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Excl: drama as Loach switches mayoral backing to Yaqoob

Film director withdraws backing from rival

Ken Loach and mayoral hopeful Salma Yaqoob

Left-wing film director Ken Loach has dramatically withdrawn his backing for Pete Lowe in the contest to become Labour’s West Midlands mayoral candidate – and has given his endorsement to Salma Yaqoob.

The legendary filmmaker has written a message which will be sent to all West Midlands Labour members urging them to back Ms Yaqoob.

Lowe announced Loach’s support for his campaign last year

The ballots have been sent out for the contest and Loach’s 11th-hour intervention is likely to persuade many members that Yaqoob is the left candidate to back – and one who can unify a broad section of the Labour Party behind her.

In the deeply personal email Mr Loach contrasts the political climate when he was born in the West Midlands in 1936 to that of now with the far right on the rise and communities being divided.

The director praised Ms Yaqoob’s strong principle, campaigning and her judgement:

Now I have seen the final list of Labour nominations for the West Midlands Mayoral elections, I am pleased to support the candidacy of Salma Yaqoob.

I have known Salma for many years. She is a woman of considerable ability and sound judgement.

I have worked with her on several campaigns and political projects and have been impressed by her strong principles and determination to uphold them.

She stands for social justice and a secure and sustainable future for everyone.

The Cathy Come Home director believes Ms Yaqoob will be a “great champion” for the West Midlands, adding that “She has a keen eye for administrative efficiency too.”

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  1. We need to hear more from Ken Loach! Sound judgement! Always insightful! Courageous to speak truths. Never panders to the MSM narrative! More Ken Loach, please!!!

  2. The following originates from a very surprising source.

    It is time for us to act. Despite vocal protests to the contrary, most reasonable people understand that philanthropy has always been, and always will be, an inadequate substitute for government investment. Taxes are the best and only appropriate way to ensure adequate investment in the things our societies need. Individuals who reject this truth pose a dual threat both to the climate and to democracy itself, as those seeking to avoid their tax responsibilities are often the same ones manipulating governments and democratic processes around the world for their own gain.”

    1. Good call by Ken Loach. Salma Yaqoob is justifiably very popular and cannot even meet all the speaking invitations she gets.

      Sad to see posts going off-topic with the observations of the Billionaire class. Once again entryism from the usual quarters.

      1. Bernie – As you don’t often see the very rich asking to be taxed more as well as acknowledging that philanthropy is not a substitute for paying taxes I considered it was worthwhile bringing it to the attention of others, you obviously didn’t. 🤷‍♂️

      2. Billionaires have different priorities to ours but they mostly pretend that the rest of us are just as greedy as them – that greed is human nature.
        They think the only difference is that we’re failures and they’re not, so our greed is called “envy.”
        They’re not stupid, they’re just so insulated from the results of their tax avoidance and our anger that they justify their theft by claiming we’d all do it if we could afford their accountants and lawyers.

        This particular small coterie of millionaires won’t be the richest, so not as isolated and cosseted as the superyacht/private jet set. Being closer to the real world they’ll feel the resentment of their factory employees, shop workers and others.
        Few of them will be motivated by sympathy for the plight of the many – mostly this is an acknowledgement that there isn’t enough ammunition to hold off fifty million pitchforks.
        And that any half-decent engineering shop floor can knock up five guillotines a day.

      3. David – People are people and regardless of their income level, wealth or wherever they supposedly fit on the scale of some arbitrary social construct of class there will be some that are more altruistic than others.

      4. Steve, not knowing any of the millionaires well enough to speak for their motives I was simply theorising a probable inverse correlation between greater wealth and greater social responsibility.

        In studies of the relationship between Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and financial performance, results are mixed – some studies showing positive and some negative correlation.
        Just the fact that all studies relate the public perception of a corporation’s social responsibility to corporate profits and not to any actual social responsibility or genuine social gains achieved is significant I think.

        With no consensus on the benefits to corporations of corporate responsibility, profits safely stashed in tax havens will continue to outweigh social concerns I think.

      5. Bernie The guys obssesed with titles ,the wealthy and the establishment….that’ impresses him and thats why the Labour party are a divided party…..

      6. Joseph – Has this now become your go-to response when you can’t think of anything sensible to contribute. You are like a toddler who’s just discovered a new phrase. FFS grow up.

    1. David Walsh…long Bailey has to pay the piper,Lansman calls the momentum tune and that is increasingly the Israeli lobby that calls the shots.Yaquoob like all socialists supports a 2 state solution and thats not(on message)for the Apartheid zionists.Bailey has now to pay the piper and dance for the puppetmaster…and momentum fiefdom owner jon Lansman…..Deals with the devil?

  3. Unfortunate for Pete Lowe. Seems a bit mean to switch allegiance without explaining why. No doubt it was justified. Am I missing something here?

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