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Oops. Johnson’s dad outs his son’s lack of engagement over coronavirus with accidental email leak

Another embarrassment: Stanley Johnson outs his son

Boris Johnson’s father Stanley has embarrassed his son by accidentally copying an email to the BBC in which Johnson Sr passed on China’s concerns about Johnson Jr’s lack of engagement over the coronavirus outbreak.

The email outlined the Chinese ambassador’s comments on Johnson’s failure to engage personally:

Re the outbreak of coronavirus, Mr Liu obviously was concerned that there had not yet – so he asserted – been direct contact between the PM and Chinese head of state or government in terms of a personal message or telephone call

This is the second time in less than three months that Stanley Johnson has embarrassed his son. In late November, Johnson appeared on the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire show and insulted the intelligence and literacy of the nation when he became angry at a viewer describing the dishonest PM as ‘Pinocchio’:

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  1. There is nothing more important than sending a pointless personal message sympathising with the Chinese Head of State over the virus. It achieves virtue signalling, gets loads of TV and press coverage and gives bored people something to comment on. But it is completely useless.
    Perhaps we should enact laws demanding 5 useless personal messages a day?

  2. How can johnson senile….sorry, johnson senior, ’embarrass’ johnson Jr?

    Neither of the imbeciles have any concept of shame.

    1. Brilliant point. They are beyond embarrassment. It is often said that certain standards and emotions common in ordinary working people: guilt, integrity, shame, trust etc are entirely absent in the ‘upper’classes

  3. What is more interesting is the amount of time the Beeb devoted to voyeurism re. the latest (Scottish) political-sexual scandal as opposed to an exaination of the issues around Coronavirus and the Chinese response.

    ‘Churnalism’ at it’s most blatant.

  4. I wonder if that’s why the show was axed.

    Don’t mess with the de Pfeffels.

  5. He won’t last but he will set the stage for something foul and nationally destructive. What are we going to respond with, or rather who do we get to act to fight back for us. That millionaire Lord or God or are we gonna call Momentum who have already got what they want. I know, Len, yes that will do it. Socialists need a serious think about things. We will remain in thewilderness followed by people considering us a permanent laughing stock. We could start by telling the truth, a new referendum and a leader who betrays his friends, no matter his core beliefs led us to defeat. I’m old but I haven’t forgotten that a large part of true Socialism sets it’s stall on loyalty and courage. Regards to all Socialists, reds and decent humans including Red Action who can teach these vipers about trust and commitment. I don’t agree with violence but in my 60 plus years we have been the recipients. Take care Mon braves it’s gonna hurt. All the best.

    1. I don’t believe in violence either but it’s becoming quite clear that nothing else will break the stranglehold our ruling elite have us in.

      It’s the only language they understand!

      1. Thing is, timfrom, evidence suggests that the majority of the electorate will be on the side of the ruling elite.

        Be careful what you wish for.

      2. Oh, I AM!

        But, yes, good point well made re: the electorate. If we can’t get the media we need in order to illuminate and educate them, perhaps we should take Brecht’s advice; dissolve them and elect another!

    2. “We could start by telling the truth”

      Agreed : “You’re talking sentimental bollocks – thus the ‘laughing stock’ label and the ‘no change’ reality.”

  6. Meanwhile – Labour quickly regressing to he ‘Good Old Days’ of ‘shadowing’ Tory -policy ? :

    “Valerie Vaz, the shadow leader of the Commons, has said that Labour is minded to support the emergency government legislation ending automatic early release for terrorist offenders when MPs vote on it next week.”

  7. There is no error with Johnson and Co ,like his stupid clown persona it’s all very carefully planed , cultivated and created to fool the gullible !

  8. Pitchforks & Molotovs are fine with me but I’d really like to try shocking the media into confessing before the killing starts.
    The threat of prison for present and historic subversion of democracy – and the offer of leniency for whistleblowers – will if nothing else stir the pot and get the subject of media bias out in the open.

  9. It still looks like the Socialist virus and communist virus will be dealt with in a democratic way by the establishment broadcasting corporation and the government…isolate and erradicate….

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