Johnson jokes with CEOs that ventilator-building to cover his lack of planning should be called “Operation Last Gasp”

PM’s monstrous buffoonery as he makes quip about dying coronavirus patients

Boris Johnson has appalled even hard-bitten corporate CEOs with his appalling buffoonery, in a demonstration of his utter lack of concern for or connection with the suffering his failure to plan and failure to follow WHO guidelines have helped unless on the UK’s people.

Johnson quipped during a conference call with engineering manufacturers about an emergency project to build ventilators – taking place only now because he and his cronies did not think to plan ahead for the inevitable requirement when the virus first hit – that the project could be called:

Operation Last Gasp.

The appalling comment was reported by Politico:

Richard Horton, editor of the Lancet, has made clear that the Tories have sat on their hands for weeks when preparations could have been made – and lives saved:

The government is rotten from the top down. Johnson is utterly unfit to sell raffle tickets, let alone run a county.

He is the joke – and a sick one.

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  1. Shame no one had it on tape , nothing surprises me whatsoever with this cretinous turd .

  2. I wonder hoe he will feel about “Operation Mass Murder Trial”

  3. It will be very sad to reflect that this odious toad along with his equally gaggle of hideous advisers could have been prevented from causing havoc if the quislings within the democratic socialist Labour Party had not worked “ every day to thwart” the election of it. Just look at the grotesque spectacle of Johnson’s actions and utterances and then compare it to the humanity plus statesmanship of Jeremy Corbyn.

    1. yep the Blairite malevolence legacy lingers on .
      We can but try and learn lessons from this in the party but there are still many members who seem to think electing Starmer is the right choice.
      In this crisis the time for game playing is over imo , and we should insist that Corbyn remains as our Leader with his vast amount of experience in crisis dealing and his impeccable humanitarian credentials , which NONE ABSOLUTELY NONE of the other candidates can match .

      Scrap the Leadership election NOW Jenny Formby

      1. Where are Jeremy’s “vast amounts of experience in crisis dealing” coming from? “Impeccable humanitarian credentials”? Paying lip service and spouting slogans is not experience or a good advert for being able to do a job.

      2. Plainly Plane Citizen you have your head so far up your own ARSE you wouldn’t be able to see or even comprehend the truth about Corbyn and his peace infinitive work in many crisis torn countries .I don’t intend to waste further time responding to such a wanker

  4. Update , WHO stats , as of 16.3.20
    The United Kingdom
    1395 total confirmed cases
    251 new confirmed cases
    35 total deaths
    14 new deaths since 15.3.20

  5. If I ever got me hands on the gobshite I’d call it:’ OPERATION FULL THROTTLE’

  6. Plain citizen….please give it a rest and go away.Conservative party broadcasts are not allowed and may damage your health and others with a less twisted ideology.

  7. Plain Citzen, seems to forget that Johnson plus Cummings have demonstrated that they are not fit for purpose. Evidence stating that they will let the “ Hurd theory “ or survival of the fittest be their doctrine which ties in with their ideology. Not forgetting of course that the quislings within the Labour Party worked hand in glove with this odious creature to ensure he and his poisonous doctrine was in power. Where as Jeremy Corbyn has demonstrated over many decades the belief of cooperation, working with all sections of conflicts and most importantly the role of the state, especially in this time of crisis. It seems your ideology is in tandem with the hideous Tories me, me,me and to hell with every one else. The Spectator site is full of this selfish ideology!

    1. I didn’t know Douglas Hurd a former Tory had a theory but you live and learn. Was he a friend of robs? Another correspondent who makes grandiose statements then cannot back them up. Another wine bar socialist no doubt still tweaking his Chardonnay Manifesto so he doesn’t have to confront reality and get voters to like it. Still it’s nice to have a ten year old interested in politics.

  8. As always Tory trolls slithering across from the dark side trying to give sustenance to a hideous horrific policy of euthanasia, culling of the elderly, infirm and most vulnerable in society because of a sociopath scrambling to save his scrawny neck, can only offer innocuous, vacuous comments to deflect from these cretins at the levers of power. Unfortunately, the Trolls cannot even fathom that the obnoxious party’s membership is overwhelmingly over the age of sixty and many of their supporters come from the ranks of the elderly.

    1. Another evidence free comment. “Policy of euthanasia” etc etc. We can see why socialism is not an attraction to voters when ornaments of St Hysteria’s High School debating society like brianbotty are the best the party can do. Still, as I’ve said before, even if they are a bit naive, nice to see inexperienced teenagers showing an interest in politics.

      1. It appears that the Tory troll has not been following the sociopaths comments. He has stated he along with the cretinous string pullers are proposing a policy to allow the virus to run rampant in the UK in the false premise that by allowing 60% of the population to be infected they will develop an immunity to the virus. Thereby ensuring that somehow the most vulnerable will be protected. According to the WHO, in order for this diabolical plan to work, over 90% of the population would have to be infected in order for it to have a remote chance of working. In essence over 300,000 old people would die because of this insane plan. Moreover, not only is this cretin ignoring the WHO but also the evidence of the Chinese success in fighting the virus. Unfortunately, he is so incompetent, just like the Tory trolls, slithering on to this site trying to infect it with poisonous propaganda to deflect from his ineptitude. Now, I have wasted enough time with Tory trolls begone to the odious Spectator full of self serving shysters.

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