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Breaking: CLPD – “We have not agreed slate”

Chaos breaks out as left slate ‘agreed’ after long meeting – but left groups say they know nothing about it

After a long meeting in London concluded this afternoon, Labour sources reported this evening that CLPD (Campaign for Labour Party Democracy) and Momentum had at last agreed a joint ‘slate’ of candidates for the National Executive Committee (NEC) by-elections currently underway.

CLPD has now denied that such an agreement was made, although Labour sources continue to insist that it was.

Around a third of constituency parties have made their nominations without clear guidance from the main left groupings – and after what appeared to be progress, the confusion is deeper than ever.

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  1. Lansman should be seen to lead on agreed slate, rather than this prevarication, especially as Lansman is heading RLB’s campaign.

    1. Having Lansman as your lead is a bit like being dozy enough to walk over a cliff where a notice says ‘Beware – Steep Drop’.

  2. They should wait until the 15th see who out of the left has the most nominations and them negotiate a slate of two.
    It appears that Jo Bird so far is a front runner and she should be one of the two candidates. Enough of Lasman trying to impose soft left candidates rather than socialist, unless it is clear that they command wide support and it is in our interest to reach a compromise.
    As for the BAME vacancy Unite is supporting Suzan Matthews, a Black Caribbean member of Unite EC. I rather support her than Nav Mishra.

  3. Has anyone checked the tory party membership lists for ‘Lansman, J’ ??

    Asking for a friend.

  4. Momentum under the fiefdom of lansman are beginning to be a threat to the Labour party and socialism.Who’s working and pulling the strings of lansman?

  5. Unless candidates come up with a joint statement about where they stand on key issues it is impossible to know who to vote for!

    Where do these people stand on issues such as nationalisation, open selections, returning policy-making to Conference through abolition of the National Policy Forum, and abolishing elite sections (PLP, Shad Cab, Councillors) of the NEC?

    Do they want Labour to adopt the Lib Dem constitutional agenda of federalism, greater judicial power, proportional representation and (Heaven forbid) rejoining the EU – or will they resist it?

    Meanwhile Sir Keir looks like romping home. In which case the Party will become ever more the preserve of the narrow liberal, metropolitan middle class and will lose even more seats next time round..

    Once the large party of people with small houses, Labour looks to be consolidating itself into a small party of people with big houses! Sad.

    1. Excuse me, but are you saying that members should make up their own minds & vote on issues presented, rather than acting like sheep? Good grief!

    2. Noted : Your partiality in terms of the definition of ‘democracy’, Uncle Joe. (Nice moustache 🙂 )

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