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Labour deputy race bursts into flame as Burgon takes on Rayner direct over lack of respect

Tweet likely to spark surge in support

The Labour deputy leadership contest has flared into sudden life as left candidate Richard Burgon took on rival Angela Rayner publicly over her comments about a lack of respect for outgoing party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

In comments reminiscent of Jess Phillips’s tone-deaf self-praise, Rayner had told ITV news that Corbyn did not ‘command respect’ among MPs and that she would be more ‘bombastic’:

I’m more bombastic, more focused and more sharp, and I would expect more discipline in a way that Jeremy didn’t.

He didn’t command respect, and he therefore wasn’t able to command that collectivism in the Labour party. I think that’s the one thing that I’ve got. I’ve had the respect and the support of all of the parliamentary Labour party and up and down the country most of the constituency Labour parties have supported me in this process.

I resonate with people in the country in a way that Jeremy doesn’t.

The comments sparked anger – and Burgon addressed them head-on in a tweet this evening that pulled no punches:

The forthright comment saw an immediate and positive reaction from Labour members – including those who might not have made him their preferred choice:

Burgon has demonstrated again why he himself enjoys a large measure of respect among the party’s majority left – and insiders are suggesting it might see him surge in the deputy leader race just as ballots go out to members.

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  1. “I resonate with people in the country in a way that Jeremy doesn’t.” Rayner has even less self awareness than i thought before…. and that was already low. Imagine, Jeremy attracted 500,000 members to make Labour by far the largest party in Europe, and she says that she resonates with people… just like Thornberry and Phillips. Once they start making noise about how they resonate with people, you know they offer a bucket of emptiness. What about policies ??? oh no let me tell you about my childhood and how i resonate… here look at a big poster of my shiny hair and face!!! It really us unbelievable!!!
    More reason to vote ONLY for Richard Burgon and Rebecca Long-Bailey.

  2. What a cheak!!!! Please let us make sure that we do not get lumbered with KS and AR. for me it is RB and RLB.

  3. The more i think of it… the more unbelievable this all seems… are the likes of Rayner, Starmer, Nandy and Butler in the same party as us??! Are they even in the same country❓❓❓ Starmer posts his face out to over half a million members! Never mind the carbon foot print, his funders will offset that along with the private jet offsets galore‼️‼️‼️ Buttler uses her MSM access in the Evening Standard to bleat on about John Bercow being bullied … yes that John Bercow of the atrociously racist Monday Club… and now the breathtakingly ridiculous Rayner writes in the guardian that she resonates more than Jeremy Corbyn who inspired me and HALF A MILLION OTHER PEOPLE TO JOIN A POLITICAL PARTY!!! Am i dreaming this??? Are these people serious⁉️⁉️⁉️ Are these creatures for real❓❓❓

  4. The same one that despite parading her background at every time she has the chance, abstained instead of voting against the Tory Welfare Bill in 2016.
    Been raised in poverty, leaving school with no qualifications at 16 to raise a child as a single mother, it shouldn’t have been difficult for her to realise the devastation on the most vulnerable the introduction of Universal Credit will cause.
    Hence, paraphrasing Nye Bevan, either she is too stupid or too dishonest. Either way she shouldn’t be the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party.

  5. Is this woman utterly stupid? Does she really think aping Jess Phillips will gain her any credibility?I have had my doubts about her for some time. This latest outburst just confirms what I already thought – she is a back stabbing opportunist, a snake in the grass.

  6. Richard Burgon, well done. Now, people start showing and being reported what really colours they have. Reyner appears very opportunistic and uncertainty with herself. I cannot understand why she said such things. Is she the right or the left?

  7. A lesson learned in Spain a long time ago I think. When people say, ‘I’m neither Left nor Right’ (don’t pigeon hole me) as A. Raynor does, means they’re on the Right. This of course, and don’t forget Angela we all heard you, was that you supported the socialist Jeremy Corbyn.
    A professional politician who changes her politics like most of us change our undies isn’t worth a carrot. Why should anyone trust an individual like this? A bit like saying, ‘I’ve got solid principles, but I’ll change em if I think it’ll get me elected’. Ha!

  8. Which begs the question why Starmer and Rayner think they have the members behind them
    CLP’s total votes for these candidates cannot add up to more than a few thousand,
    JC supporters have a clear choice,
    Not great with RLB/Lansman but still clear red water with the others

  9. Fascinating that Rayner is evil incarnate because she’s dissed Corbyn – but Becky gets a free pass to sainthood when she spits in his face and becomes a ‘Zionist’ – aligning with a racist neocolonial ideology.

    Funny ole’ hypocritical world.

    1. Fascinating that you claim to have supported Corbyn, yet you allowed shitehawk starmer to run roughshod over democracy and change party policy without any vote being taken on it.

      And with that in mind, it’s fascinating how you claim the referendum result was ‘undemocratic’.

      Unfunny ole’ hypocrite going on about a ”funny ole’ hypocritical world.”


      1. Toffee – There was a vote at the 2019 conference to decide the change of policy. It was quite well publicised at the time so I’m quite surprised you don’t remember it.

  10. These sort only like the word democracy when they’re in charge of it. They can’t abide being in the minority, showing their hatred of democracy, undermining it at every opportunity in order to get their arses in the comfy chairs. They’re happy to be in well paid opposition forever.

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