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Nandy: Shadow Energy was privilege of my life and I “saw off” Rudd. But she quit in chicken coup before Rudd promoted

Leadership contender’s claims at hustings scrutinised

Labour leadership hopeful Lisa Nandy used her role as former Shadow Energy Secretary to support her credentials to be a future leader, telling the audience that she had ‘seen off’ opposite number Amber Rudd.

Ms Nandy also said that the role had been ‘one of the privileges of my life’:

But did Ms Nandy ‘see off’ Amber Rudd as Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change? It seems a stretch: Rudd was promoted to the role of Home Secretary on 13 July 2016.

This was more than two weeks after Nandy had resigned from ‘one of the privileges of [her] life’ on 27 June 2016 – as part of the ‘chicken coup’ series of resignations aimed at toppling party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

When Corbyn declined to step down in spite of the resignations and a vote of no confidence by right-wing Labour MPs, Nandy then went on to co-chair Owen Smith’s ill-fated leadership challenge.

Lisa Nandy’s office was contacted for comment, but had not responded by the time of publication.

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  1. Not exactly gripping stuff in the current context.

    To summarise : So Uncle Len’s fiefdom doesn’t like Nandy?

    1. And you obviously do, or would have tried so hard to utterly miss the point.
      Now tell me that isn’t a troll post. Hoist with his own petard.**

      **As usual.

      1. No – it’s a piss-take on partiality disguised as self-righteousness.

        For the record – I couldn’t give a **** about Nandy and certainly won’t be voting for her..

      2. Yep, heenen73, that constant paid Troll, RH, does indeed rather give the game away there ! Though the fact that the quartet of disruptive trolls working with RH are able to post all day, every day, all year round, without the need to earn a living, should be evidence enough that they are simply Mandelson’s creatures, swamping a Left blog with their misdirection and nonsense to drown out a potentially useful forum for serious Left discussion.

        In fact, Skwawkbox’s exposure of the ghastly , treacherous, Nandy’s blatant lie, is very useful for anyone previously fooled by her ‘soft Left’ posturing . Make no mistake, ALL the Leadership candidates apart from Long-Bailey are actually Labour Rightists who will return the Party to its neoliberal, Tory-lite, politics, and purge the Left. And unfortunately, the shy , inexperienced, and uncharismatic Long-Bailey will crumble within weeks to the agenda of the Tory Press and PLP Right if elected.

      3. I’d always assumed that those who are “able to post all day, every day, all year round, without the need to earn a living” were probably confined to the house/ their bed/a wheelchair by some kind of illness, whether physical or mental.

        But bad penney, whose comments here always amount to negative trollery, evidently knows better!

      4. “a potentially useful forum for serious Left discussion.”

        What are you doing here then, Ha’penny, with your ant-Labour cod Marxism and laughable irrelevance to serious political discussion?

        As to your constant and witless fantasizing about ‘paid trolls’ – it’s simply another witness to your limited experience, imagination and intelligence, bounded as it is by spurious attempts at disguising it with confected ‘socialist theory’.

        I love the adjective ‘disruptive’. Only to those whose fakery is easily disrupted, Ha’penny.

        I hesitate not to massage your illusions (just for the laugh), but my postings ‘all day’ actually occur when I break off something else that I’m doing, a lot of which involves screen and keyboard. Beyond that, timfrom is broadly right, applying observation in place of your world of fantasy.

      5. So the shills are now explaining away their all-day every-day monitoring and posting comments on skwawkbox as being down to said personas being ‘house-bound’, or so timfrom would have us believe he has always assumed.

        Yep, there’s no depths to which the im-posters on here will not sink. Funny though isn’t it timfrom, how not one of these prolific posters – in all their thousands and thousands of posts – has EVER mentioned that they are disabled or whatever AND house-bound as such, not even in threads posted by skwawkbox DIRECTLY related to the disabled.

        Needless to say, it’s complete and utter B/S, and totally despicable!

      6. No “Allan Howard”, it’s not “funny” that they haven’t traded on their condition. That would be as bad as persecuted religious minorities (no names, no pack-drill) bringing up their religious identity in debate in order to deflect just criticism.

        You probably couldn’t grasp the concept, “Allan Howard”, but maybe the ill, disabled or just plain infirm have got a bit more class than that…

      7. ‘…. traded on their condition’. It’s beyond pathetic timfrom. Does someone mentioning that they are disabled (and house-bound as such) now amount to ‘trading on their condition’! But then you HAD to explain it away somehow, didn’t you – ie why not one of these prolific every-day all-day posters has ever mentioned it if they indeed ARE.

        And it is odd – to say the least – that if you’ve ALWAYS assumed this was the explanation for their prolific posting, then how come you didn’t mention it before on the five or six occasions I’ve brought up the topic of the im-posters (as I call them) during the past few months or more. Could it be that you and your fellow im-posters only just thought of a way to explain it away! And needless to say, the reason you settled on this complete B/S explanation is because there was no other possible way to explain it, was there timfrom.

      8. In response to jpenny accusing RH of being a paid troll AND citing timfrom’s response to jpenny, RH says the following at the end of his post:

        ‘Beyond that, timfrom is broadly right, applying observation in place of your world of fantasy.’

        And what ‘observation’ is THAT RH, and what do you mean when you say timfrom is ‘broadly right’?

        As for timfrom’s explanation as to why none of these prolific posters – if they ARE indeed disabled and housebound as such (which they are NOT of course!) – has ever mentioned the fact, it is beyond ludicrous that anyone posting on skwawkbox who actually WAS disabled would have any reason to feel that they should with-hold the fact that they ARE disabled, OR just about any blog or website on the planet.

        And what’s ‘criticism’ got to do with anything timfrom. If you disagree with something someone said then you would just say so. I mean it’s not as if someone who is disabled is gonna keep mentioning the fact that they are, but you would undoubtedly mention the fact in relation to some skwawkbox related article – eg your plight – or other disabled people you know – at the hands of the Tories during the past eight/nine years or so. And WHO would criticise you for doing THAT timfrom!

      9. You’re the poster child for the consequences of cuts to mental health services and I pity you. You’d be a public menace if you didn’t have the internet!

        Now fuck off.

  2. It would seem that delusional behaviour is a badge of leadership amongst our PLP choice for the leader of the Labour party,and downright lies are a badge of honour…!

    1. So long as they are parading more knowledgeably than before this bombshell, I suppose we’ve moved forward.
      You’d be another Nandy fan, I’m guessing?
      Or just confused by the truth?

      1. heenan73No he’s just a Tory celebrating his win in Bolton,delusional and was spotted a few months ago.Obsessed with wine bars and I know theres not many of those in Halliwell Bolton.

      2. I just don’t think the ordinary working class traditional labour voter who the party must appeal to for any chance of electoral success will notice this ‘revelation’ and if they do it won’t be that important in the context of a leadership election that could set the direction of the party towards government or into the wastelands of opposition for a decade or more.

      3. Reply toPlain Citizen
        I disagree with you profoundly that the info about Nandy’s right wing /anti Corbyn credentials won’t matter in this leadership election .l.
        We elected Jeremy Corbyn (twice) because he is a Socialist and we agree with his Socialist principles. He was persecuted from day 1 by the right wing of the PLP who also subjected him and us to an undemocratic and extremely foolish coup which failed to unseat him and only benefited the Tories post Cameron and post Referendum.
        You can be absolutely sure that Lisa Nandy’s active participation in the coup matters and will be the main reason many of us won’t vote for her. Thats why it is being kept under wraps by the MSM

    2. Working class people value plain speaking, not weasel words. and half truths.

      1. So that’s why so many vote for Joihnson and the Spiv Party after reading the Daily Heil, and think that Corbyn’s a terrorist tosser?

  3. The last time Lisa was at a rally in Liverpool she was beside an ice cream van handing out cones and lollipops during Owen Smith’s leadership campaign, a fiasco which she co chaired. Now she wants to lead the party herself even though Owens campaign demonstrated that she couldn’t organise a booze up in a brewery.
    Also although Lisa comes across as if butter wouldn’t melt she is every bit as anti Corbyn and right wing as Jess Phillips . She just hides it better thats all and of course she is not as much of a loud mouth – well lets face it, nobody could be.

    1. Smartboy a very good accesment of nandy,but she’s also a lot more dangerous than Philips .Shes managed to con the voters of Wigan and carry on the traditional right wing shambles of the Northern mill towns left to rot by Labour Mps and councillors,who have felt the lashback Scottish effect by filling the constituencys with so called moderates.for donkeys years.She plays the North South Westminster game very well.

      1. Joseph I agree absolutely – Lisa Nandy is the one to watch. Jess Phillips is the mouth piece of the hard right a loud and deliberately offensive publicity seeker.
        Lisa Nandy on the other hand is not in your face and as I said comes across as if butter wouldn’t melt but she is every bit as right wing as Jess Phillips. It is indisputable for instance that she was very close politically to Owen Smith.
        During the coup they went together to ask Jeremy to resign and let Tom Watson take over until a new leader was elected . When Jeremy refused they sent in a joint resignation statement which was released to the press. She then was co chair of his leadership campaign and even when it was clear Smith couldn’t win they kept on going, giving the Tories who were reeling under Camerons resignation and the referendum result, time to regroup. I think this was unforgivable as without the Smith diversion we could have given the Tories a hammering in the Summer of 2016.
        Joseph Lisa Nandy’s role in the coupagainst the leader elected by 300,000 of us should not be forgotten. It was an arrogant slap in the face to he 300,000 members who voted for Jeremy Corbyn. Neither should she be rewarded for it bu us electing her leader.
        It is surprising how little attention has been given to her part in the coup, her political association with Smith and his joke of a leadership campaign by the MSM – their silence is very telling don’t you think?

  4. I see that Keir Starmer is the first candidate to definitely make it onto the leadership ballot paper. The way things are going we could be looking at there being only 2 names on the ballot paper, particularly if Nandy doesn’t secure the GMB’s support later today (Tuesday)

  5. Nandy is a disgrace. Sadly they’d vote for a wheelie bin with a red rosette in Wigan. And they did.

    1. Media Brainwahing operation….Please keep posting,the ouotr on wheelie bins and red rossete gave me the best laugh I have had for weeks,In these troubled times a sense of humour is like gold.!

  6. Saw “LISA ‘N’ ANDY” in big white letters across the windscreen of a Ford Escort parked in a lay-by with a crowd of people round it one night.
    I expect they’d broken down.

  7. Nandy will take votes off Starmer
    GMB are daft enough to nominate her
    The Trident im alright jacks

    1. Another mythical centrist victory
      Wonder who will get the blame for this one
      That’s Trumpton speak for SNAFU

    2. What – and give up the chance to get the increased salary that goes with the Leaders job ?I don’t believe it! If you’re right I suppose she’ll just have to stick to her work for the Tory peer, her TV appearances and newspaper articles. LOL

  8. Her BBC Parliament press conference did have questions.

    She said she would meet the ‘Jewish community’ and then mentioned BOD and JLM.

    No mention about other Jewish groups.

    Clearly not to be trusted at all.

  9. Nandy – Labour’s Jo Swinson er the next PM?
    A political lightweight backed by the Right and Right Wing Leader of the GMB er without a ballot of members?
    Oh apparently Venezeula CIA trained US puppet in UK and met Tory Govt reps (according to The Canary) wonder if Emily was scheduled in the programme of people to meet?
    Thinking of going into William Hills (though I hate gambling, it is classical conditioning) to put a political bet on “Macron” Starmer, if he hopefully loses, to join the Lib Dems within 12 months, I tried to put another political bet with them on Trump being impeached when he was elected but they wouldn’t take it.
    Only RLB and Burgon worth voting for, for Left Wing Democratic socialists.

  10. Oh impeachment is the USA getting almost funny – “A trial without witnesses and evidence” Trumps Banana Republic. Yet they lecture the World on democracy but conspire to bring down every genuine Left Wing Govt?
    As a cartoon said of the Republicans ” He’s as guilty as sin but we’ll acquit him.”

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