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Video: Lavery on PLP’s and media’s ‘brutal’ attacks on ‘one of the most decent men I’ve ever met’

Ian Lavery

Labour Party chair Ian Lavery, the man many members hope will stand for election as the party’s new leader, has spoken emotionally to Novara media to describe the ‘brutal’ attack by right-wing Labour MPs on Jeremy Corbyn last week – and about the media’s collaboration in the attack on the man he considers one of the most decent he has known in his entire life:

Lavery is a man with the heart and politics to take Labour further along the path to a compassionate and humane government that offers a real alternative to the Tories.

The full programme can be found here.

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  1. The Brutal attacks on Jeremy Corbyn by the PLP are nothing new – they have been brutally attacking him from day one. The MSM have backed them to the hilt and joined in vicious attacks on Jeremy. Between them they slung a ton of muck at this good and decent man and unfortunately some of it stuck.
    But as ever the brainless members of the PLP did not realise that in smearing Jeremy on every occasion they were jeopardising their own chances of re election- people who bought their smears were not going to vote for party led by someone portrayed by his own MPs as incompetent, an antisemite , a marxist etc. On the other hand people who could see through the lies and muck raking did not want to vote for Labour MPs who openly smeared their leader and ran to the press every 5 minutes with another complaint or allegation about him..
    Apparently ex MP Mary Creagh was furious about losing her seat and launched into a tirade against Jeremy. I wish I had been there. I would have told her to look to her own behaviour before blaming others for the loss of her seat.

  2. Mr. Lavery certainly seems to be a decent man.
    How often, though, have we seen audiences inspired by a politician like they were inspired by Corbyn?
    It was Blair’s machine and its media successes in a time of grey Tories and Britpop that appealed to people, not the ex-pretty boy himself.

    Corbyn’s appeal is entirely down to his personal qualities and his lack of bullshit and, in case you haven’t noticed, people like that are seriously fucking rare.

    We’ll regret the stupidity of letting the BBC, the Tories and Labour’s ‘centrists’ dictate that we have to replace a leader whose quiet charisma and honesty terrifies them – with one from a selection curated by our enemies ffs.
    Are you not offended by this shit – or is Labour’s membership really that stupid?

    1. I hate the thought of Jeremy standing down and I think that most members feel the same way and agree with you that we will deeply regret it if we allow him to be forced out.

    2. I don’t understand why you talk in terms of the membership being dictated to David, or why you speak in terms of Jeremy being forced out Smartboy. After four-and-a-half years of relentless smears and demonisation and character assassination AND losing two general elections he has decided to stand down. I mean don’t most leaders of the two main parties stand down after losing ONE general election, and definitely after losing two. Apart from which, Jeremy obviously knows that if he WERE to continue as leader, it would just be more of the same for the next five years, by which time he will be seventy-five.

      1. There is a lot in what you say Allan Howard .but as I said , probably selfishly, I hate the thought of Jeremy standing down.

  3. I have said from day one that the rush for a new leader and an election is not helpful,and furthermore its Corbyns duty unless he is sick to stand with the membership to protect the socialist revival in the Labour party. No election needed now before we clean house.We CANNOT burden another leader with this nest of vipers in the PLP.

    1. Oh, right, but it’s perfectly OK is it to ‘burden’ Jeremy with another five years of being relentlessly attacked and vilified and demonised, another five years of character assassination?

      And just out of interest, how many times have you criticised Jeremy or ‘the leadership’ for not ‘fighting back’ and ‘appeasing’ the ‘vipers’ et al since you suddenly started posting on here practically every day about six months ago Joseph? Dozens and dozens of times, right? But now, since Jeremy announced he’s standing down shortly, he’s the only one to lead us forward!

      What a joke!!

      1. Allan – Don’t be silly. The notion that one can’t be critical of a politician that you support is politically naive.

        Corbyn is political leader not a divine deity.

      2. What’s more, you know that he said he’s standing down Joseph (once another leader is elected), AND that there is no way he can now change his mind, so WHY do you keep harping on about it? It doesn’t make sense, unless of course you’re trying to conjure up MORE bad feeling towards him amongst the membership, as you’ve been doing for most of the past six months or so.

        He said he’s standing down, end of, so respect his decision. And him! The very fact that you come out with crap that ‘it’s his duty unless he’s sick’ blah, blah, blah, tells me EXACTLY what your agenda is!

      3. It’s one thing being critical for legitimate reasons, and entirely another to repeat something over and over again week after week after week for six months.

        And it’s funny how you’re so often there to defend the propagandist shit-heads on here Steve! No matter what time of the night or day it is!

        But pray, do tell, why do you think Joseph and a few other posters keep going on about Jeremy continuing on as leader when he has ALREADY said he is standing down? Why would anyone do that! I mean do they really think for one millisecond that he is going to change his mind, or that he COULD change his mind, even if he wanted to. I mean has any other leader of a major political party done that – ie said they’re standing down and then NOT stood down? Of COURSE he is not going to, and THEY know it!

        Why would someone who’s spent the past six months criticising Jeremy for being weak and not standing up to the ‘moderates’ and appeasing them etc, etc NOW – since he’s announced he’s standing down – suddenly be calling for him to stay? Doesn’t add up does it Steve!

        Surely someone who spent so much time criticising Jeremy (or the ‘leadership’) for said reasons would want to have a leader that’s ‘strong’ and DOESN’T ‘appease’ the saboteurs AND ‘fights back’. No?

        And has ANY leader of one of the two main parties ever stayed on as leader after TWO general election defeats?

      4. PS And what about what I said in the first part of my response to Joseph?! As if you and the rest of your crew didn’t know that he – Jeremy – would just be attacked and vilified and smeared and dehumanised and demonised for the next five years. Have some respect for the man for crying out loud!

        Oh, sorry, of course you don’t actually have any respect for Jeremy at all, do you, and never DID in reality. Fucking trolls!!!

      5. Allan – Unless one supports the Tory policy of making everyone work until they are 75 then it would be difficult not to agree with you on this point. Jeremy has every right to decide he’s had enough and to try and bully a man who is already well past retirement age to carry on in one of the most stressful jobs there is with the added and constant pressure of a hostile media environment is cruel and also disrespectful to the man and what he has achieved.

      6. It’s a good job you’ve got the internet, “Allan”, or you’d be spending most of your life in hospital acting like such a twat in real life!

      7. Would you care to elaborate timfrom? Joseph? And I couldn’t help but notice that neither of you addressed any of the points I raised, but instead – as you practically always do – resort to personal abuse. I wonder why!

    1. it’s a little ‘disappointing’ that they didn’t think to publish this before the General Election

      What was the date of the election, David? Now look at the date on the letter… 😰

      1. Yes I did read the date and time on the letter.

        I contend that the letter had been published as a rebuttal to the Chief Rabbi’s accusations over 3 weeks earlier instead of it being ‘published’ (buried in the depths of the Guardian where hardly anyone noticed it) just a few hours before the polls opened. If you want to argue that it wouldn’t have been more effective if it had been published 3 weeks earlier with plenty of prominence then please feel free to give us the benefit of your wisdom.

      2. The hard fact is that a number of letters similar to this were published – but totally submerged in the overall propaganda scam.

        Yesterday evening we were talking about all this, and I suggested to my daughter (who had a tablet in hand) to look for reviews of ‘Bad News for Labour’ – some months on from publication.

        I don’t need to say much about the outcome – or that for the parallel Verso publication that also dismantled the scam.

        Publication of letters will be used by the Guardian to show evidence of even-handedness, but it’s the wider silence and partiality that dominates.

      3. Soz, meant Steve not David.

        And no, I don’t want to argue that it wouldn’t have been more effective 3 weeks earlier, etc. It was just a point of information. I don’t know when the letter was received for a start, but have got used to these rebuttal letters being ignored. RH’s first & last paragraphs sum it up well.

        Happy Xmas, though, comrades. We could all do with a long holiday from worry but won’t be getting one anytime soon, eh?! 😱☠️😨👿😜

      4. My apologies tinfrom I’ve only just noticed the error in my original comment. It should have read “it’s a little ‘disappointing’ that they didn’t think to publish this well before the General Election as a response to the Chief Rabbi’s attack on Jeremy Corbyn.” 😊

  4. Joseph, I don’t think JC has the least duty to us to stay on after the way he’s been treated – he’d be doing us a favour we don’t deserve by carrying on taking all that media shit alone.
    I think he’d still help us out if we asked though and I can think of no-one better.
    Jeezus, the party’s never once defended him and he’s never complained – I’d have defenestrated the fuckers from the top floors of Southside.

    Special Conference in January. New rules.
    (1) Ditch block votes
    (2) Deselect all the Mavises
    (2a) Appoint ‘Strictly’ celebs as placeholder PPC’s to keep the media drooling until the next election while we reshape the newly empty ‘centre’ by the tiniest little amount – just from jammie dodger to polo mint.
    I hear centrists are motion sick from the gravy train anyway and sick sick from all that jam – a nice, healthy zero calorie diet is what they need.

    1. Maybe he’s sticking around while he thinks of a way to take Dame Hodge down with him!

  5. David Mcnivan…..I Want an orderly exit,not to hand the ship over to a moderate.or second rate politician.It takes time and effort and not abandon ship because we lost.He can do a lot before he leaves.He is,stil the Labour party leader and is in a good position to cleanhouse before going..We can only hope?

  6. Now the act of denial of benefits to those who are sick I’ll disabled will just carry on under this lot while those who shouldn’t be in the labour party prosper and cause further unrest but never mind we all argue amongst our selves while they steal cull sell everything off while we argue

  7. Its going on for evening in Koh, Rong island.Happy ☺,hour and,the sun going down.I Wish all of,you,including the squawkbox editor a happy and peaceful Christmas …..God bless!

  8. Isn’t it about time the PLP meetings were live streamed to members. Can this not be motioned at CLP meetings?

  9. JC invited the attacks upon himself. His continual apologies & policies of appeasement were never going to stop the bourgeois Blairite PLP nor the anti-Socialist MSM. He turned his back on Chris Williamson & threw him to the dogs & now what he sows he shall reap. A Socialist PM? You need a backbone to stand up straight.

    1. I would love JC to stay on as leader if, without feeling pressurised, he was willing to do it. I would hope however, he has learned lessons and could gather around him a new set of advisers and become much more aggressive in his response to those who are trying to destroy him.

  10. Yes JC is a star and wonder if the cowardly right Wing careerists Labour MPs would care to repeat what they said in the secret meeting to our faces and they would get a piece of our minds!
    Labour should have 3 strikes and you are out (going public which doesn’t help a Leader, the Party and working people).
    First warning to Blair (and a demand he faces trial in The Hague along with Bush and possibly Campbell though he would say ABC anyone but Campbell) second warning to Hattersley for calling for Right Wing Labour MPs to not accept the DEMOCRATIC result of an up and coming Leadership contest, they behave like the careerist spoilt brats they are!
    A working class left Leader and Black female Deputy would be a breath of fresh air.
    Seasons Greetings to Socialists.

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