Breaking: Burgon and Long-Bailey confirmed on ballot as FBU endorses

Rebecca Long-Bailey and Richard Burgon have been confirmed on the full ballot of members, affiliates and registered supporters for the Labour leadership and deputy leadership respectively.

The Fire Brigades Union (FBU) has this afternoon voted to endorse both candidates – giving both the backing required under Labour’s rules to get over the line into the final phase of the contests.

Congratulations to both candidates.

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  1. Bugger the election, what did Alastair Stewart write on Twitter to get canned (I mean “stepped down”) – and why is the whole of the media keeping quiet about it?
    Protecting one of their own in case they’re next to fuck up or is it that only Labour are fair game?

      1. Your source may be better than mine or of course mine could be a distraction?

    1. a black Twitter user claimed he ‘called him an angry ape’ three weeks ago. Martin Shapland later branded Stewart a ‘disgrace’… IT IS ALLEGED. I believe the allegation.

      1. ps. the argument was over Stewart doubting Shapland’s assertion that the Royal Palaces are maintained at public expense… it is alleged. Interesting that Stewart should get worked up about that as in any event, vast hundreds of millions are squandered on the parasites. And if i’m nit mistaken any estates without heirs, go to the “Duchy of Cornwall”, thus fattening Charle’s funds further. MSM then calls the fattened purse, “Chatle’s Private funds”. So were Shapland wrong, WHY should Alastair Stewart get his knickers in a twist over public money being pumped into palaces???

  2. Thank God for that , now just need to get Richard elected , still unsure re RLB but if choice is her or Sir Stammer (woodentop ) then , hold me nose and vote for RLB

    1. The choice for leader is one leftish candidate and the rest all right wing. RLB appears to be the only option, despite some inconsistencies.

  3. I understand that there are a significant number of CLP meetings scheduled for tomorrow evening (Thursday) where they will be voting on their nominations for the leadership. When the CLP nominations are in it should give a good indication who the membership are supporting.

  4. According to Birmingham Live on his twitter account he apparently said: ‘There are some absolute p******s at the BBC” hmmm who could disagree?
    Sums up Tories? Rich and powerful? Right Wing of Labour Party?
    Now let’s get RLB and Burgon in, the ONLY genuine left wing democratic socialists standing.

  5. Great news. We now need Dawn butler for second choice in the Dep leadership. She has Harder battle as she will have to rely on CLP nominations

      1. On the contrary Joseph, my comment was meant to be taken seriously, I’m perplexed as to why you would think otherwise.

    1. The ballot will use an STV system where you rank the candidates in order of preference. If your first choice gets knocked out your vote will automatically be transferred to your second choice, and so on. Unless there is an outright winner in the first round (which is unlikely) STV should mitigate any need for tactical voting.

    1. If that’s your choice then obviously you can give them the best chance of winning by simply making them both your first choice.

      1. SteveH
        If Starmer is main rival should I not give my second preference to Nandy

      2. Doug 29/01/2020 at 11:02 pm

        The only advice I can give you Doug is to listen to all the various debates, read what all the various candidates have to say and then make up your own mind. I am sure that you are more than capable of ranking the candidates according to your own personal beliefs and preferences.
        Don’t worry Doug, you’re a big boy now, I’m sure you’ll cope without me holding your hand.

      3. SteveH
        Thanks for your advice and support, methinks I dont want my second vote to help any other candidate
        Until they stand up for the party, members and supporters against vexatious claims of anti semitism, I have little confidence they have the spine or the guts for what is going to hit them
        Least worst option at moment

  6. The Fire Brigades Union is a powerful force against the government. The backing should have significant impact.

  7. Alastair Stewart quoted from Shakespeare’s “Measure for “Measure” which I saw on Twitter as it is Trending. The quote has the word “ape” in it & someone took offence, although I read he has used the same quote before. So, be careful to anyone studying or especially quoting Shakespeare.

    1. chaikini, I’ve always loved Conrad – partly out of sheer awe that a Polish speaker became one of our finest writers and partly because he was a seaman who wrote of the sea which I also love – but I wouldn’t quote from “The N***** of the Narcissus” under any circumstances.
      Johnson should have had the nous to avoid reciting “Mandalay” in Myanmar and, given that Mr. Shapland’s Twitter photo is clearly of a black man Stewart should have known better than to use that particular quotation from “Measure for Measure.”
      It’s not even as if Twitter is a vehicle for free-flowing repartee – Stewart had time to consider what he wrote.

      We can’t judge our literary ancestors by our standards but we at least ought to consider our neighbours’ feelings when we quote from writers of our imperialist past.

      1. One of my favourite ‘pop’ records of all time is ‘Apeman’ by the Kinks. Consider our neighbour’s feelings or suggest they grow a skin to protect their sensitivity? The poor Guardian reading dears are so easily upset.

      2. As Denis Leary said, back when he was a thing:

        “Life sucks – Get a helmet!”

  8. I really do want to vote for RLB but I do not trust Lansman.
    Convince me please

  9. Quite frankly I wouldn’t trust any of them.They have all been approved by the PLP majority.Look at there background and voting records.What they say now and what they will do if elected are very different.ITs the best out of a poor selection.. But I live in hope.. Thats socialism for you.

  10. According to exposure on BBC the only show in town worth a balloon is Keir Starmer. One of the most obnoxious sights I have ever had the ‘pleasure’ of watching on BBC was last night with Andrew Neil & Lord ‘Mandy’ giggling like public school boys @ RBL’s nomination. That secured my vote.
    Whatever happened to the bourgeois mantra ‘the next leader of the Labour Party has to be a woman’? Perhaps Jess Phillips has withdrawn?

    1. Steve Richards
      Ask mushy peas Mandelson if he still gets up every morning and plots against the party,
      Then expel him
      Hopefully he takes the rest with him to form this mythical centrist party

  11. Reports say 100,000 new members have joined the LP and unlike in the chicken coup election they can vote immediately. Who are these people? Are they real? Who is checking? After what happened in the GE it looks very suspicious.

  12. Breaking News -Neo-Liberal political moron Starmer backs freedom of movement – one of the 4 freedoms of EC Neo-Liberal capitalism – join the Lib Dems political lightweight!

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