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Video: Sep 2019 – Javid/Johnson promise “no dept will be cut next year”. Today they demand ‘eye-popping’ cut

Johnson seen crowing as promise made. Today he and his hatchet-man have written to all government departments demanding rushed plan for huge cut

Last September, Boris Johnson was seen crowing and gesticulating as Javid said the Tories were ending austerity – and that no government department would face cuts in 2020.

Today, Boris Johnson and Sajid Javid have been exposed writing to every government department to demand plans for ‘eye-popping’ cuts to their spending:

The Tories have already changed spending calculations to move money away from the northern towns that voted for them in December into already-wealthy southern areas. Many of those northern areas have already suffered a decade of cuts that have barely touched southern Tory areas by comparison.

Tories are always for the few.

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  1. All hail the Labour Smartlands.
    If only we’d ALL had the sense to vote Tory.

      1. Ouch! Tad harsh, no?

        After all, the PLP have been scabs, many of their loyal minions have been scabs, and if we ignore Corbyn for a moment, the majority of Labour has been uninspiring, choosing to conspire for their small chosen agenda. Skwawkie gave the evidence of how 2017 was lost, and nothing changed after that.

        I’m more inclined to believe that the latest GE was a fraud (see Ashcroft poll for doubling of postal votes since 2017 to 38% of votes…), but the evidence is clearly there that Brexit (what a game!) was wanted, and Labour didn’t want to give it.

        Who is the scab?

      2. Anyone who voted for a Tory Brexit. They should’ve had faith in a Labour one, even if it meant waiting longer. The one unforgivable, ABSOLUTE NO-NO sin of collaborating with the enemy for their own selfish, spiteful reasons should forever be held against them.

        Let’s see bad penney apply his bullshit Trot analysis to justify that one!

      3. ” the evidence is clearly there that Brexit (what a game!) was wanted,”

        … by a shrinking minority.

  2. Democracy in Focus: A post-austerity state
    The UK needs a people’s constitution to defend rights and enable us to fulfil our potential

    Neal Ascherson summed up the problem memorably: ‘It is not possible to build democratic socialism by using the institutions of the Ancient British state … in the way that it is not possible to induce a vulture to give milk.’

    Radical constitutional change has come only with a shift in the balance of power against the dominant order – look at South Africa’s post-apartheid constitution. Imagine if the social reforms of the 1945 government had been reinforced by a popularly-written constitution that entrenched the state’s obligations to provide the health, housing and employment conditions for a dignified life. How much more difficult it would have been for market-led politics to sweep away the institutions of the welfare state. South African lawyer and ANC freedom fighter says of the post-apartheid constitution: ‘The constitutional regime is there not simply as a defence against the encroaching state as in the liberal tradition; it is there to enable people to fulfil their potential in terms of the promise made by the constitution.’

    1. I have been amazed for years that nominally intelligent people could tolerate living in a undemocratic archaic kingdom and defend the rights to have no rights.. Thats why I try to be a Socialist .I then see people in my party take knighthoods and nominate comrades to the Lords.and then spout Socialism and the people..ITs destroying the Labour party.Leaders should lead from the front not prop up the establishment.

      1. Where does big helium head get his top ups. One pin prick, that’s all we need. Yeah irrelevant but what’s left?

  3. ‘Tory Barbarians.
    You haven’t a clue what to do.
    Neo-Liberalism for the many.
    But gold for the elite few.
    Quantitative easing has bought you time.
    But working people can’t afford the goods!
    Only left wing democratic socialism.
    Can free the trees from the Neo-Liberal woods!.’

      1. Signpostwindchimes…..I doubt the brits will have the guts to challenge the rigged system.Thats why investors of money and assets feel comfortable and safe whilst the french take it to the heart of the government..Britains open for business,meaning carpetbagers and casino economics and the casino government…..welcome back comrade!

      2. Thanks Joseph. V kind of u. Not back yet. Just no will power to refrain from posting. Back Sunday. Joseph, yesterday there were more reports of v well known IT comps being fined many hundreds of millions for x, y and z wrongdoings. Same from time to time in UK. .. but less often and smaller sums…. Joseph, where does that money go??? Have never heard it clarified or accounted for anywhere. Do the companies put it on the books as a loss, then pay even less tax???

        That should be on our new leader & dep leader’s list to question. Also DEMAND that every single penny of subsidy = BENEFITS = WELFARE … as they say here, to ALL private companies be published now‼️‼️‼️ Also the total value of tax credits for each private company MUST be published.
        If private companies cannot pay a proper wage to their employees then the owner must NOT pay themselves vast sums. Our leader and dep must speak loudly and clearly and assertively on these matters. Get researchers on it. SOD the back stories and claptrap!!! Focus on these urgent areas for change!!! Lets root out the parasites‼️‼️‼️

        Speaking of parasites… notice, whenever the drain on public resources of Barbara and her favourite sprog… the SELF declared “TOO honourable friend” of the international industrial pedophile child trafficker Jeffrey Epstein … the financial BURDEN for them is divided by the entire population and presented as costing x pence per person. I say, our Leader and Dep must always present the cost of looking after our most vulnerable, paying our nurses and fire-people, office cleaners, careers, the people who keep our streets and sewers clean thus making life LIVEABLE for ALL of us … lets insist the meagre rewards for the true back bone of our country be made decent and expressed as pence per person, just as it is for the gilded parasites, happy to prance in and out of church with AirMiles Andy the Honourable Friend of a Convicted Child Trafficker‼️‼️‼️ What sort of mother is unashamed EVEN of a favourite child who says he is an “honourable friend” of anyone, who has a plane called “THE LOLITA EXPRESS”❓❓❓
        What sort of Barbara does not ask her favourite child how he manages to live beyond his means??? Or why AFTER conviction Epstein throws a dinner “IN HONOUR” of Andrew❓❓❓
        Andrew should be helping Epstein’s victims get justice. THAT would be honourable 🔴🔴🔴

        And if we can fund Barbara’s and Andrews, then we MUST pay ALL workers a decent MORE THAN JUST living wage‼️‼️‼️ It is true common sense, true logic, truly decent and TRULY LABOUR🌹🌹🌹

    1. Forget ‘Becky’ – she’s not got the bottle to face up to the BoD and is subject to Lansman’s influence.

      An empty vessel. You’d just be buying a sell-out.

      1. RH…I have never met an Irish lass without any Bottle!Theres a Tiger in there somwhere and I do like her accent it should give the Tory party some fun when the public schoolboys expose themselves for what they are.Far better than the corrupt knight or the slithering Nandy…..

      2. Joseph – Corruption is quite a serious accusation to make against anyone, do you have any evidence to support your assertions.

      3. “I have never met an Irish lass without any Bottle!”

        That suggests rather limited experience. 😉

        … or a rather naive nationalism. 🙂

    1. If you think..dismantling the state and the public services then attacking the most vunerable …yes its a form of crude honest psychopathic collective behaviour….Bullingdon boys !are out to play!

  4. The sky is black with the wings of chickens coming home to roost
    Deficit £50 billion
    Debt £2 trillion
    Negative interest rates
    QE is a Ponzi scheme
    No Deal will take us off the cliff
    SELL SELL SELL Uncle Festa
    No wonder he is still hiding in the fridge

  5. I’m betting they’ll claim that “no cuts next year” meant “averaged over a whole parliament.”

    BBC Laura: “Prime Minister, is this simply a precautionary measure to guard against overspending during the initial implementation period while we’re still paying to keep the EU afloat but not yet benefiting from all Liam’s new trade deals?”
    BloJob:(aside) “Brilliant”
    “Ahem… Yes of course it is Laura, and I’m very glad you reminded me. This is exactly the kind of financial prudence you’d expect from the Conservative Party under my leadership – this is merely a temporary precaution in case the EU aren’t as fully prepared as they think they are, or as fully prepared as we are – Sajid and I decided it would be wise to just keep a little in the kitty in case the EU let us down again despite their promises.”

    Coincidentally it also gives them more time to work out what the fuck brexit actually means in the actual world, instead of in May’s stupid catchphrase.
    And more time to figure out how to blame it all on Labour.

    Sharp contrast yesterday between the gracious regrets and good wishes of the EU and the boorish behaviour of Farage and the UK’s MEP’s – who exhibited all the grace of a hen night being thrown out of a Wetherspoons.

  6. I voted ‘Leave’ in the belief that a ‘Socialist’ government under Jeremy Corbyn ( who had opposed the EU all his life) could be elected & able to negotiate a deal giving GB political autonomy, but remain as EU trading partners. Starmer;; Thornberry; Phillips & the other members of Labour PLP ensured that could never happen & now seek to use this as a reason to return to Blairism, to “once again” make the Party electable. The Labour Party can only be electable if it becomes ‘Tory Lite’. Socialism is a goal that can never be attained & reduces the Labour Party to being a Protest Group?
    Even Gloria de Pierro warned about Labour turning its back on the people it was set up to serve. further alienation will destroy it. Remember Thatcher’s greatest achievement was………………

    1. Remain + Corbyn Government = Better than any Tory Government
      Brexit + Corbyn Government = Better than any Tory Government
      Remain + Tory Government = No Change
      Brexit + Tory Government = Totally-empowered Tories = Disaster

      In 2016 those were the four possible outcomes.
      In my view Remain + Tory Government, being the status quo and therefore a known quantity, made remain the least dangerous choice.
      For me that was the deciding factor.
      I still say no other argument holds water.
      We now have totally-empowered Tories and a looming disaster.

      Incidentally, if a Corbyn Government had held the referendum and recommended leave because the EU was blocking our reforms I’d have voted with the party’s recommendation – but I’d still have argued against it until I heard a convincing explanation of why we wouldn’t be falling from the EU frying pan into the US fire.
      An explanation which no brexit advocate here or anywhere else has yet provided.

      1. “… no other argument holds water … An explanation which no brexit advocate here or anywhere else has yet provided.”


        The right-wing case for Brexit was transparent and credible (‘Fill your spiv boots”)

        The Lexit case was a typical naive confusion of means with ends and failure to see the wider picture – i.e. an empty gesture – which helped sink the electoral boat.

  7. For anyone who wishes to know about Sir keir starmer,and corrupt just goole police officers and corruption involving Starmer whilst leading the DPP.also whilst a QC he had a passion for getting off bent or killer coppers and that continued in the DPP were his zest for a knighthood was used to get rid of him at the DPP.Go on fill your boots with the former Reigate grammar school boy and like me fearful of such a person controlling the Labour party for the highest bidder.

    1. Joseph – If you are going to make allegations of corruption saying that we should dig around on Google for the evidence doesn’t really cut it. Let’s have some specific explanations of how he acted corruptly supported by links to the evidence.

      1. Oh, GOOGLE, right.
        So everybody at Goole police station can stop looking at each other for signs of a guilty conscience.
        That’ll be a relief I expect.

    2. A word in the ear, Joseph : the over-use of the term ‘troll’ tends to be associated with an under-use of the brain and inability to cope with disagreement and challenges. It’s not a good look.

    3. Tony Bliar MKII.

      Trolls, do you remember Ian Tomlinson? The man killed by a police officer? Who decided not to prosecute, hmm?

      Nick Cohen? I’m sure you love him. (He’s the guy who is quoted as saying there’s money to be made as a “former lefty”) Made it aware of Starmer being behind the decision to prosecute the Twitter joke trial man.

      Doesn’t like being referred to as either Sir (hmm…) or as a millionaire (this is regularly removed from Wikipedia)

      1. NVLA – Ref Tomlinson death it is my understanding that the DPP initially refused to prosecute because the conflicts in the medical evidence made a conviction unlikely. When new evidence that increased the prospect of a conviction subsequently emerged at the inquest the decision not to prosecute was quickly reviewed and reversed. PC Tomlinson was prosecuted for manslaughter but found not guilty at trial.

        As for the millionaire quips. He has had a very successful career as a lawyer living in London so it is hardly surprising that he is relatively well off. Instead of carping about him being ‘well off’ why aren’t you celebrating the fact that he’s a working class lad done good. He comes from a solid working class Labour supporting family, the son of a toolmaker who worked 12hr days and a nurse who suffered from a lifelong debilitating illness that required frequent hospital inpatient treatment.

        How come we never hear similar criticisms about RLB’s decidedly middle class lifestyle

      2. Correction – PC Simon Harwood Tomlinson was prosecuted for manslaughter but found not guilty at trial.

      3. Spot the Starmer fan. You missed out what his arse crack tastes like

      4. Should have added this;

        Your assumption of jealousy over money is incorrect.

        If the man has “come good”, why does he feel the need to hide his hard earned, well deserved spoils? If it embarrases him, he could alway donate some… £500k is plenty if you feel uncomfortable.

        And the same goes for the title. Why hide the reward? Why not decline instead?

        Maybe it’s about crafting a certain image?

    4. It’s over. We couldn’t stand against our own Quislings never mind a free sheet that no one reads. I’m joining the remainders and I am off to Paris for a romantic weekend. Pip pip.

  8. Please take a look.
    Just in case you thought all the victories against DWP injustice by benefit claimants were putting the Tories off their persecution of the disabled:

    Dr Steven Roberts
    A pic of my beautiful brother, Danny. 35 years ago he contracted a rare condition that left him brain damaged + quadriplegic. Today, he was required to attend a ‘return to work’ meeting or forgo his #disability #benefits.

    1. I don’t know what you’re complaining about, Steve. The ‘Labour Heartlands’ agree with the Spiv Party – so they must have an intelligent insight about skiving like this with quadraplegia.

      1. They even admit to knowing that they were putting the NHS at risk.

        According to the poll for the pro-EU campaign group Best for Britain, 81% of Tory voters in last year’s general election believe agreeing a trade deal with the US president presents a risk to the NHS, with more than a third saying there was a “significant” or “severe” risk.

        In the so-called ‘red wall’ seats that the Tories took from Labour in northern England and the Midlands, on average 90% of those surveyed reckon a US trade deal presents a risk to the NHS, including 56% who cited a “significant” or “severe” risk.

        Voters in North West Durham, a seat the Conservatives took from Labour’s Laura Pidcock, were the most concerned, with 57.2% saying a US trade deal posed a “significant” or “severe” risk to the NHS.

      1. Joseph – What vote, we haven’t even decided who’s going to be on the ballot paper yet.
        Did you forget to post the links to your ‘evidence’.

    2. Starmer solid middle class educated at Reigate grammer school(fee paying ) even the snobs in my old constituency of Reigate couldnt afford the fees for that school..Like the man himself even his background is shady but his DPP carreer is mapped out has the man to go to for the police if you needed help .The establishment had to buy him off at the DPP with a knighthood to get rid of the embarrassing clique he was part of…..5years an mp and he’s running for leader?.Founder member of the chicken coup club…..just whos behind this man and his meteoric rise in the Labour party?.Starmer will be the final nail for the Labour party.

      1. Joseph – I do wish you had checked your facts first. At the time that KS would have been attending the school it was a voluntary aided grammar school, providing access on the basis of academic ability as measured by the 11-Plus examination.

        As for your rather misguided nonsense about KS being bribed with a knighthood to quit. With only one exception in 1908 who was already a Lord every DPP since the post’s inception in 1880 (140yrs ago) has been given a knighthood when they’ve finished their stint.

        Keir Starmer has been an MP for the same length of time as Rebecca Long-Bailey.

        My understanding was that Keir resigned from JC’s shadow cabinet when he felt that Jeremy’s position was no longer tenable because of the mass resignations that had already taken place. Have you any actual evidence that he was one of the original coup plotters. It would appear that Corbyn trusted him enough to appoint him back into his shadow cabinet.

      2. Steve H I think I know a little more about Reigate grammar school than you,.The school was fee paying private school in the time of Sir keir starmer and the amount of times I intervened on the planning committee to stop the torys waiving through planning applications on the Reigate and Banstead council for the school I lost track of..One thing to accuse him of corruption as I do,but to deliberately lie to protect him is another. Mr SH or whatever mask you have today This knight will destroy the Labour party.Ps I also know a few of his solicitor mates on the council and lived in Reigate for many years.Now go and peddle your moderate propoganda somewhere else comrade!

      3. Joseph OKEEFE 31/01/2020 at 10:04 am · ·
        Steve H I think I know a little more about Reigate grammar school than you

        Given the passage of time it is understandable, but unfortunately Joseph your recollection of this period isn’t wholly accurate.

      4. Joseph – I’m afraid your information is incorrect. At the time that Starmer was 11, Reigate grammar school was a Voluntary Aided institution. It became independent (private) in 1976.

        This situation was not uncommon in the ‘good old’ days of grammar schools. A clutch of them across the nation were VA. Going to such was not then dependent on privilege – other than that of passing the 11+. I remember the era well – I was there.

        Oppose/dislike Starmer by all means – but do avoid irrelevancies like this or his knighthood (or LRB’s double-barelled name, or Thornberry’s title courtesy of her husband). Do it on political grounds and basic facts, not assumptions.

      5. Joseph OKEEFE 30/01/2020 at 10:26 pm · · Reply →
        Starmer solid middle class educated at Reigate grammer school(fee paying ) even the snobs in my old constituency of Reigate couldnt afford the fees for that school..

        Because of the transitional arrangements put in place at the time Keir’s parents would not have had to pay any fees for him to continue his education at RGS.

        The MINISTER of STATE, DEPARTMENT of EDUCATION and SCIENCE (Lord Crowther-Hunt)
        For those schools which decide to become independent, the pupils at present in them will continue to enjoy direct grant privileges—the capitation fee, the fees remission scheme—so long as they remain at the school. So that except in the very few cases where a school may decide to close, there will be no need for any parent of such a child to worry that he will have to transfer to a different form of education as a result of the phasing-out of direct grant.

      6. How many cases are equivalent to a million quid. He’s just a run of the mill sir or lord or something just what we need. I hope that Momentum are going to stay and help us (Labour) this time.

  9. Does the UK electorate honestly prefer the current chaotic political landscape where the best financed candidate is able to fund dirty tricks? Can we ignore the use of slander and liable, to relentlessly discredit an opponent with a campaign of lies and smears, as an acceptable path to victory for any MP? Do we allow libellous false accusations and brutal unfounded character assassination to encourage the most unscrupulous, power hungry politicians to break the law with impunity, funded by dodgy money from supportive billionaires? Can we afford to let the selfish interests of the wealthy, and the malevolent intervention of foreign powers, override the needs of ordinary UK voters?

    I am disappointed that Skwawkbox has helped enable the BBC Fake-News trying to convince us all that the most vulnerable people in our society were persuaded to believe the vile smears destroying Corbyn and vote for a serial liar. The massive crowds of cheering fans singing “Oh Jeremy Corbyn” were never seen on the BBC who depicted him as a demonized, universally hated, monster. But the BBC want us to buy into the idea that the worthless idiot, who could not even control the distain shown by a public disruption of his silo appearances and ran to hide in a fridge, was so much more electable. You sucked down all that MSM and BBC propaganda and spat it out at us by banging on about the need for Brexit.

    To believe the Election result was legitimate is a very, very tall order. Impoverished people working insecure zero-hours contract jobs, living pay check to pay check, subsisting on pittance wages topped up by Universal Credit and heavy reliance on food banks, in fear of redundancy, eviction, starvation and descent to a squalid life on the streets prioritized getting Brexit done over personal survival? Their older more secure parents were so ruthless and self-centred they didn’t care if their kids became destitute and their grandchildren starved? That is absolutely beyond belief. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it’s not a giraffe!

    Ultimately, whatever those lifelong Labour voters might have felt compelled to gripe about on camera or to canvassers, at the ballot box, I feel certain they chose self preservation over Tory lies. Al the Labour commentators paraded out on a daily basis fail to defy the BBC lies, appearing constantly apologetic, breast-beating until they draw blood: this only helps reinforce the Tory propaganda. Labour MPs are too busy eating their socks to get on their boots and march! Stop the wistful dreaming of how Labour will make a comeback in five years time; the Tory majority can and will change the rules. Read page 48 of the Tory manifesto that sets us on a very clear pathway to dictatorship. It will take decades to remove Boris if we do not act immediately.

    I was devastated by the result but, I remain committed to exposing the truth. A Watchdog that cannot watch is just a dog! I have spoken at length with the Electoral Commission who have been surprisingly prompt and transparent in their replies. Sadly, at the time when parliament decided to privatize our elections they did not legislate for the EC to have oversight of the private companies like IDOX who would become involved. There is no question about the total inadequately of any safeguards in place to protect our outsourced electoral system. All votes count – we must rescue our Watchdog!

    There are significant anomalies to suggest that the not only this last election, but your first independence referendum and the EU vote too may have been rigged. A healthy democracy can withstand a legitimate challenge; this is not frivolous demand as it is our democracy and our collective future at stake. If you want to find out more about why these suspicions are so strong please visit the Elections Aftermath Forum on Craig Murray’s blog site. Do not even contemplate handing Boris another fake victory without taking a very serious look at the evidence we have accumulated thus far.

    Please also read, sign and share my Petition on AVAAZ:

    1. “By signing this petition you agree to us sending you emails”

      Well no, I don’t agree. And I don’t like the idea of having to ‘unsubscribe’

      1. And I should just add that the Establishment have got their people in charge of just about all institutions and most of the larger charities AND probably many Labour-run councils (by Blairights). And the message was crystal clear as to what they think of democracy when they abolished the GLC and the six Metropolitan County Councils in 1986, which were all run by left-wing administrations in the years prior to them being abolished, and Ken Livingstone was the leader of the GLC of course. We live in a ‘soft’ dictatorship in all but name.

        I watched a documentary last night (made some years ago) called Ronnie Kray and the Pervert Peer, and their was just corruption and cover-ups running through the WHOLE system. I just checked and it’s on youtube (under a slightly different title), and recommend it to anyone who hasn’t seen it before:

    2. Kim sanders fisher I applaude your efforts and hope you succeed in exposing the corruption at the heart of the establishment.Many people have been ruined by trying to fight against the tide of corruption and the power of the establishment.Johnson will be almost impossible to remove now him and the people who fund him have won by deception and the rigging of the election.This sort of behaviour has been part of everyday life in Ulster for years,now its shown itself at the last election in.. obliteration of the UK..You will find that the system has always been rigged to maintain the status the same people who have ruled for centuries,Jeremy Corbyn in downing street could never have been allowed and I always believed that Labour party had been infiltrated by outside money.The enemy within Labour are waiting to take control of the party.

    3. Kim Sanders-Fisher –

      I’m open to evidence that voting was rigged. But the key word is *evidence*.

      Any way that voting is fixed would have to be before ballot boxes are officially opened – and yes, postal votes raise large questions, as does any privatisation of processing. Otherwise you have a bug-eyed conspiracy theory involving 400+ assorted returning officers and their diverse teams of counters.

      Your remarks open with a series of questions that are incredulous about people voting against their own long-term interests.

      That is not evidence. In fact, the answer to your questions is that the evidence is that ‘indeed they do’, after years on the doorstep indicates at a personal level.

      The major issue in this election and the referendum was much simpler (and much more devastating) : the use of blanket propaganda from a controlled media that has long abandoned the norms of proper jourrnalism, the dire effect of which could be seen in many a casual conversation leading up to the election.

      It’s the Occam’s razor thing.

      1. RH or Richard you once again are wrong on most thing Labour and now Reigate grammar school.Sir keir starmer was a young pupil when the school changed to fee paying and the fees were paid by his family.I have already confirmed that he attended the school with a solicitor former school chum of his,who I knew on Reigate council when I was a councillor.Now you and your moderate mates might like to support his lies and propaganda machine but basically nobody can take you seriously when you and SH sing from the same scripted hymsheet. And our knight of the realm is very good at nobbling the info on him and so are you and your moderate pals Truth will out,and you have let your mask slip this last few weeks.,maybe its time to move on Richard Hayward,RH or whatever acting role you are playing this week.??

      2. Joseph OKEEFE 31/01/2020 at 12:48 pm · ·
        “RH or Richard you once again are wrong on most thing Labour and now Reigate grammar school. Sir Keir Starmer was a young pupil when the school changed to fee paying and the fees were paid by his family”

        Joseph – Are you absolutely sure about that because this quote from The MINISTER of STATE, DEPARTMENT of EDUCATION and SCIENCE (Lord Crowther-Hunt) in Hansard appears to directly contradict your assertions.
        For those schools which decide to become independent, the pupils at present in them will continue to enjoy direct grant privileges—the capitation fee, the fees remission scheme—so long as they remain at the school. So that except in the very few cases where a school may decide to close, there will be no need for any parent of such a child to worry that he will have to transfer to a different form of education as a result of the phasing-out of direct grant.

      3. Joseph – I’ve only reported facts – namely that Starmer was 14 when Reigate Grammar School became independent. If a child of mine happened to be in that situation, I certainly wouldn’t be daft enough kick them out of their school to satisfy my self-righteous ego if there was an alternative. Would you?

        You then go off on one of your fevered delusional rants about SH and myself rather than addressing the issue beyond quoting ‘a mate’ who belongs to that legal profession you so despise!.

        Here’s the News : Confused bile and superficial prejudice laced with febrile imaginings do not amount to socialism.

    4. Kim Sanders-Fisher, obviously the Tories would commit any electoral fraud they could be sure of getting away with.
      I’ve had a little contact with the system in the 1960’s as a young bank employee at a number of counts. There would have been no realistic opportunity for fraud at the count back then – ballot boxes were constantly in view, they were unsealed, opened, counted, sorted and counted again (iirc), all counts reconciled, everything done in front of representatives of all candidates, all watching like hawks.
      More like vultures actually.
      Leaving aside the postal vote I can’t see a way to cheat the count given those simple precautions without many, many people being in on the fraud.
      The risk of discovery or a whistleblower spilling the beans would be far too great. Electoral fraud on a large enough scale to swing a general election would risk a long prison term for all involved.
      Conspirators would have to keep the secret forever and trust every other conspirator to do the same.
      I trust nobody with knowledge of my most heinous crimes, therefore I view conspiracy theories with suspicion.

      I am uneasy about the involvement of private companies in elections – but to be fair, bank employees like me all worked for private companies.

    5. Hullo Kim. Sorry, but the working class are the immoral ones greatest fans. He is thick in English, Latin, Greek and whoremongering. Special relationship underlined. As for our glorious leader, who ever it is, well they have all sold out the Palestinians. Craven and gutless.

  10. Sorry about the email menace Aidey Aitchdee, but do consider the importance of signing this Petition.  Allan Howard, on the Discussion Forum Elections Aftermath on Craig Murray’s blog you will find a vast wealth of links including the one you have posted here; please join us. I will check out the film, thanks for that.  Don’t forget to visit my Petition and share the link widely with your friends.


  11. Perhaps the Neo-Liberal Tories are kegging it?
    They have spent £435b on the electronic printing of money (quantitative easing) since 2010 just to keep the economy static and as Streekt argues “To buy the rich and powerful time because they haven’t a clue what to do” BUT ONLY LEFT WING DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISTS DO!
    State led public investment, democratic public ownership, end public sector pay freezes, £10 an hour living wage etc putting more pounds in peoples pockets to purchase commodities to stimulate the economy, other countries follow suit and hey presto A GLOBAL STRATEGY.
    Whilst all the Right Centrists are devoid of ideas – all Starmer, Nandy, Thornbury, Rayner, Butler et al offer is running to the centre, crumbs for working people and no real answers plus political oblivion like Pasok.
    Only RLB and Burgon are the heirs of what NEEDS doing.
    The 3 Bs for me:
    Back Becky-Burgon!

  12. If I was RLB then I would be saying to Jon Lansman you have one shot at this, sit down with the good jews and tell them how it’s going to be with the Labour party,
    If they cannot sign up to policy then tell them how it’s going to be without them
    Have your plan B ready to go within 24 hours, a massive clear out of those who lost us the GE
    I believe in politics it’s called a night of the long knives, if in doubt, see cheap and nasty Tory party

    The official 44-page Labour report, circulated to the party’s ruling National Executive Committee and seen by the Mirror, raised concerns over target seats picked by the leadership.

    The 44-page report found that Labour lost most support to the Tories among low-income older voters and less well-off families, both traditionally seen as a key party demographic.

    It lost ground in “blue collar” areas with industrial pasts, low level of educational qualifications and ageing populations.

    For the first time, the party’s vote share in these seats was significantly lower than in big cities and their suburbs.

    They concluded that it’s support was in “long-term decline” in these largely working class areas, even though they still constitute half of Labour seats, while the Tories had gained ground.

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