Breaking: Iran launches ‘tens’ of missiles at Iraqi airbase housing US troops

AP reports attack

AP has reported in the last few minutes that Iran has claimed to have launched ‘tens’ of missiles at the Ain Assad air base in Iraq, which houses US troops. Iran has been threatening action since the US killed senior Iranian general Qassem Soleimani in a drone strike.

International calls for de-escalation have not been heeded.

The situation is ongoing.

Edit: footage said to show missiles in flight has been released:

The US has acknowledged that two bases and a consulate have been hit. No casualties have yet been reported.

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  1. The World needs to decide how to stop mad men taking power and running amok. An International organisation seems a good idea ..Oh,….

  2. This is exactly what the US arms manufacturers want. The US response will be eagerly led by the bellicose racist buffoon in the White House

  3. The mad men are in charge of our countries. Cash and oil are kings. The peacemakers and statesmen are labelled terrorist sympathisers.

    We’re being lied to.

  4. It seems that the Americans are not keen on the Iranians and the Saudi’s peace noises and would much prefer to keep them as wide apart as possible. However, this proportionate response by the Iranians suggests that removing the USA from Iraq and continuing with the Saudi peace negotiations is their preferred response.

    1. The Iranians, despite the fanatical religious elements (which the West gifted to the country), are way ahead of Trump in terms of intelligence and foresight.

      Admittedly – that’s not difficult.

  5. Rather clever display.

    The Iranians warned the yanks via the Swiss Embassy 1 hour before hand. Ensuring a direct and appropriate response without casualties.

    Note that the bases did not respond defensively. In the case of Al Asad, the first wave took out the radar, the second wave took out the defense systems and the third just ran amok. Also, Iran used older liquid fueled rockets, not the modern solid fuel types (with far superior accuracy).

    It’s not the end, but I do hope it’s the beginning of the end of western imperialism in the Middle East.

    RIP Soleimani and companions.

  6. A score draw for the two Right Barbarian Govts who believe they have God on their side.
    Both need kicking out by left wing democratic socialist forces.
    Public ownership of oil and gas in the Middle East would help as would an NHS in the USA too.
    Perhaps instead of middle and upper class Western Leaders having a free reign but less developed country tyrants being prosecuted perhaps as a start put Blair and Bush on trial at The Hague (and Trump is a potential candidate) then perhaps working people of the World would see that diverse working humanity is equal.

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