Video: Rayner’s “lack of respect for Corbyn” comments – and the Burgon response they provoked

Deputy leader candidates clash over outgoing Labour leader

As the SKWAWKBOX reported earlier, the contest to become Labour’s next deputy leader has burst into flame after Angela Rayner told ITV News that Jeremy Corbyn did not command respect – and that she does – and rival candidate Richard Burgon took on her comments directly via social media.

Below is the footage to which Burgon took exception – along with the response that is earning him huge plaudits and no little measure of respect of his own among Labour’s majority left membership:


A bad miscalculation by Rayner – and a powerful response by Burgon – that could turn the deputy leadership contest on its head.

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    1. meanwhile

      Are Starmer, Nandy, Butler, Rayner signing pledges to prevent the above outrageous sickening scandal of Typical Tory heartless cruelty??? Where are your pledges to stop Tory cruelty??? Where are the pledges to stop Johnson paying private companies to deprive and kill the most vulnerable??? Why did Butler ignore the bullying of the Universal Credit victims, the Grenfel victims, the Windrush victims… until every single victim gets justice??? Why???

      Why did Starmer use so much paper to send out around 600,000 huge photos of his huge face??? Have his funders told him, never mind the DWP deaths, the Grenfel deaths, the Windrush deaths… never mind Starmer, send them a huge photo of your huge startled face. Pathetic, shameless, crass, evil waste of ink, postage, time, trees and all the underpaid postmen and women who had to clutter their run with Starmer trash. DISGRACEFUL.

    2. Starmer calling 4 Arstair Campbellend to b let back into the party. Not surprised as Cbellend was campaigning here 4 the N Coiled shiny-suited MP here. So not in the least bit surprised. If people stop chasing every virtue signalling niche and remote issue for as little as 6 months and if 1/10 th of the time spent trying to overturn a democratic vote were spent on trying to get proper control of the party, Starner, Blair and Campbell would now not be reinfesting the party.

  1. It’s a blessing in disguise. I began to distrust Rayner after the first coup. Her behaviour and appearance changed as if being powdered for something… Powder Her Face comes to mind… Some shady clique has made her believe she …hmmm “resonates” … even “commands respect”. The powder is thick … caked on … plastered on but disguises her not to us bit to herself. She has allowed herself to be blinded. I pity Ms Rayner. Like Blair creatures like her go insane … they are made insane by shady groups who make them believe every flattery so they happily invade countries, sell arms… sell their own mothers. I’v heard people pity Blair but now seeing my suspicions come to life with Rayner now makes me pity her. She seems more vacant than she used to be. Hence writing such embarrassing mess in the guardian. Thats the danger of ambition without substance. And conversely that was the rare distinction of Jeremy Corbyn. He has no personal ambition. If only he had people to support him in his inner circle. He was sealed away from good advice. I have it on good authority. Gate keepers looked appropriate help and friends out and him in. The new leader and dep must nip that in the bud. It must not happen again. Richard Burgon and RLB must start planning throughly now to manage that. First step don’t sign pledges. It must be the other way around. RIP UP THE PLEDGES NOW!!! Rip Them Up!!! RIP THEM UP IN PUBLIC!!! Let those requesting pledges, pledge they will cease their slanders, wicked lies, selfishness, disregard for others and instead expect to be as every other citizen is treated🔴🔴🔴 Every signed pledge papers contrary to us ALL being equal under the law and us ALL deserving EQUAL respect and regard, should be shredded in public. Anything less is political conduct BELOW the standard of ANY country, let alone this one. Selfish OBSCENE requests that the prospective leader and deputy of our party should sign pledges in return for being allowed to lead our party is abhorrent. It abhorrent, vulgar and base as a protection racket. Our party must be better than that. Our leaders MUST be better than that. Our country deserves better tgan that.

    1. I will wait to see if other suspended candidates are reinstated before voting for the NEC.
      Nothing against Lauren Townsend but she is too young and my fear is that she will be manipulated by Lasman. I rather vote for a left non Momentum backed candidate and Jo Bird.

      1. Hi Maria, our left group nominated Jo & Mirza who both got suspended. Jo stayed and fought… which is just we need. Fight to the end!!! Thanks for your reply as it made me realise re the NEC election, as we may gave real alternatives then yes, definitely use your preferences. With Leader & Dep. we have no other suitable prefs but Richard and RLB. wish we had an alt to RLB as concerned she has pledged away her autonomy to a shady bunch of – – – – – . Ever hopeful, i feel Richard will definitely correct that. Will research Townsend, now u raise your concerns. Will dbl check č Pascal also. We’ve also VERY concerned by Lansman… to put it infinitely mildly & politely. I’m not a Momentum member but some of my group are… or were. I know they r spitting feathers about Lansman and the other – – – – –

      2. Maria
        Trish Williams, JC supporter, socialist,
        2nd in GE, cementing good work done in 2017 and giving party a chance for a historic victory in Berwick upon Tweed at next GE,
        Nominated Jo Bird, Burgon/RLB

  2. Burgon the only candidate I will vote for in any of the deputy and leadership election.Must have been the token socialist the PLP allow us to vote for.

    1. We have to have a leader.
      And you can bet that highly principled right-wingers will vote even if the sky falls in.
      Of course RLB ain’t perfect.
      But she’s 3000 miles left of Starmer and the Zeppo.
      You don’t vote, Guess who gains?

      1. “We have to have a leader”
        Given the choices and my own inclination I desperately wish there were some way around that, but it appears to be part of the animal condition.

  3. Every day a candidate steps into an easily avoidable shit-hole. When they do, they show their unelectability. Corbyn is a hard act to follow.

    Burgon for deputy leader, Long-Bailey for leader – IF she fixes her Lansman-generated clangers (and removes him from ear-shot).

  4. Angela was welcomed to Liverpool by Wavertree Exec, eager to show that they were still on side with the establishment, and chucked people under buses to prove their loyalty to the media.
    ‘Our Angie’, very friendly also with the failed Lib Dem, Luciana Berger, at the time an anti Corbyn Labour MP. Bezzy mates at the clp meeting in fact, a real ‘love in’.
    Alarm bells at that point, some time ago now. Y’can read these people like a cheap book; easy. You always know when they’re insincere/lying as their lips move.
    ‘I’m a working class gal who wants to be rich’, written all over her. Lack of principles obvious. Her speech was all about herself; y’know the script, ‘I’m an ordinary person just like you’. Yawn. No one would have ever heard of her if it hadn’t been for Jeremy Corbyn. Half a million people joined the LP because of Jeremy and now she sticks the knife in and thinks that she’ll command respect?
    True, the PLP didn’t respect Jeremy, but they mostly got in on a ‘Butcher Blair’ (the war criminal) ticket so what can we expect, and they’re happy to be career opposition politicians on a Kings ransom while thousands die due to Tory ‘austerity’. ‘The higher up the ladder the monkey goes the more we see it’s arse’.
    On y’way Angie, you belong to the ‘ten a penny’ club. The voters rejected your lot. They want something different than Tories in red jackets, and they told us that on the doorstep.

  5. Just another one who ain’t fit to kick his boots why are we suffering these ungrateful fools whose only goal is themselves

  6. “I’m a pragmatist”, “so now I’m going to say something guaranteed to lose me votes.”

    To be honest, I think what she said was just badly phrased, but her opponents were bound to jump on it. LOL!

  7. There’s obviously a very fine line between self-belief and utter delusion in politics.

  8. Used to have time for rayner. Teenage mother, bringing up three kids in a low-paid carer’s job, thinking she understood real life better than most etc…

    And then, like 184 other ‘moderates’ (the type that steve h and rh etc want to see holding the reins) rayner abstained on the welfare bill, which set the alarm bells ringing.

    But some of her Tv appearances made me think it just might not be so.

    …Only some. Now, with this she’s gone halfway to mouthpiece media-whore jess philips-ism.

    I’m afraid I don’t know where the party’d stand with her in a high position. I’ve little confidence in rayner, now.

    (PS. Skwawky, dunno what it is but I have to keep putting in me details in on every post even though the box is checked? )

    1. Speaking as a single dad for many years, I was forced to change my contract hours (t & c) & received no support from my Union (UCU). Survival really is the name of the game, especially living in inner city areas, but how do you survive with 3 kids? How do you find the time & have the energy to become a politician? Breeding really is a prime directive!

    1. Well I new I left England for good reason,but now I am going to live longer ,despite having had dengue fever twice and various other exotic diseases,.Wonder how this communist virus pans out.We are very near the infection Zones and monitoring any infection seems low on the priority risk here in Cambodia.Too many prioritys to worry about a bad dose of pneumonia,just driving here makes me sweat more than a bad dose of Starmer or handy nandy…..

      1. Take care Joseph. Regular hand washing with soap and water for 1 minute. Incl back of hands + between fingers. Search on line for proper hand washing method. Spread the word. Do u have alcohol hand sanitisers there? Good idea when out and about and hand washing unavailable. And do remember, it is counter intuitive but water alone is not really good at wetting. Soap is necessary to break the surface tension of the water, which then enables the water to make proper contact with the skin (and laundry etc) then rubbing & agitation releases the dirt into suspension to be taken away by the running water. Then dry hands properly. The virus like all flu v’s thrive in damp moist environments. … Oh and don’t confuse with dengue fever. The vector (spreader) for that is the Aedes Aegypti mosquito. The vectors for the Coronavirus are people! Be well rested, happy … yes happy, eat well and hand wash hand wash hand wash č soap and water. Spread the word there. Do u have lots of people traveling in and out of Cambodia to areas of high infection? I suspect if not that a bonus. We may be mire at risk here be cause of lots of people moving about eg tourist in Milan, Venice, London, Lyon etc
        Yes Starmer, Nandy, Rayner, Butler, Blair, Berger Hodge all the Johnson Tory enablers are victors of deadly viruses here … literally drop in life expectancy due to Tory ideological austerity. Yet they did and are STILL doing EVERYTHING to destroy someone they are not fit to be a toilet brush for. Starmer Nandy Rayner and Butler part of the virus plaguing our party with their Johnson Tory B-Side ary

      2. Starmer, Nandy, Rayner, Butler, Blair, Berger Hodge all the Johnson Tory enablers are VECTORS of deadly viruses here … literally drop in life expectancy due to Tory ideological austerity.
        Excuse other typos. Shame on me🙁

      3. Signpostwindchimes,Yes my wife and I are always careful about hygiene and especially out here where any infection spreads rapidly even a small cut.We use the cleaner the surgeons use before operations.We tend to wipe down utensils in restraunts and even our own when we eat in..Simple hygiene is a must when travelling.and I am sure that the virus that makes the headlines now will soon be a worry from the past overblown for cheap news and big pharma.Talking of big pharma ,smiffys manager handy nandy has done better than expected and I am praying that the people of the UK never have to suffer a Nandy or the knight of the realm Starmer.All suspect in my book and especially the funding..We shall see who the puppetmasters are after the election.although any ideas on Starmers funding would be useful to identify his backers from abroad..This hijacking of the Labour party has been in the planning a long time..and money talks.

  9. I can’t be arsed with the ‘whack-a-mole’ games any longer.

    The real problem is that the Party is desperately short of convincing leadership material. Partly, it’s been the dire effect of the Blair years, with it’s parachuted ‘professional’ candidates. But it’s also a symptom of the closing down of the disconnection of the Party from its base and effective paths to becoming an MP other than becoming a ‘political advisor’ in babyhood.

    I don’t have any simple answers – but I do know, from watching the consituencies that I know best, that the decline in quality of representation (and links to the grass roots) over a period of – say – 30-40 years is noticeable.

    1. RH, the problem is that under the grooming of Charlie Faulkner, Blair began the Zionisation of the Labour Party with his selection of ‘approved’ candidates. It has continued ever since to such an extent that virtually every candidate for office is now looking over their shoulder to see if there is anyone from the Israeli Lobby standing behind them with a knife.

      British politics and particularly the Labour Party, has been corrupted by Israeli interference to ensure that no one with any influence gets to criticise that racist State.

      RLB was in Liverpool last night and in answer to a question on her declaration that she is a Zionist, she gave a definition of Zionism which was so flimsy, it shows that if was her genuine view, she doesn’t have a clue of the real meaning of Zionism.

      1. How much zionist interests in that period were a shaping force, and how much accrued from simple gullibility and ignorance, I don’t know – although the operation of the Israel Lobby had been obvious, to those who cared to look, for a long time.

        But your remark about RLB’s lack of grasp (at best) is pretty typical, and just underlines that she is incapable of or unsuited for the job for which she is applying.

        … which leaves us with b. all choice as guaged by a crucial issue relating to political knowledge and integrity – underlining my earlier remarks.

        As an addendum, I’ve just finished Garner Thompson’s recent book on the subject : “Legacy of Empire”. I would thoroughly recommend it as a concise, clear-eyed history of Palestine since the Balfour Declaration. A review can be found at :

      2. Excellent Joseph re your hand washing & hygiene regime. ps think u r referring to HiBi SCRUB re hand washing. Octenisan manufactured by schülke & mayr. My advice this AM seems superfluous… though always to be safe than sorry and get reassurance that u and your wife are not being over the top. You r being sensible… prudent ✅✅✅ Also encourage people adopt your regime… not necessarily with HiBi Scrub ,.. good old warm water soap and DRY with clean towel will do.

  10. Well Rayner doesn’t have my respect, absolutely no need for the snide comments. Just how she thinks saying stuff like this going to bring the Labour Party closer together beggars belief. On that alone I couldn’t vote for her clearly she’s not up to uniting Labour. Richard will probably get my vote.

  11. What shes saying is not so outrageous. We love Jeremy but hes not perfect. However what shes saying to me is shes not leader material and needs close overseeing in any role she has. Right now shes a bit up herself. Say bye bye for deputy Angela

    1. I’d never argue that JC is perfect; and nobody has to like him.

      But failing to *respect* a man who is probably the most honest man in the house of commons (maybe first equal with the Beast!), a courageous man who has done better than survive the most vicious and sustained attacks in my lifetime, and who has defended Muslims, Jews and indeed, every minority without flinching throughout his career (and look at the thanks he gets for that) … not respecting that takes a serious effort, particularly if you are (or claim to be) ‘of the Left’.

      If they were half human, even his enemies would respect him, but that’s too much to hope for.

      The lack of respect from the PLP wasn’t about JC. It was about the PLP.

  12. ”What shes saying is not so outrageous.”

    Perhaps not, Tim. Corbyn had his (infuriating) weaknesses that he ought to have got to grips with. Trying to be all things to all people just isn’t ever gonna cut it.

    Rayner was glad to take a prominent shadow cabinet role and extol the policies without a murmur about Corbyn’s leadership style (Like many others) Now it appears she’s joined the pile-on in order to further herself. That’s not on.

    (Still gotta enter me details to post for some reason)

  13. Your a fucking anti semite and a racist
    I’m sorry you feel that way

    Which would have made JC a great PM but
    Where were the horrible bastards that every successful team/business has to do the dirty work
    It was supposed to be John Mc

    Rayner is an idiot, I’m sure what she meant was I would have kicked the Pantomime Dame out of the party and JC was to nice/decent for his own good
    Dont think anyone would disagree with that

    1. We can only judge AR on what she said: whether she meant it or not is another matter, and neither you nor I are psychic.

      But a couple of days on, and she hasn’t withdrawn, apologised, or even qualified her comments, which suggests that you’re wrong, and she meant exactly what she said.

      1. The issue is not AR
        It is who has the courage to stand up to the vexatious claims of anti semitism and defend the party, members and supporters
        Otherwise no chance with MSM,toilet papers or cheap and nasties

      2. “It is who has the courage to stand up to the vexatious claims of anti semitism and defend the party, members and supporters”
        That’s certainly not AR – so I’m not sure why you were defending her? (“I’m sure what she meant was”)

  14. Candidates demand pause of NEC by-elections amid suspensions

    Several candidates in Labour’s ruling body by-elections – for which voting started on Monday – have called on the party to pause the process amid further suspensions of their rivals.

    Five candidates have so far been suspended during the course of the national executive committee contests to replace Nav Misha and Claudia Webbe as local party representatives and Keith Vaz as BAME rep.

    One of those, Jo Bird, has since been reinstated as a member and appears on the ballot paper being sent out to members this week, but the other four have been excluded from the contest pending the resolution of complaints made against them.

    Commenting on the letter, deputy leadership candidate Richard Burgon told LabourList: “I do know that members are concerned and members don’t want to see complaints about serious matters ever used as an election tool.”

    He added that while “suspension in employment is meant to be a neutral act… when there’s an election going on, it’s not really a neutral act if the suspension means that you can’t be a participant in the election”.

    The latest letter has been signed by 1,500 members, including five NEC candidates still in the running. It follows an initial letter raising concerns, which was supported by 1,050 members.

    Below is the full text of the letter.

    Elections have to be fair, and they also have to be seen to be fair. The elections for NEC representatives continue to fall short of this standard.

    There are now reports that and are therefore not eligible to stand in the election [edit: now confirmed as they do not appear on the ballot]. Members have a right to know who has decided to remove them from the process, the rules under which this has happened, and the conditions that had to be met for this step to be taken. We have not received any such explanation, so we cannot have confidence that due process has been followed.

    The previous letter about was signed by over 1,000 members, including 12 candidates for the NEC and over 50 CLP chairs and secretaries. No response has been received to date. One of the suspended candidates has now been reinstated, but only after missing out on CLP nominations during the busiest part of the nominations period – if this was as a result of unfounded charges, it has had an unacceptable impact on the election process.

    At this point we demand that the NEC by-election is suspended, and the party takes immediate steps to clarify its processes so that we can begin to rebuild trust ahead of the full NEC elections that are already planned for later this year.

    Peyman Owladi, Luton South (NEC CLP rep candidate)
    Trish Williams, Berwick-upon-Tweed (NEC CLP rep candidate)
    Jo Bird, Birkenhead (NEC CLP rep candidate)
    Chaudhry Qamer Iqbal, Ealing Southall (NEC BAME rep candidate)
    Omide Deinali, Easington (NEC BAME rep candidate)

  15. In 2017 there was a tripartite attack on Corbyn to prevent left wing democratic socialst ideas being put into practice.
    The rich and powerful establishment wanting to retain their power, the right wing media – wanting its tax doging owners to avoid having to pay tax, and the Right Wing Labour paternalists MPS – vote for us & we will sort all your problems out.
    But left wing democratic socialists shocked the Barbarians – we nearly got over the line and would have done if 100 or so right wing Labour MPs hadn’t slagged off Corbyn in public for a year AIDING OUR OPPONENTS!
    Milliions continuing to suffer was perhaps a price with paying to prevent left wing socialism for the triparite Barbarians!
    Only RLB and Burgon are keeping the left wing democratic socislist flame alive.

  16. At least Burgon is speaking up for Assange as is Corbyn (and McDonnell) how many LP MPs and candidates are speaking against the barbaric treatment, undemocratic, joke of British legal process and implications for all of us. Apologies if this seems off topic but what is happening to Assange is showcasing how the British legal system has collapsed, the authoritarian nature of the British state and establishment and the BBC, Channel 4 et al do nothing except parrot the state narratives. UK is not just a rogue state…
    IMperialism on Trial event this evening 25/02/20 ‘Free Julian Assange’.

  17. The Right in the party are at it again!
    What lack of respect saying it is and was?
    Step back from propaganda and Burgon making political gains at the expense of Angela Rayner!
    What a dog he’s a bird dog!
    Who needs the Right wing Press and Media when we have Burgon shooting from the hip?

    1. Maybe watch the video?
      Or maybe you agree with her?
      if so, don’t pick on Burgon, he’s entitled to have a different view to yours, I think.

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