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Video: Johnson gets trapped in his limo in Berlin – just as May did in 2018

Boris Johnson got stuck in his car as he arrived in Berlin on Sunday for a summit hosted by German Chancellor Angela Merkel. If it looks familiar, that’s because it is – the same happened to his predecessor Theresa May in 2018:

During his brief tenure in that office, which included botching a statement about Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe that resulted in her continued detention in Iran, Johnson was widely derided as the worst Foreign Secretary in the UK’s history. Let’s hope his overseas misadventures as PM are no worse than this.

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  1. C’mon. Is this the best piss-take when the spivs and nutters are tramping all over the park?

  2. HS2 £102 Billion
    What could we spend that money on
    Trident, Hinckley, Heathrow, Crossrail 2, No Deal Brexit,
    Then there’s the very real threat of No Deal Brexit and financial system collapse to revenue
    9ne thing for sure Uncle Festa will get no where near 50,000 nurses, 6,000 GP’s 40 hospital’s, 20,000 police
    Kiss goodbye to his Northern heartlands

  3. I still can’t believe the public voted for him,but he still has the power in his hands and will slowly but surely remove the public sector from the people..Our response seems to be ridicule him,but the laughs on the Labour party and the people who voted him in.We can never win by electing weak leaders who are more like second rate tory copys.and relying on the membership to provide the motivation and money.We first most find a strong leader and stick to the principles that are written in the membership card.We need more socialism,not less.

    1. “I still can’t believe the public voted for him”

      I believed it back in November. I made myself write down a prediction so that I couldn’t deny what I feared then. I was wrong – I reckoned about a 20-30 overall majority for the Tories. It was worse than even my pessimism allowed.

      The turning point was the early election – far too early to stand a chance of breaking the media wall and the Johnson boost – which is why the Tories went for it. With the duggie SunMail ‘Heartland’ already a branch of the Whethfukawe tribe,and Scotland lost for the immediate future, with a number in the Party still trying to find their non-Tory Brexit arse which they confused with ‘honouring’ a stitched-up referendum presented on a Tory platter with a red, white and blue bow (and also doubling up by confusing the working class with that Whethefukawe tribe) – with all that, the prognosis was dire.

      In this context, you’re right – the hollow laugh is definitely on the Labour Party, which is forced into a leadership election whilst the spivs and dick-led spawners of fatherless children run riot.

      Just have a look at what these scum are actually doing whilst ‘leadership’ candidates compete to get under the BoD’s limbo bar (on their knees – which, of course, is an impossibility).

  4. And I have just had another begging letter from long Bailey via momentum asking for more money for the leadership election She congratulated me for campaigning in the elections and explained the importance of avoiding anymore Friday the 13th moments,which is strange because I was at that time recovering in the jungle 3hrs south of Phnom Penh from a flight from Charles De Gaul Paris which had involved 30 hrs and a stopover in Beijing airport lasting 12hrs.I am now beginning to realise that momentum not only own Long Bailey ,but me as well.Lansmens reach never lets go especially if you have donated money 💰

    1. You best hope he never needs a kidney… you didn’t read the small print, did you? 🙂

  5. Door handles can be tricky things for classics toffs who think science is vulgar.
    He’s quids in if he’s stuck in a burning limo in ancient Greece though.

  6. This is symbolic of the Tories and the economy, spending £435b on quantitative easing since 2010 just to keep the economy static, stuck – hook, line and sinker because “They haven’t a clue what to do”
    And ONLY THE LEFT IN LABOUR KNOWS WHAT TO DO with state-led public investment, a £10 an hour minimum wage, Green Deal in creating jobs in areas of industrial decline etc which will all put more pounds in peoples pockets and stimulate the economy, to be copied by other countries in a LEFT GLOBAL VISION whilst the Right in Labour too haven’t a clue what to do which is why “Macron” Starmer, the architect of Labour’s Brexit Defeat is clinging to Corbyn’s coat tails, pretending to be Left but if he gets in there will be a purge of the Left and the brilliant socialists in JVL may be the first target.
    But the Right are clever, they know to win they need to peel off layers of the Pro-Corbyn majority membership and hey presto, the sudden BOD demands, RLB misrepresented re abortion (bloody hell I bet the Barbarians Blair, Mandelson et al gave that flip chart some stick) and see how easily they reel in some of the pure, naive Left.
    Whilst the Neo-Liberal Tories are stuck in a rut re the economy RLB and Burgon if they are bold and have courage, and get out in the left behind areas with local Labour and Unions offering political and practical support, we win alongside the left behind.
    Brothers and sisters the Left can open the door for the Global Progress of diverse working humanity!

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