Video: another Phillips car crash interview

Life in the media firing line does not look a comfortable place for Labour challenger

Jess Phillips suffered another ‘car-crash’ interview this morning on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, as she was challenged over comments made on Sunday’s Marr show on the BBC about rejoining the European Union:

As a Corbyn critic, Ms Phillips has had an easy ride from the media for the past four years or so – all the more so as she cosied up to Tory Jacob Rees-Mogg and criticised colleague Laura Pidcock for not wanting to be friends with Tory MPs.

As a would-be candidate for leadership of the Labour party, interviewers are less likely to simply accept answers without testing – and under this relatively mild examination, Ms Phillips looks a long way from comfortable or convincing.

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  1. Jess “I’ll Make Labour Credible” Phillips single-handedly sets Labour back three years. And that’s with Piers Morgan on a tight rein.

    Hoist, as Mr Shakespeare would say, with her own petard.

  2. Someone on Twitter just pointed out that she’s confused with her friends ‘turning on her’ – but of course they haven’t, it’s her that’s changed. Instead of promising to ‘stab [the Labour Leader] in the front’, she’s seeking to become the Labour Leader. Friends? not any more.

  3. I voted Leave but
    And I have no sympathy for Jess Phillip’s being framed by GMB but

    Perfect example of media twisting message to suit their agenda
    JP was entitled to say
    No never said that
    Nope that’s garbage
    Now your just making it up,
    Not my problem you cannot report fairly what I said
    Piers your a moron,

    1. Much as I don’t like Philips,once again the media are pushing the likes of sir knightly starmer for labour leader..The jokes on us the membership who should have by now have a natural aversion to lawyers,and his choice of a knighthood for skulduggey at the DPP should nail the blairite destroyer.

      1. I think the endorsement by Progress/Labour First of Starmer and Phillips says it all, namely a death sentence for the Party – it would seem the Rightists cannot learn from past mistakes, liking pushing Remain/PV crap, when all datasets available to those interested demonstrated large losses for Labour if it went this route – that Labour lost 52 Leave seats sums it up, and for what gain, one single bloody seat!!!!

      2. and his choice of a knighthood for skulduggey at the DPP should nail the blairite destroyer.

        ‘Skulduggery’ , Joseph?

        Shithousery, more like. He had the chance to nail that skulking wee shite seb fox/ michael green/ grant shapps (or whatever his name is this week) , when the plod said what he’d done with his interweb *ahem* ‘business’: ‘May have constituted fraud.’

        The slimy, oleaginous starmer quit as DPP the very same day instaed of leaving the legacy of toerag scalp for the first time ever.

        Nevermind mouthpiece gobshite phillips being rees-smog’s best mate – This is every bit as damning in my book.

  4. Media Strategy
    Only agree to head to heads and stipulate no deflection from either side
    Cheap and nasties rarely answer a question and always attack Labour

  5. The look on JP’s face says it all, stabbed in the front
    When you serve us you are still no more than our useful idiot
    Schadenfreude anyone

  6. The picture of Starmer in deep clandestine conversation with Twatson taken by a Labour activist at some cafe , will forever be my defining image of Starmer just untrustworthy ,, simple as .

  7. That was absolutely excruciating. But it does show how important an interview can be. So many people on the right can simply make a statement safe in the knowledge that the ‘interviewer’ will not challenge them at all.

    A notorious example of that would be Ian Austin’s appearance on Sky News during the general election. The ‘interviewer’, Kay Burley, may as well have not been there.

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