Video: BBC News announces Kobe Bryant tragedy – with footage of wrong basketball star

Bryant has died along with daughter and three other people in helicopter crash – but BBC shows wrong player

Kobe Bryant, right, and LeBron James

Basketball legend Kobe Bryant has been killed, along with his 13-year-old daughter and seven other people, in a tragic helicopter crash.

The BBC announced the tragedy on its 10pm news programme – and included footage showing the wrong star on the basketball court. The incorrect footage showed James’ name on his jersey on several occasions:

The programme’s editor was forced to issue an apology:

Such a terrible tragedy – and those it left grieving – deserved better from the BBC than this.


  1. May he RIP….such a tragedy for a young man and his family….trust the BBC to get it wrong…. “They all look the same” to the public schoolboys that run the establishment broadcasting corporation.!

    1. I regret to say that I agree with you Joseph, that there are distinct racial overtones to this error and I genuinely don’t think it would have happened if the deceased had been white.

  2. No denials and a timely apology – human error happens.
    Bit of a low duck maybe?

  3. Just looking at the picture of paul Royall BBC editor,and thought it was Tom Watson.But then again “they all look the same to me” ..

  4. Never ‘eard of ‘ im. More US sporting/cultural brain-washing. Yawn.

    I thought Kobe was a city in Japan!

    1. Nothing the great protector does sickens me any more more. How many hands did that clip go through before it was displayed to our Conservative countrymen. Repulsive, but Reith would have loved it. I am not a fan of the game but he was a superb athlete. God bless the families.

  5. “Tarquin? Tarquin? Can you flick through the archives and find me a clip or two of a black basketball player with a beard? Any one will do – there’s a good fellow, thank you dahhling.”

    1. Aided Aitch dee…..Well you obviously know the BBC.,the acents just about right and you realise that reporting facts or showing a non photo shopped picture is completely out of their comfort zone or remit.

    1. Jeff cavanagh… “There’s no illegitimate children,only illegitimate parents,” ..and the rest of the bastards live in the big house on Buckingham palace road…..Now There’s a way for Harry to earn a living.Open a bar like daddy..!

  6. BBC’s Nick Eardley is the spit of Stanley Baxter if anyone remembers him.
    Eardley that is… everybody remembers Stanley Baxter.

  7. And not to be outdone by the BBC,the US have waded in with NBC news anchor describing Kobe Bryant and the deaths as “a Ni….,and later apologised saying she meant to say Lakers.Well it just shows how inground evil of racism is amongst our more articulate members of the media are amongst us at home and abroad.Luckily racism is not the problem inside the Labour party,but the timely reminder from these comments regarding travellers and Roma means we can never be too complacent.I was once told by my group leader after being mentioned in the newspapers regarding my support for the green lane gypsy camp in Surrey. …” There’s no votes in supporting gypseys “.Thats over 20years ago but the Labour councillors are still Right wing moderates and of course our PLP.Right wing like racism is a culture and its mainly the perogitive of Right.

    1. Joseph, I’ve listened to the broadcast a few times now and the woman reporter sounded to me as if she’d started to say “Knicks” (New York Knicks), realised he’d been a “Lakers” player and tried to correct herself mid-word, ending up with “Kni/kers.”
      I’m basing that on her mid-word hesitation on the audio, my encyclopaedic knowledge of US basketball and the memory of a BBC presenter “accidentally” getting the first letter of Jeremy Hunt’s surname as wrong as possible on the morning news.

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