Video: beware email scams as cynical hackers exploit coronavirus fears

Cybersecurity experts are warning of a huge spike in email scams, as hackers cynically attempt to exploit people’s fears over the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic:

Take extra care not to fall victim to these cons.

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  1. Nasty exploitative “healthcare” leaflets, aimed at the elderly, being put through letterboxes on my street. Promoted by something called “Bluebird Care Westminster”

  2. I’ve always thought there must be some scammers who deliberately use spelling and grammer errers 🙂 to weed out the cleverboots who are going to spot the con.
    There are even some smart people who waste hours of the scammers’ time by pretending to be wealthy idiots – wasting hours of the scammers’ time before finally humiliating them by infecting their systems with worms or viruses etc.
    Punters incapable of spotting such linguistic errors surely must be a much better prospect for the scammers?

    1. Spot-on. Some people just WON’T listen.

      Think it was Victor Lustig (He who ‘sold’ the Eiffel Tower TWICE) said something along the lines of:

      ‘All confidence tricks are based around the victim’s avarice’.

      If people are taken in by a supposed nigerian prince who appears incapable of stringing a sentence together, nevermind not being able to afford an accountant to shift his alleged $Bn’s out of a frozen account; or they give their PIN number to a cold caller – despite warning after warning and no matter how convincing they sound – then they deserve what they get, I’m afraid.

      People are told time and again that if it’s too good to be true, it’s because it IS.

      1. I agree that greed is an essential component of the ‘African Prince’ type con but fear or simple innocence are more likely with the elderly internet-unaware people who find the TV news depressing, baffling or frightening and who fall for spoofed websites or superficially plausible phone requests to move funds from one account to another.
        All that’s necessary are binned statements found at the waste disposal centre, a phone directory, a confident and professional manner on the phone, a speil about “a raid on your savings account happening RIGHT NOW!” and a customer who’ll believe their bank would ask for their password to confirm they were the real customer and not “the criminal who’s already half-emptied the account as we speak.”
        I wouldn’t call fear of losing a lifetime’s hard-won savings ‘greed’.

  3. I suppose that the scammers think if they were dopey enough to be scammed by the Torys into voting for them ,then another scam wouldn’t be difficult….I am surprised they didnt use mockingbird healthcare.Maybe they will be used by Hancock to help our fearless goverment to boost beds.and scam more than the usual parasites like virgin care…..Pass round the begging bowl for beardy Branson.please…!

    1. Glad u r well & posting Joseph. Branson should be arrested just for having the brass faced cheek to demand welfare of BILLIONS from the public purse. No millionaires should get more than a penny. Further all their assets should be directed to supporting their employees. No mor socialising of their failure and losses. The likes of Branson, Sugar and the one who ran BHS into the ground… ah… Phillip Green, they complain about the state supporting the 99%, yet have no shame scrounging for their over-bulging tax-exiled stash‼️ And people, i have heard that Sunak will be implementing a JEREMY CORBYN BUDGET 🌹🌹🌹

  4. Spivs in ww2 and now modern day spivs on the net ,mind you a lot of them apparently met untimely ends in WW2 !

    1. rob
      Spivs and thieves who vote and bankroll this cheap and nasty Tory party Eton mess
      Any stimulus will go to those with the stickiest fingers and the least need,
      If JC asks for a freeze on sanctions and no eviction for those in rent arrears what do you think the response will be
      The biggest challenge will be in this countries prisons, again the Tories will rather play to their base than do what’s necessary

  5. The state should be supporting the smallest businesses and individuals and most importantly the vulnerable. NOT millionaire, multimillionaire and billionaires and greedy tax exiles. Sunak’s adoption of Jeremy’s programs proves once again, be it 1️⃣ – Don’t invade Iraq on a pack of Blair’s WMD LIES. 2️⃣ – An effective nationwide broadband helps to make us resilient at times like these, as well as cuts down on unnecessary travel. 3️⃣ – Tory ideological austerity has hollowed out the state assets to flog them to their chums. Their chums are NOT entrepreneurs. Tories & Chums are grasping sociopaths who have no care if millions die needlessly. And their spiel of private sector good / public sector bad, is as fraudulent as their AS slanders. Their frauds enable them to rape the world. They are fair weather “entrepreneurs”. They now want bailouts for this and that, airports, airlines, water, trains, electricity etc. The private medical outfits have ZERO intention to treat the seriously ill. THE STATE they denigrate, will now be expected to pick up the pieces.

    Sunak, Johnson, Cummings and Co will now HAVE to implement much of Jeremy Corbyn’s program. The same program, WMD Blair’s rancid tentacles, slithered across all the MSM claiming the people rejected a “far left” Labour.


    We must not be reticent‼️‼️

    Shout it from the house tops EVERY 30 minutes at least and EVERYWHERE 🌹🌹🌹

    And for the delectation of AH & SH in particular, think of it. how sensible is it for anyone, other than someone solid like Richard Burgon… how sensible is it to have a new Labour leader now❓ Yes the last dep was disastrous … calamitously defunct … a foul dredge of Twattery. So of course Richard Burgon should be made interim deputy now. But Jeremy must be firm now. SOD bothering about what the MSM will bleat. Let them bleat. What did attempting to pacify them achieve❓❓❓

    The contest should be halted now. Everything else is being halted. Exceptional circumstances demand exceptional measures. Further, now Jeremy can be free to display the distinction and foresight he has had over three decades at least. He has nothing to lose. He can dispense with those who held him back with timid constraint.

    We must all point out every one of our policies which Sunak & Johnson will now attempt to claim as their own. ps Wash your hands off them‼️ Hot RUNNING water ➕ normal soap… no need antibacterial stuff. And no humming of tunes. practise MINDFULLY thorough hand washing for 30 seconds yes 30 not 20. Remember under the nails and around cuticles. Dry thoroughly on a CLEAN towel. ps ps and pointless touching a gents or ladies door handle with nicely washed hands. Use a paper towel, then dispose carefully. Oh… ps ps ps What is the toilet paper buying frenzy??? Diarrhoea is NOT a COVID-19 symptom. So what’s the frenzy about??? Very strange.

    1. Whatever it is yer smoking signpost, I’d give it up if I were you!

      And I assume this is the same Jeremy Corbyn you referred to the other day when you spoke of ‘jellied weakness’ in relation to adopting the IHRA definition? it’s funny how a number of posters on here have continually lambasted Jeremy for being weak or cowardly etc, and yet we’re supposed to believe that they now want him to continue as leader (even though they know it’s NOT going to happen).

      Believe me, they are just having a larf, and they are complete frauds.

  6. Emailed my Branch office to unsubscribe from further emails
    an hour ago. I could have just stayed quiet but why should I?

    “I cancelled my standing order and let my membership lapse because of the disgraceful behaviour of the PLP in constantly undermining Jeremy Corbyn and deliberately throwing two elections.
    Mr. Hendrick may not have openly acted against Jeremy but good men doing nothing are not blameless.
    Without Corbyn Labour will revert to the pale imitation of the Tories it was BC.
    Jeremy was the reason I and many thousands of others joined.
    Blair’s complete lack of principle was demonstrated early on. Those three stooges preening themselves in the belief that Murdochian praise of their “highly effective spin” was a compliment worth celebrating – shamed every socialist who ever lived.
    2007[sic] disproved the big lie that only the so-called “centre” could win elections – without half the PLP kicking the wrong way Jeremy’s Labour would have walked it.
    Blair’s praises were never sung by tens, much less tens of thousands – does jealousy of Jeremy’s popularity drive him? A millionaire’s natural fear of genuine socialism? A war criminal’s natural fear of an implacable peace activist?
    Brown too could have easily hung 2007 on Thatcher where it belonged in 2010 had he not ridden her deregulation wave all the way to the rocks – and had he not so wildly, so publicly, so deludedly and so embarrassingly exaggerated his own influence on events – right up until the crash.
    If anyone at Ashton knows of even one ‘centrist’ policy with the slightest theoretical chance of reversing or even slowing the burgeoning wealth gap – I’d gladly rejoin the Party, backdate and triple my contributions and crawl on all fours to Fulshaw Road just to hear that policy explained.”

    1. “but good men doing nothing are not blameless.“ Until those in my own CLP and others realise that it is worthless being “good” but doing nothing but avoidance and deliberate chickening out… until then, we have an upward struggle.

      I have heard people say AND write for eg, “ignore Coyle”, “reform them” etc etc and McD has been reported to have said “work around Coyle”. I believe the reports. My view is that you cannot “work around” open underminers, open tentacles of Blair, while in my CLP, dome with some influence were prepared to let Chris Williamson be abandoned. QUESTION: Why not work around Chris Williamson and abandon the likes of Hodge, Coyle, Twatson, Owen Smith, WMD Blair et al❓❓❓

      There is a DEEP problem of attitude throughout the party and the “Left” in general. I will most certainly NOT leave the party. We need to use our brains and organise. It is understandable to be furious but to give up our party to the most despicable creatures we will ever encounter… to give in to them achieves nothing.

      It is illogical for the many to be defeated by the few. But the few have had wins because many amongst us let them. Trust me. I have seen it with my own eyes. Two or three are infiltrators but a few too many of the rest, with influence, would rather read War and Peace, again rather than challenge Khan or Hodge or Twatson. They LOVE L O V E every matter that takes them out of their comfort zone into the world of people struggling with three jobs. They are ten times more guilty because they prioritise their irrelevant indulgences way over the working class of whom they profess to care.

      1. Which CLP is that signpost? Funny how you never tire of criticising them. And never tire of REPEATING your criticism. Mind you, I don’t believe a word of it anyway, nor should anyone else!

      2. AGAIN with the impertinent questions Allan?
        Why should anyone reveal their CLP to you and the rest of the world unless they choose to?
        It’s not actually a brilliant idea to give away too much about oneself online – did you forget that?
        How long is it going to take you to accuse me of some nonsense because I DID reveal my (ex) CLP?

    2. One change that has to be made is for self employed workers to be allowed to claim Universal Credit
      At the moment they get nothing, no benefits, zilch

  7. Peston to Blowjob:
    “Why are you ‘helping’ businesses by enabling them to get into greater debt?” (paraphrased)
    Blowjob’s face cycled through every expression of “Err? Duh?” known to man before he garbled some one-size-fits-all platitudes and handed it off to Sunak.

    1. Here we go again
      Socialism for billionaires and we know there is no limit to bail outs for those to big to fail

  8. U don’t need to believe anything AH. U r weird. U r weird. AH you are weird like some strange stalker. Get professional help. Then u could be useful.🌹🌹🌹

  9. Ask Uncle Festa if he is considering extending negotiating period for Brexit, then ask why he is playing politics with the economy

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