Video: man poses as Tory to get onto BBCQT – then hammers media for dividing communities to help Tories rule

“I literally pretended to be a Tory in every stage of the application process”

A student in last night’s BBC Question Time audience has caused a stir by hammering the media’s role in helping divide the UK’s people so that they don’t resist Tory cuts like the French – and posing as a Tory to get past the programme’s checks.

The man, who goes by the Twitter handle of @sensiblehuman96, was invited to speak toward the end of the programme – and laid out the truth that people power is a viable alternative to parliamentary power for changing the political direction of the country.

And he blasted the media for helping to divide communities to help the Tories avoid the type of resistance that ‘scares Boris Johnson… that scared Thatcher in 1990 when she tried to introduce the poll tax’:

Tory trolls immediately tried to dismiss his contribution as that of a ‘plant’ – contrary to all the evidence, right-wingers love to pretend Question Time and other BBC output is full of ‘liberal bias’.

But the young man had posed as a Tory in order to get onto the programme, as he told the odious Toby Young:

Question Time is regularly and justly criticised for its bias and for cramming audiences – even in left-wing cities like Liverpool – with aggressive Tories and even right-wing extremists. And a frequent tactic on the programme is to ‘book-end’ each show with comments from a right-wing audience member to first set the tone of the discussion and then to ensure a right-friendly ‘take-away’ for those who have endured to the close.

‘SensibleHuman96’s brilliant-made point is perfectly correct. Boris Johnson’s parliamentary majority does not have to mean Johnson can do whatever he wants.

But the fact that the student had to con his way onto the programme to make it shows the scale of the challenge facing British people who don’t want to allow the Tories to asset-strip and degrade our country for the next five years.

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    1. Quite a trick getting past the BBC Audience Gestapo.
      Did he learn how to be a Tory at the Tony Blair Institute?

  1. Congratulations to @sensiblehuman96
    Good job well done!

    Isn’t Toby Young a liar?
    But then, tories lie. That’s what they do. They lie.

    1. To think that his father was the Labour Peer, Baron Young of Dartington. It reminds me that nowadays we have 23 MPs that don’t have any qualms in nominating Phillips.

  2. Interesting! Once again there were very obvious Rightwing plants including 3 young men, front row centre. The Antiques Lady seemed a bit nervous of them I thought and chose the last questioner expecting a ‘good’ ending. There was shock horror when this guy’s wonderful spiel rolled out. He deserves a medal, QTBS Star maybe? Now the planters will have to closely interrogate their rightists but I think the BBC will close the show, it’s bust!

  3. You have to fight fire with fire. They cheat, we cheat. They lie, we lie.

    It proves that the ruse works when tory shills go on and cry their eyes out over tactics which THEY themselves employ.

    1. No Aidey, There is no point in being different if you are going to do the same. We are better than that and must never revert to the Blair years when we put spin over substance and then went on to destabilise the middle east by illegally invading Iraq on the basis of a dodgy dossier containing false intelligence.
      Being honest is not always easy but it is the right thing to do

      1. So who did the gullible british public believe? Truthful Corbyn or lying Johnson?

        Being absolutely honest and not retaliating is fine. As long as you desire only to be the party who permanently looks on from the side lines.

        So what you are saying is that the chap was dead wrong for ‘misleading’ the bbc selection panel to get his view heard?

        I, for one has had enough of screaming at the box for the obvious bias and downright lies. It’s beyond time that the fight was taken back.

      2. It wasn’t a case of believing or not believing anyone. If you voted Leave in 2016 (as I did) you obviously felt severely let down when after years of Labour saying “Ok, we accept that” they suddenly changed the tune to “let’s have a Referendum instead and go full on Remain”. What democratic process allowed them to do that? They really didn’t expect consequences? Pull the other one, they knew the likelihood of losing but in their book it was worth it.

      3. Aidey I know how you feel and I could see the contradiction in my posts as soon as I had posted them – I said be honest but was glad the chap got on QT by posing as a Tory.
        On reflection I suppose he was wrong to pose as a Tory but as there was no possibility he would be selected as a Labour supporter there was no other way he could have his say.
        We are between a rock and a hard place given the blatant bias of the BBC and the newspapers but I do think that what we need to do is challenge every single inaccuracy, lie , misrepresentation legally if necessary. This is a better way than resorting to lying and cheating Tory tactics.

  4. I am astounded that Toby Young a man who lost the well paid job, awarded to him by his Tory pals, following public outrage at the absolutely vile sexual nature of his twitter account has the nerve to go back on Twitter to criticise others. Another factor in the loss of his job was his belief in Eugenics and his expressed support for restricting the right of working class people to have children,.He is a chum of the Johnsons ( Jo and Boris) and was backed by Boris Johnson – no surprise there- when the scandal erupted. He is still appearing on TV and writing for the MSM’
    It is perfectly understandable therefore that he should tweet in support of the Tories though why anyone would give such a reprehensible individual any credence whatsoever is a mystery to me..
    In relation to QT I am glad the young man got on and was able to say his piece, However I haven’t watched QT since Fiona Bruce set out to humiliate and totally disrespect Diane Abbott in Feb 2018. I was completely disgusted with her bosses for covering up for her but that’s the BBC for you – Tory to the core.

    1. I am not racist “butters” at the BBC have still not released the Fibona Bruce/ Diane Abbott audience warm up tapes despite promising to do so. The BBC where the truth goes to die a great epithet.
      As cowardly a shower of sycophantic so called journalists as one might find anywhere in the world. In the meantime they have the audacity to criticise RT

      1. One problem is that the Antique Lady is not a journalist. Her colonial background meant she came to the UK in the 1950’s at that time when the white settlers were being forced to return. Their resentments were profound.

      2. I agree with most of what you have said but I also think that because Jeremy said he would increase the taxes of high earners i.e. those on £80,000 or more and Fiona Bruce and the rest of them fall into that category they had a non declared conflict of interest and this underlay their bias and downright malice in some cases.

      3. Paul, was Antiques Lady the one called Sara Baxter? Absolutely vile woman, who insisted the electorate voted AGAINST Labour’s policies, rather than FOR Brexit. Sadly, she wasn’t wearing pearls, otherwise she’d’ve undoubtedly spent the show clutching them!

      4. No, the Antique Lady I was referring to was Bruce. The woman you mention is I guess the traditional Murdock representative on the show, a scribbler for The Times who nobody has ever heard of. Sometimes they have two of those. Nasty bits of work.

  5. The thing that struck me was the point that with our electoral system there is no Parliamentary opposition and therefore we need to look at – for example – the way the French are winning the battle about pensions without reliance on any rigged system. People will say that Brits don’t go for that style of politics. Or perhaps it should be Brits didn’t used to go for it but now there is no choice. (I’d forgotten the show came from Stoke Newington until he spoke! When Labour was panned for ‘not listening to London’ there was a silence, like “Er, that’s right??”).

  6. It’s toby young. AKA Captain Bellend.

    A complete cretin that’d fuck up an organised disaster if it was left to him. First to whine about ‘injustices’ when he got fooked off from his sinecure (nepotistically obtained, naturally) as spare part for scools or whatever.

    Still, it’s not what you know…And ‘tobes’ knows less than fuck-all.

  7. Worse still the ‘pervert’ Toby Young was is /allowed to to run schools in this country. I for one would never allow such a person anywhere near my grandchildren. Yet he is still allowed to comment on our TV screens.

    1. I agree Paul Byrne but remember he has the backing of the Prime Minister Boris Johnson so that opens many doors for him. Disgraceful.

    2. Indeed, Paul.

      The overwhelmingly conservative biased, pederast-infested bbc want to send their agents around schools nationwide, ”teaching” children what constitutes ‘fake news’.

      I wonder if the Govt will clamp down on protests and make those lessons compulsory, too? Would you want your grandchildren brainwashed by a overtly neoliberal padeophile ring?

      Nah, nor me.

  8. The least that Skwawk box could do is give him a link – you screen shot his tweet but why not just make it clickable? Fairs fair!

    1. Anyone can find him on Twitter from the handle provided. If he deleted his tweet then an embedded one would disappear – and if he doesn’t, WordPress shows a lot of extraneous information. There are always reasons.

  9. This is great to see. I did the same, when the application form required political leanings. Didn’t get through though.

    I’m really worried about the direction this once-proud country is going. We are being full-on oppressed. Name of the game is ‘ignore and it will go away’. Paedophile ring dossier- ‘lose’ it. French strikes- don’t cover it. Russia report- hide it. Arcuri investigation into misconduct in public office by police- drop it and ‘scope’ later. DWP deaths probe- forget about it. Electoral Fraud accusations- bury it. Peaceful protesters- classify them as extremists to give more power to control and remove their rights. To hell with what the peasants think- ‘f*ck ’em’

    These are seriously scary times. We’re being controlled. The only thing different to ’50s Russia is the tories don’t have gulags. They have the propaganda machine though.

    I laughed a wile ago, when Johnson was jockeying for power. I laughed that he wouldn’t last 5 mins. But with his rottweiler sidekick now, the bullyboys have asserted their position. They’re going nowhere.

    And I’m sh1tting myself. These are bad times.

    1. HMP Belmarsh can be a Gulag; it’s High Security Wing is full of revolutionaries and dissenters of one sort or another. But the Government has Detention Centres for foreigners who haven’t been charged let alone convicted of any offence. I think it was on this site I recently read how Britain welshed on the £400m they owed to Iran for tanks undelivered in 1979 and how there was a legal agreement in the 1980’s about it in Holland and 4 Iranian officials arrived in the UK from Holland with the relevant documents and Court orders. “Obviously” visas were issued but on arrival the 4 went into Detention for a week and took the first opportunity they could to get out of this hell hole.

    2. The French constantly show us the way but we constantly refuse to follow. Sadly, only when it’s too late will we realise that sometimes violence IS the only answer.

      We are hoist with our own deferential petard!

  10. Does that mean you are going to nationalise sausages
    Emma Barnett
    Are you a complete moron or just par for the course with the BBC

  11. Question time has long since lost any value. Do people still watch it?

    The BBC’s refusal to even consider that there might be those within it’s news department with bias has brought it to the point where it is fast becoming about as trusted as the press.

    We have mountains of data showing the bias, but that is poo-pooed and ignored. Apparently no one at the BBC can believe that there is any possibility of bias.

  12. Yes I have done this myself to get on question time but they did not pick my question or pick m to make a comment.

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