HD video: right-wing presenter’s flounce-out when other guests won’t stop providing facts

LBC’s Iain Dale walks off set when other guests keep showing that cuts affect services

Right-wing radio presenter Iain Dale flounced out of ITV’s Good Morning Britain studio this morning after fellow guests wouldn’t stop using facts to confront his attempt to dismiss the impact of cuts on essential care services as ‘utter rubbish’.

Labour commentator Grace Blakeley and Radio 5 Live presenter Nihal Arthanayake pointed out real-life facts about the consequences of funding cuts on social care and children’s services – and when they wouldn’t stop after Dale called their conclusions ‘utter rubbish’, he took off his mic and flounced out in what Arthanayake described as a ‘fit of pique’:

Dale has previously dragged a protester to the ground when the man interrupted a broadcast, so a flounce-out represents an improvement:

All too predictably, right-wingers have defended Dale’s action this morning and attacked the inconvenient fact-peddlers as ‘snowflakes’ and similar, but most people have derided Dale and pointed out how the scene typified the media environment for the left:

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  1. It’s okay when Mr Dale can harangue a socialist whilst flanked by other Tories on TV but if he gets a taste he can’t hack it. He needs to toughen up.

  2. (2nd clip) The guy should get a new dog. Instead of biting Dale’s arse, it was more interested in his own! Useless mutt!

  3. Mat Frei, Jon Snow’s chum @ Channel4 News, has just joined Iain Dale @ Murdoch’s LBC.

  4. Petulant, muculent , right wing sycophant dale, showing – like most of his ilk – he can neither defend his spurious case(s) nor can he sustain an unprovoked assault on an arld man.

    What an absolutely colossal gobshite. And STILL the MSM will give him credence, even after this latest one.

    Oh well, perhaps we’ll one day soon see captain bellend (toby ”toadmeister” young) get thoroughly filled in live on our Tv’s.

    It’ll be a reason to stay tuned. 🙂

  5. Iain Dale was the managing director of Biteback Publishing.

    With the election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader, Biteback decided to re-publish ‘Militant’ by Michael Crick and ‘Hammer of the Left’ by John Golding.

    Obviously, he had his own agenda here. However, I enjoyed reading both books.

    Golding’s book was particularly informative. It actually shows just how totally incompetent and useless Labour’s 1983 general election campaign was. That is the real reason for such a disastrous result and not because Labour was ‘too left wing’.

  6. Let us all hope that’s the last we see of Iain Dale on our TVs.
    One can only dream.
    Watching him walk away was a treat.
    Spitting his dummy out and throwing his toys out of his pram (metaphorically of course) was light relief on a miserable day.
    I’m easily pleased as maybe you can all gather?
    Good riddance to bad rubbish!
    Along with all the other metaphors that fit his demeanor .

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