to accept it’s what the fuckers deserve
    Universal Credit would have been perfect to cope with this situation, but it was gutted by the chinless wonder and Editor of the London Evening Standard, nuff said

  4. The WHO’s – test test test, and trace, is obvious … common sense. Johnson & Cummings’ – allow infections to kill 20,000 to gain head immunity is folly. Before the age of vaccines, there was no choice. Then, many millions died. That is a slow, and deadly approach to achieve herd immunity today is asinine +/or Tory ideology. The millions who die are no longer part of the herd.

    Yes, testing cost money. The Tories were happy to spend £40 million on a private bridge that never got built. Or billions on HS2 which starts in London with the creaking spin of “developing the north”. So it is clear that the Tory decisions are driven by ideology. They know the price of everything, but the value of nothing, especially people. They believe the vulnerable are expendable. Their demise “is a price worth paying” to quote Madeline Albright in support of Republican death and destruction. Note well, Tories, including WMD Blair, never ever think an invasion, of countries thousands of miles away, are too expensive. Again, no value of the lives of our “boys and girls” sent abroad to kill others. Some return to no care, homelessness and prison. They have to rely on charities to survive. The Tory ideology driven approach is plain for all who still have not seen. But the idea that they will change on their own is a pipe-dream. That they can change, a bigger pipe-dream. They have to be driven out. And we have to ask the liars who slandered Jeremy day in day out – Where are you now❓ Why so silent re Johnson’s eugenic approach to COVID-19❓ How could anyone who was so base to arrange theatrical marches outside parliament claiming to feel threatened… how could they now fail to utter one word condemning Boris Johnson, Dominic Cummings and all their associates❓ How? Why? Because they are vile. They are base. They are beneath contempt with their abominable deceit.

  5. Viruses die off in warm weather on Health minister Hancocks half hour comedy routine?I suppose that here in Cambodia we should have no problem with Dengue fever or corona virus I and many others have been infected with.?Does the msm have to capitulate on everything this sick non government say?.We have also had problems with Typhoid and gastro enteritus,,but thats Bacteria,maybe he is not a expert on that?Happy days and warm weather comrades..!

    1. Exactly my contention as well Joseph , , thus why in Spain and Italy is the virus so rampant as the temps there right now are approaching our Summer temps .
      Its still more Tory Govt bollocks and lies just like WW2 ” it will all be over by Christmas ” yeh but which one ffs.
      Cockup Hancock just that his cockups are deadly , like all of this wretched Tory Govt a pack of disconnected , devious , dangerous , liars .

      At least blogs like this keep pointing out the failings of Govt , just like Corbyn has from the start , long may they both continue .
      Sadly I can’t say the same for the Leadership front runner Starmer , who’s one foray into criticism has been like the proverbial “Fart In A Wet Paper Bag ” pathetic !

    2. If warm weather kills the virus how come it’s equally rampant in Australia and NZ where it is Summer?

  6. Part of the government strategy is giving people a short period of paid leave to do voluntary work in hospitals and social care. When so many people are being laid off in the hospitality industry why cannot they be temporarily employed,on a proper wage,to fulfill those tasks. Otherwise it looks like Bunters government is looking to care for the vulnerable on the cheap which,I am s we can all agree given events over the last ten years,is highly unlikely.

  7. If you believe in the Gaia principle then this is Mother Earths way of saying
    If you continue to vote for cheap and nasty Tory party then we are going to kill you

  8. Perhaps not just Gaia but any holistic,compassionate philosophy,such as Socialism. Nick Robinson asked on radio 4 this morning if current events will see a change in our outlook,that it wont be “just the lefties and the eco warriors who want to see us becoming more concerned about what happens to others.” What an indictment of society that compassion is seen as a left/right issue and not as a given.

    1. Jim
      What’s the best way to rid the party of the Pantomime Dame Margaret Hodge

    2. Slap head Nick KNobinson ,,, President of the Oxford University Conservative Association. Starting out in broadcasting at Piccadilly Radio, after a year as President of the Conservative Party youth group, he worked his way up as a producer, eventually becoming deputy editor of Panorama before becoming a political correspondent in 1996.

      SO very unbiased of course !! that twat only knows one way and its the Tory way ,Christ how the BBC needs gutting , it really does .

  9. The idea that it is covid 19 that is causing the financial system to collapse is a sick joke
    Socialism for billionaires has been in full flow since 1987, it should have collapsed in 2007 but the banks were saved by Obama and Brown,
    The whole rotten Ponzi Scheme has a broom handle holding it up

    1. The problem with economies is the same as with the Titanic – all classes sink, but First Class get to pick the places in the lifeboat. There’s no pain-free depression.

      1. RH
        What Brexit taught us is that when you have nothing to lose and you have been shit on from a great height for over 40 years you really don’t give a fuck
        We are going to have to win without them, then bring the fuckers back into the fold by changing voting system and economy
        No matter what the question, the answer is
        Jobs and Houses

  10. As Mr Punch would say about the Italian intervention
    “That’s the way to do it”
    Herd Immunination is different for various viruses.
    Measles 93-95% and probably 60% for SARS-CoV-2 but this will only be verified after the event. HEARD IMMUNITY with a live virus without controls which could be implemented, would spread rapidly immense demand on health service provision.
    Was this decision risk assessed and was there any consideration of the “Precautionary Priciple”.
    The decision to use this experiment with a live virus must reflect on the morality and ethics of the CSO and CMO.

    1. If the virus is allowed to spread in the UK so we can ‘take it on the chin’ and get over it ‘quickly’ will countries like Singapore, HK, China be prepared to welcome Brits to their countries in 2021? It may be we’d be banned from many places including the US as Trump does his screeching U turn. It will be the BIG BREXIT – withdrawal from the whole World.

  11. Second wave hitting Asia now, this was expected despite their control methods
    Their methods create multiple outbreaks before achieving herd immunity but easier to manage the demands on health services.Less collateral damage-deaths.

    What will the learning from this global event?

    1. But the second wave isn’t – yet – confirmed as re-infections but people returning to China from Europe etc with the disease they caught there. If it was Re-infections the theory of building immunity by “taking it on the chin” would be proven to be rubbish. But it hasn’t happened to date?

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