Murphy hounded for 1-day pre-election break. McNicol took THREE jaunts in run-up to 2017 elections

Establishment media and Labour right’s knives out again for Corbyn’s chief of staff

Then-general secretary Iain McNicol in 2017

The Establishment media and the Labour right have been dogpiling Jeremy Corbyn’s chief of staff Karie Murphy since a Huffington Post ‘exclusive’ last week said that Murphy had taken a ‘city break’ to Vienna before last month’s general election.

Murphy was away for one day, on a weekend.

In 2017, Labour’s then-general secretary Iain McNicol took at least three breaks in the run-up to vital elections, as the SKWAWKBOX revealed soon afterward.

The holiday snap published by SKWAWKBOX in 2017

In February of that year, as Labour fought tough campaigns in the Stoke and Copeland by-elections that were viewed as a crucial test of Labour’s leadership, McNicol went skiing in Tignes in the French Alps.

He returned from the piste in time to tweet good luck wishes to Labour’s candidates in the north – from south-west London:

A few weeks after the by-elections, as Labour fought another by-election and an array of local elections, Iain McNicol, now a peer calling for the end of ‘Corbynism’, went abroad twice – first on a trip to Israel sponsored by Labour Friends of Israel, immediately followed by a two-week break in Vietnam.

Iain McNicol in Israel

A Labour source at the time told the SKWAWKBOX:

He went straight to leave from Israel – guest of LFI. He hasn’t visited any of the Mayorals or local government election seats. He missed the local election launch and has no plans in his diary to go to the West Midlands!

Sadly, the selective memory of the Labour right and its media allies is a common phenomenon. Last week, McNicol’s successor Jennie Formby was attacked for telling Labour staff who want to help leadership candidates campaign that they have to take unpaid leave to do so.

But in the past, staff had to resign their jobs to work on leadership campaigns, with no guarantee of returning to their job after the campaign.

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  1. Do bears shit in the woods,
    Would red tories rather see a cheap and nasty government
    Who was behind vexatious claims of AS
    Off they must fuck

  2. mcnicol: ‘taking it to the tories’

    What? Their slippers?

    FFS the gobshite is neither use NOR ornament

  3. Now we knows why the moderates were so angry at Corbyn.They have been living it up on impersonating a member of the Labour party and getting away with it for years…..How the other half live off membership subscriptions and the helping to run the party,whilst the parasites fill the house of lords gravey train retirement home.,and fill their pockets.

    1. Yes, but they work so hard. I know this because they’ve told us often enough. We need more than a new leader. Will I never learn?

    1. Don’t be so mean Joseph – in Middle Earth they’d be fashion models.

  4. Karie is a star and fully entitled to take a break if shew wants or needs to . She should answer her critic in two words the second one being OFF

  5. I’m sure many people will recall that the saboteurs/MSM did the same to Jeremy when he took a break during the EU referendum campaign. And they – the saboteurs/MSM – make the most of it, publishing critical articles both BEFORE and afterwards. Jeremy (and his wife I assume) took a three day/night break over a holiday weekend:

    Here’s an article from AFTERWARDS, but at least they quote the LP spokesperson as saying that it WASN’T a ‘holiday’, and that it was a three-night break:

    1. Whereas in the Daily Mail ‘coverage’ BEFORE, they say not only that he’s taking ‘nearly a week off’, but also that he’s taking it ‘just days before the EU vote’ (as opposed to three weeks beforehand), and ALSO say the following:

      According to the Sunday Times Mr Corbyn will take a break overseas following an official trip abroad, meaning he could be away from the UK for up to 10 days.

      Needless to say, any newspaper worthy of the name would have checked with the Leader Of The Oppositions office to check and verify how long he would be away for (and they probably DID!), but they had an agenda of course:

      It was of course a non-story, but then they never miss(ed) an opportunity to manufacture criticism of him.

  6. Tory Kent county council loose a large slice of pesion money when they gave over 260million to one of their Tory chums for a pension scheme thats gone bust…This TORY flagship council have had many shady deals with old etonion chums for many years.The smell of corruption is awful….Not another Grenfell inquiry I hope packed with tory chums and old school pals..

  7. And once again the French show the way…Two coachloads of french yellowvests protest against the detention of julian Assange outside Bellmarsh prison..They left Paris on Friday and showed us how to protest against injustice.Its becoming increasingly obvious that with Europe and the Uk trapped inside a corrupt neo liberal ideology,the streets will be the start of democracy when our politicians ignore and fail us. “I did not want to be a politician.I wanted to do something” Bernadette Devlin peoples democracy 1971..Ulster.

    1. So very true Joseph and up to date uncorrupted factual info on the situation in France can be found here

      You just know that when the Tories in 2 yrs from now push back the state retirement age to 70 or 75 because we can’t as a nation afford it anymore , ok for wars and tax cuts for Amazon etc !

      Then the public back lash will be …………. ZERO , Nil , Rein , Nada , a whimper of a fart in a wet paper bag , and of course the Boris Broadcasting Corp plus the MSM will all dress it up as necessary .

      Anyway enough wasted time on this , must get cracking on my application for French residency

  8. Way off subject but today’s announcement from Trump is going to be interesting.
    “President Donald Trump is expected to host Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Netanyahu’s political rival Benny Gantz at the White House on January 28 to unveil the president’s “Deal of the Century” peace deal for the Middle East.

    Though the full plan has not been released, the deal reportedly delivers nearly all of Israel’s demands in exchange for the possibility of maybe, someday recognizing a Palestinian state. “

    1. It’s important to keep up with wider consequences of what happened in the election.

      JVL has several articles that highlight the disgusting exploitation of Holocaust Remembrance by the Israeli State and its apologists.

      I take it everyone picked up on the BoD criticism of Orla Guerin for just stating facts?. They’re also guilty of excluding ‘the ‘wrong sort of Jew’ from the commemorations – such is their partisan mentality – willing to cheapen the event.

      I don’t reckon anything good for the Palestinians coming out of the Unholy Alliance.

  9. Who was it who said ‘the holocaust is Israels get out of gaol card’
    Who was it who asked ‘why do you have to use live ammunition against innocent men, women and children’
    We were taught never to forget, for me the lesson is its always the other and they dont count
    There is evil in all of us

    1. In Gerrmany it is illegal to deny the Holocaust, but that is precisely what USA/EU/ gov’ts & MSM will always do. 75 years after the ‘Red’ army liberated Auschwitz; the ‘Family Camp’ home to tens of thousands of Roma & Sinti, but still no mention of the Porrejmos (the devouring) aka ‘Gypsy Genocide’. One major memorial stands alone in Germany, outside the Reichstag. Merkel has been to Auschwitz once, but visited IHRA museum in Israel 6 times.
      The BBC ignores ‘the devouring’ & a Holocaust narrative that includes anyone else other than……………

      1. “In Gerrmany it is illegal to deny the Holocaust”

        Indeed – and one can see the reasoning, even if being a blind idiot shouldn’t of itself be illegal in a free society.

        But … notice that the very opposite applies to the elimination of Palestine in the collective memory (and the ethnic cleansing on the ground) – it becomes virtually forbidden to *recognise* it.

  10. I note that, lthough not totally grovelling, even Dawn Butler lacks grit and is running scared of the BoD :

    “I have pledged to implement in full the recommendations of the Equality and Human Rights Commission. That we are the only party (other than the BNP) to be investigated by the EHRC brings shame upon us all.”

    No – it brings shame upon those who have exploited the issue of anti-semitism in order to make false accusations. The record of the EHRC’s competence also raises more issues than the record of the Labour Party.

  11. At last

    Labour Party Disciplinary Processes on Antisemitism – Statistics

    This update shows quarterly breakdowns of actions taken, at different stages of Labour’s disciplinary processes, on all antisemitism cases. Consistent and comprehensive recording of antisemitism complaints began in 2018. Earlier data has been compiled retroactively

    1. The introduction to the above Labour Party report

      As a result of increased resources, improved practices and investigatory techniques:

      • The Labour Party expelled 45 members in relation to antisemitism in 2019, compared to 10 in 2018 and 1 in 2017.

      • After rule changes passed at Conference in September 2019 gave NEC panels the power to expel, twice the number of people were expelled in two months than had been expelled during the whole of 2018.

      • NEC Disciplinary Panels heard 274 cases relating to antisemitism in 2019, a tenfold increase on the 28 cases heard in 2017.

      • In 2019, 149 members were removed from the party as a result of disciplinary processes relating to antisemitism, either being expelled or quitting the party as proceedings progressed.

      • The Labour Party suspended 296 members in relation to antisemitism in 2019, compared to 98 in 2018 – itself a big increase on the previous year

  12. The Labour party are expelling on half baked acussations and very soon will see members leave and bleed away if the witchunt obsession with keeping the establishment media controlling party discipline.continues.For all partys keeping a strong and loyal membership is crucial,but Labour is giving them away.Loyalty is a two way street and its not looking good.

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