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Breaking: Burgon through to next stage of deputy contest

The SKWAWKBOX understands that Labour front-bencher Richard Burgon has achieved the required number of nominations to reach the next stage of the deputy leader contest.

Burgon now needs support from 5% of constituency parties voting in all-member meetings or 5% of affiliated union and socialist society members, in order to reach the full ballot of party members and affiliates.

Congratulations to Mr Burgon. Fellow front-bencher Dawn Butler also achieved the twenty-two required nominations within the last hour or so.

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    1. Better Dawn Butler that Angela Rayners. Great that Richard is on the ballot.

    2. A Watson will be just what we need, assuming we get a right-winger as leader. That’ll put the boot on the other foot!

  1. Reverse shift, vote Richard to balance the ticket,
    Methinks good jews will do the rest, only matter of time before they shit on party again from a great height
    Then do you think apologists will get the message

  2. Do we know who are the two latest nominations from Richard Burgon? I know that the three MPs that nominated Clive Lewis for leader nominated Dawn Butler for the deputy leadership.

    1. The last 5 nominations for Burgon were by Bell Ribeiro-Addy, Zarah Sultana, Jon Trickett, Claudia Webbe & Beth Winter in that order

      1. Claudia Webbe, Sarah Sultana and John Trickett were already supporting RB since last Thursday. The other two were among the last four were from Mohammad Yassin and Yasmin Qureshi. Then Dan Carden signed too for both RLB and RB.
        Marsha de Cordova, and Lloyd Russell Moyle didn’t nominate RLB. Neither have nominated RB for deputy.
        Marsha nominated Dawn for Deputy leadership since the beginning which is totally fine as it makes sense to support a fellow fabulous black woman.
        But the ones supporting AR like Nav Mishra?

      2. Gorria – Thanks for the update, although I now see that it has been updated I did check the Labour Party website immediately before I posted my comment.

  3. Three members of the Socialist Campaign Group didn’t nominate anyone for their leadership or deputy leadership: Dan Carden, Kate Osamor and Cat Smith, they appears to be staying out of it.
    While Paula Baker, Lloyd Russell-Moyle and Nav Mishra have preferred to back Angela Rayners for the Deputy Leadership instead of Richard Burgon.
    Lloyd Russell Moyle before withdrawing from the leadership baked Clive Lewis.
    It would appear that not all the members of the Socialist Campaign Group are happy to support RLB.

    1. Cat Smith and Dan Carden nominated RLB at the last minute but only Dan Carden nominated RB.
      Such lack of discipline and solidarity on display among the socialist campaign group.
      Emily Thornberry has also got into the leadership ballot, thanks to Clive Lewis withdrawing and lending Emily his supporters.
      It would be interesting to see the interaction at the hustings between Emily and Keir. It these two work collaboratively, RLB is toast. She will live to regret no supporting Clive Lewis to get into the ballot. Clive represented the best chance for her to win on second votes.

  4. Confirmation at last from Burgon.

    Meanwhile, the lies about Corbyn continue with the claim, on Politics Live, that he ‘sided with Russia’ over the Skripal attack.

    He actually sided with trying to find out what actually happened until the PLP put a stop to his efforts.

    Here’s a story about the recent castor beans incident in Manchester.

    What are the investigators wearing?

    1. It’d pretty much give the game away if two Russians were walking the streets of Salisbury wearing hazmat suits.
      I wonder how many Russian couples travel to the UK just for long weekends?
      Of those, I wonder how many come specifically to visit Salisbury but stay in London hotels and take a train to Salisbury two days running, staying for only a few hours each day?
      Of those, I wonder how many wander around residential streets instead of visiting Salisbury’s many well-known tourist hotspots?

      None. That’s how many.

      1. Indeed – a conspiracy too far that depends on the good character of King Putin.

        That MI6 should be treated with suspicion is true. That the Putin hierarchy shouldn’t be so treated is …. bollocks.

      2. It does not depend on the ‘good character’ of Putin at all.
        It depends on actually looking at the evidence.

        I have never claimed that I know what happened. But what I do know is that the official narrative for this does not make sense at all.

        Is there any photographic or witness evidence that the Russian agents went to the Skripal road? If there was, then I think it is likely we would have heard of it.

        If the Russians had wanted to kill Skripal then they could have done it years ago. Why do it now? Why break the convention that those who are subject to the spy swap are not harmed?

        It is worth bearing in mind that Theresa May has never said that the nerve agent was made in Russia only that it was ‘of a type developed in Russia’. On that basis, we would blame the Swedish government for every explosion that used dynamite—an explosive of a type developed in Sweden.

        How likely is it that someone could spray deadly nerve agent onto a door handle without actually breathing it in themselves?

      3. Tony, the term “spray” covers different degrees of atomisation. Perfume bottles, not commonly being pre-pressurised like aerosol cans, are crudely controllable in terms of droplet size.
        Press gently get large droplets, press hard get smaller droplets.
        In short, it’s perfectly possible to spray a door handle and remain uncontaminated. One could even do it without gloves if circumstances demanded that.

        Demanding solid evidence of the Russians actually being on Skripal’s street – while defending some vague unspoken alternative theory for which there’s zero solid evidence of any kind – is how Moon landing deniers operate.

  5. Great news and RLB/Richard Burgon offer hope.
    Rest of Leader hopefuls a shower, Strarner, Thornbury, Philipps all Remainer architects of Labour’s defeat and as the radical socialist feminist network points out (along with other Right Wing Labour MPs) “Vote to bomb our Black and Brown sisters in other countries.”
    Oh and Thornbury attacked the Left Venezeula Govt thus aiding the USA Neo-Cons who want its oil.
    Rayner for Deputy?
    Under middle class liberal Harman she abstained on Tory welfare cuts thus deserting the diverse working class poor and perhaps she didn’t have the political courage or acumen to counter the dominant Right Wing narrative on welfare when the Tories set neighbour against neighbour to distract them from £121b of tax cuts for the rich and corporation?.
    So it’s RLB and RB 4ME
    Then kick Labsman off the NEC!

    1. “RLB/Richard Burgon offer hope”

      Not if you’re a Palestinian – or not a greasy pole climber (although I won’t traduce Burgon unless I know what he’s saying on the BoD stuff)

  6. Clive Lewis, the only Labour leader candidate who didn’t sign up to hand over his power to the Board of Deputies of British Jews, failed to get enough nominations from fellow Labour MPs. What does that tell us about them?

  7. David McNiven:

    I found your reply to be quite interesting and worthy of consideration.
    Pity though about the final paragraph.

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