Video: as non-member, Hodge shouldn’t be at leader nomination meeting – but was there and taking names

Party’s procedure for leader and NEC nomination meetings says no one not entitled to vote should attend – yet Barking MP, who lives outside boundary, was checking in members arriving to vote
Margaret Hodge at last night’s Barking CLP nomination meeting

The Labour Party’s rules for meetings to nominate candidates in the leader, deputy leader and NEC elections state that meetings have to be held separately from normal meetings of each constituency Labour party (CLP), in order to ensure that only those eligible to vote can be at the meeting:

Barking Labour members say that their MP Margaret Hodge lives outside the constituency boundary and is therefore not a member of the CLP. Yet she was not only present at the meeting, but taking names and allowing or barring entry to members arriving to vote – a role normally carried out by the elected officers of the CLP:

In the video, Hodge is seen telling one arrival:

You’re not here [on the list] so sit down there

It is unclear whether the member was eventually permitted to enter.

Ms Hodge was asked to comment on her attendance and participation, but did not respond by the time of publication.

A Labour Party source confirmed that attendance at nomination meetings is restricted to CLP members and that there is no exemption for MPs.

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  1. So whats to be done ….. nowt will happen ..God this stinks ,, so much corruption of the party

    1. The totally clique-ridden, Old Labour Left of the Corbyn circle, and of course particularly that manipulative opportunist, Lansman, have certainly fucked up catastrophically our once in a lifetime chance to shift Labour to a solid long-term Left agenda , by its utter craven cowardice in dealing with the destructive Right wing saboteurs like Hodge when we had the chance – particularly by failing to use what was once a potential huge mobilising force for the radical Left, the sadly misused and abused by its claque of a gerrymandered ‘leadership’, Momentum, to build the capacity in their CLPs to root them out.

      Of more current significance for Labour is the openly available fact that the now quite possible new leader of the Labour Party , ‘our man from the deep state’ , ex DPP, Sir Kier Starmer , since 2018, is the ONLY member (by invitation only) in the entire House of Commons of the European section of that uber sinister globalist ‘thinktank’ neoliberal capitalist promoting body, the Trilateral Commission ! See the downloadable membership lists of the various regional parts at the bottom of the online page here

      So Labour might well shift from being led briefly by a lifelong socialist, Jeremy, to being led by a creature of the globalist capitalist oligarchy in only four short years ! Beyond tragic ! Do the Membership grasp what a sinister pro capitalist creature Starmer is ?

  2. Let’s see if a formal complaint against the Hodge gets the same response as that against legitimate NEC candidates.

    Another move should be to insist that complaints about false allegations of antisemitism receive the same treatment as antisemitism accusations – immediate suspension until the issue is resolved.

    Let’s have a level playing field.

    1. Child lover, Lady Potty mouth is just showing us that they can do what they want to and know that they are invulnerable. I keep saying this, I’m off, but I mean it. Who and what do our glorious M.Ps stand for. Mm.. Whe’re to go? I thought that since G.G knew Che from his birth I would have a pop with them but his overwhelming vanity put me off. Oh yeah and nepotism and that bloody “retro clothes” shop with hat prove too much. God speed all.

  3. Can we lodge a formal complaint? Or rather can members of that Clp do it+

  4. Hodge broke Labour Party rules? I’m quite sure that she will be disciplined accordingly

    1. I think many are still waiting for Hodge to take responsibilty for child abuse in Islington on her watch.

      I might have some sympathy for her position if she wasn’t such an unprincipled lying confector of accusations against others.

  5. Why’s the despicable arld pederast enabling bastard still infesting the party, nevermind being an MP?

    Oh yeah, I forgot…

  6. Let them do as they like and watch the Labour party slowly loose the membership…..rules for us and do what you like if you are a moderate foul mouthed fish wife like Hodge.If you are allowed to call the leader of the Labour party a fuc.anti semite in front of parliament and the tv and it’s okay then whats the last four years been about.?.

  7. People can usually only get away with things because people let them. So what are the others doing helping her?

    Surely, suspension should follow for all concerned.

  8. What a complete F U all attitude Hodge Portrays against us the Labour Membership!
    I can only imagine she has information regarding all the members of the CLP she attended!
    Why else would she be there, but only to attack those who aren’t made of sterner stuff!

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