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Breaking: Butler achieves required nominations for deputy leader contest

Front-bencher Dawn Butler has achieved the required nominations among Labour MPs and MEPs to reach the next stage of the party’s deputy leader contest.

She now needs support from either 5% of constituency parties voting at all-member meetings, or from 5% of Labour affiliates, including affiliated union members.

Congratulations to Ms Butler on giving Labour members another option in the contest. Fellow front-bencher Richard Burgon has around 90 minutes to obtain the one additional nomination he needs to reach the next stage.

The MPs believed not yet to have nominated a deputy candidate are below. Contact them and urge them to nominate Richard Burgon so members can have a full choice:

Rushanara Ali
Margaret Beckett
Hilary Benn
Liam Byrne
Alan Campbell
Yvette Cooper
Jeremy Corbyn
Stella Creasy
John Cryer
Judith Cummins
Yvonne Fovargue
Barry Gardiner
Mary Glindon
Kate Green
Harriet Harman
Carolyn Harris
Helen Hayes
Mark Hendrick
Meg Hillier
Kate Hollern
Rupa Huq
Diana R. Johnson
Sarah Jones
David Lammy
Clive Lewis
Tony Lloyd
Holly Lynch
Khalid Mahmood
Shabana Mahmood
Seema Malhotra
Ed Miliband
James Murray
Lisa Nandy
Chi Onwurah
Abena Oppong-Asare
Kate Osamor
Taiwo Owatemi
Jess Phillips
Luke Pollard
Yasmin Qureshi
Rachel Reeves
Matt Rodda
Barry Sheerman
Cat Smith
Jeff Smith
Nick Smith
Alex Sobel
John Spellar
Keir Starmer
Graham Stringer
Emily Thornberry
Stephen Timms
Karl Turner
Liz Twist
Catherine West
Matt Western
Rosie Winterton
Mohammad Yasin

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  1. As things currently stand Dawn will be getting my first choice vote for the deputy leadership.

  2. Dawn Butler as Deputy Leader is an excellent outcome for the Deputy Leadership contest – I hope she wins.

  3. My first and second choice would be between Richard Burgon and Dawn Butler, I would have to hear their performances at hustings. Nothing will compel me to vote for Angela or Ian Murray.
    Moreover, if Clive Lewis doesn’t make it to the ballot paper, I would not vote for RLB at all or anyother for that matter. If Clive does RLB would be my second choice.

    1. Your stance adds credence to SB’s article about the Left’s strategic mistake of putting all their eggs in one basket. Where is RLB going to get her second and third preference votes from.

  4. When is anyone from the PLP or the LP executive going to have the guts to call out the BOD and the JLM and tell them we will not be blackmailed into becoming a Zionist controlled Labour Party?

    1. I wouldn’t hold your breath, as Clive Lewis has now withdrawn from the leadership contest, all the candidates have already signed up-to the BoD nonsense.

    2. It would need to be somebody with nothing to lose.

      Go for it, Jezza! ๐Ÿ˜€

      1. Alas, indeed! He’s probably been saying the same thing to himself non-stop for the last month, in between slapping himself round the face…

  5. Hilary Benn’s last minute Vs up was to nominate Starmer and Rayner. We must get rid of nominations. It’s outrageous for the MPs to act as gatekeepers.

  6. I will vote for either Dawn or Richard. I haven’t decided which yet but I have definitely ruled Angela out. I will probably vote for Rebecca for leader but her support for Angela is putting me off and in any case she does not inspire me with confidence, I could not stomach either Jess or Lisa so I am also considering voting for Keir.

    1. Smartboy 13/01/2020 at 2:59 pm
      “I will vote for either Dawn or Richard.”

      As it will be an STV ballot you’ll be able to vote for both, You’ll just need to decide who your first preference will be.

      1. Yes Sorry I had forgotten about that but I still undecided who to give my first preference to.

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