Fake Long-Bailey leadership site redirects to competitor

Site sent visitors to rival’s site

A SKWAWKBOX reader has identified a site set up to draw in visitors interested in Labour leadership hopeful Rebecca Long-Bailey’s campaign – and then send them to a competitor’s.

The site,, automatically redirected visitors to Lisa Nandy’s page:

Ms Nandy’s office has not responded to a request for comment. The site may of course have been set up by a supporter without her knowledge – or by an opponent wishing to create suspicion. The ‘whois’ information for the site shows that it was set up via an anonymising service:

The site was subsequently amended to redirect visitors to the Labour Party homepage:

However, an archive of the original redirect page can be viewed here.

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  1. You can always rely on rightists – officially or unofficially – to do the wrong thing.

    For Ms Nandy’s sake, I hope it was nothing to do with her.

    Cheap trick. For shame.

  2. Isn’t this the sort of disreputable behaviour that we normally expect the Tories indulge in. Is this another case of where the Tories go the Labour centrists follow.

    1. This sort of behaviour reveals who is at heart a Tory and who isn’t. This doesn’t surprise me at all. I fully expect Phillips to stoop just as low!

    2. Steve – exactly. Tory trick to sow division. I would say this has the Conservative stamp all over it.

  3. Despicable but not unexpected from Owen Smith’s campaign manager Lisa Nandy who persisted in fronting the Smith campaign to the bitter end even when it was obvious that 1 he couldn’t win 2 our efforts were being diverted away from the Tories and 3 the party was being damaged.

  4. Owen Smith & Jon Lansman2 Trojan viruses … NOT AN HONEST SOCIALIST BONE IN EITHER OF THEM

  5. Do I dare mention the lansman fiasco on our regular momentum watch(approved of course).Why is it all roads lead to Lansman…or is it Jerusalem.IT really is a backward Labour party that gives prominence to one religion(ethic group)for whatever reason in waiving the white flag on AS charges against the whole party.We really do need to deal with pathological liars and misfits in the Labour party or the membership will walk away on the very real fear of being suspended or charged by the authorities with a criminal offence.Many of us who have familys and friends abroad dont want to be tagged with the label of racist.Why is it that all of our candidates aceppt and some promote the AS scam.Maybe its time to nail the liars and prosecute especially when their campaign is promoted on a filthy lie.

  6. “Rebecca Long-Bailey is expected to win the backing of Momentum as a poll placed her ahead of closest rival for the Labour leadership, Keir Starmer.

    The shadow business secretary, who has been criticised for the slow start to her campaign, came out ahead of the shadow Brexit secretary based on first preferences, with 42% of the votes compared to his 37% in the poll, conducted by Survation of more than 3,800 LabourList readers .

    Although Starmer receives the majority of second preferences from all candidates in the race, they are not enough to eliminate Long-Bailey’s first round lead, with the overall result at 51 % to 49 % after second preferences are taken into account.”

  7. Its getting more exciting every day,.I wonder who will win amongst the PLP approved moderates…Lets see could it be.err?.an outstanding natural moderate candidate of zilch ability and practiced in the dark arts of the legal profession (lawyers)..Maybe next time we can have a Barrister….QC.This is truly diversity in action especially if we choose lady Nuggee.,Barrister?

  8. Lisa Nandy accused ‘Labour Activist’ Rachel Cousins of anti-Semitism on the Andrew Neil Show because she accused BOD being Tory backers & must condemn Israeli military atrocities in West Bank. That is an example of Anti-Semitism as described by a future leader of the Labour Party. So much for Freedom of Speech.

  9. As of Thursday, 13:05, it’s redirecting to an Independent article slagging off Keir Starmer. For the record, it’s just a domain name with a redirect service on it – a very cheap service requiring very little work. And it doesn’t come up in search results as it’s not a site, unless you search for the exact domain name with dot com at the end. While sleazy, this is of dubious value.

    HOWEVER, people TALKING about the domain redirect are in the search results so THAT is generating traffic for it. In fact, I might be slightly suspicious of whoever originally reported it. Outrage is the only path to the URL. Perhaps set up by someone to troll ‘the left’ ie. both RLB and Skwawkbox (and other candidates)

    A domain lookup reveals the IP address which an IP geolocator reveals is in Texas. This doesn’t actually mean much. You can buy hosting services anywhere.

  10. Sadly you are going to reconcile yourselves to 25 years as a small opposition party. The English and Welsh showed themselves to be xenophobic dimwits in June 2016 and again on 12th December 2019. Outside the EU your country will sink.Slowly, but inevitably. You could have opposed this from the start – you didn’t. Your choice.

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