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The Establishment is coming for your media

John Mann

John Mann, now truly out in the open as a Tory-made peer and wearing his peerage proudly in his Twitter handle, is coming for the left media. Using his role as Boris Johnson’s ‘antisemitism tsar’, he has announced an investigation into the left media. With no trace of irony, he named the Canary in his announcement.

The founders of the Canary are Jewish.

Mann, who resigned as an MP before the election to take up his Tory peerage and job, has a track record of anti-Gypsy discrimination and has been blamed by local Gypsy Travellers for making their lives a misery. He was interviewed by police in a hate-crime investigation, after putting out a leaflet that included them in a list of anti-social nuisances.

Such details will be ignored by the Establishment media, of course – as will the fact that Mann seems to have no intention of investigating racism in the Tory party.

Tribune editor Ronan Burtenshaw has written today:

The socialist movement has been here before and we will get through it stronger — what is genuine will be proven in the fire. But they will come for us.

The new left media threaten the Establishment – and now the Establishment intends to make it payback time. If Labour had won last night and embarked on a programme of removing the media that have smeared it for years, the media would be up in arms. Yet the Establishment’s decision to come for the independent media for telling the truth will raise no more than a murmur, if that.

If you value the genuine voice of the left, it is time to fight for it.

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  1. @Skawkbox, can’t you see, we are. We are here to fight ! We just need someone to pull us together right now. Someone with clout to speak out and hold us together.

    We are the many !

  2. On national BBC radio 5 at 12.15 today Claire Tominey,associate editor of the Telegraph openly called Mr Corbyn an anti Semite. There is nothing to lose now Mr Corbyn,take her to court. This constant appeasing of bullies hasn’t worked. What’s more these slurs have been used to attack all of us,I am sure many others on here will,like me have been called racist or anti Smite on the doorstep during this campaign. I understand “you go low we go high” but it doesn’t work with bullies. Please Mr Corbyn start the fight back,sue her.

    1. Kay Burley said on Sky that to Ian Lavery this morning – he was gobsmacked she just came right out and said Mr Corbyn is an anti-Semite.

    2. I disagree Why should Jeremy risk his financial security and give a nasty biased individual further opportunity to malign him. Furthermore she is only repeating what the Chief Rabbi, Rachael Reilly, Luciana Berger, Louise Ellman ( if she can remember) Maureen Lipman etc has said – Jeremy can’t sue them all.They know this and that is why they have persisted in their campaign against him. They also know that mud sticks and they have flung plenty of it at him.
      However history teaches us that the truth usually comes out in the end and I have no doubt whatsoever that this will happen in this case too. Unfortunately this will be too late to save the NHS etc but there is nothing we can do about that. People have chosen to believe that the least racist man in parliament is an antisemite and we will all have to live with the consequences.

      1. Take your point but would he have to sue them all,wouldn’t winning one prove a point. Also I wonder if it would need Mr Corbyn to fund personally,could the Party not fund,or even his union through their legal fund? I accept ultimately the truth will out,but,like so many others I am angry and hurt at the moment and seeing these appalling slurs being bandied around as if they were facts is hard to take.

    3. Jeremy Corbyn HAS to take her – and others – to court. He’d be defending Labour against this awful antisemitism slander and libel. Many Labour members, orthadox, non-observant and observant Jews, anti-racists and progresives would willingly crowd-fund Corbyn’s action(s).

      It would be our way of defending Corbyn’s decency and celebrating his considerable contribution to politics and society.

      Please Jeremy, fight back – for our sakes – and I speak as a Labour member and a (unobservant) Jew.

      1. Regards Jeremy taking legal action etc, well in the FIRST place, the people who have accused him of being an antisemite aren’t stupid, and they wouldn’t say it unless they knew they could get away with it, OR, to put it the other way round, they WOULDN’T say it if they knew that Jeremy could sue them for slander/defamation.

        Many people who follow skwawkbox will be aware that Tony Greenstein started legal action against the Campaign Against Antisemitism some time ago for calling him an anti-semite (for those that aren’t familiar with Tony, he is in fact Jewish, as his surname suggests), a ‘notorious anti-semite’ in fact, and it transpired that the judge in the case said that if THAT is their ‘honest opinion’, they are entitled to do so. It’s something to do with journalists being covered for alleging this or that (I’ll see if I can find exactly what it is at some point).

        Ah, I just did a quick search and found it. This is what Tony said in his blog:

        Their legal team, led by Adam Speker of 5RB, the same Chambers that today’s presiding Judge Mr Justice Nicklin belongs to, has fought desperately to be able to rely on section 3 (‘honest opinion’) rather than a section 2 (‘statement of fact’) of the Defamation Act 2013.

        Section 3 is the old ‘fair comment’ common law defence that was usually used to protect journalists who wrote in good faith about a politician. It protected free speech. The 2013 Defamation Act put it on a statutory footing and called it ‘honest opinion’. In other words, even if you are lying through your teeth, as long as you believe your own lies then you are in the clear.


        I have no doubt that Jeremy was advised a long time ago about this by LP lawyers, if he didn’t know already, which he probably did.

  3. We need to keep Mann’s past at the forefront of every interview. The odd idea of not focusing on blatant bigots who were interviewed by the police is another failure of Corbyn’s team. Nothing can come out of a nasty personality so why not make it clear why they are necessary? And make Jeremy’s long demonstration, action and support for Jews. Why stay silent on that? Why not say when i / he was there, WHERE were you??? What were you saying / writing to help??? The failure to do that will puzzle me to the end of my days.

    1. and why not sue??? I’v heard even hostile presenters express their puzzlement that Jeremy has failed to defend himself against the allegations and sue!!! That failure has allowed the attacks to continue. Quite obvious.

      1. You’ve said this before sgnpost. So would you care to name some of these hostile presenters, and maybe put a link or two (but not more than one in any given post because it has to wait to be moderated) to video clips when and where it’s happened.

        And also some examples of when Jeremy HASN’T defended himself.


  4. John Mann is now a Tory peer who made a very good living out of Labour for a very long time. Because of people like him who relentlessly pursued an anti Corbyn agenda we lost the election last night.(these same people will now blame Jeremy for that)
    He’s all right Jack but the gullible who voted Tory will soon regret listening to him and others like him.
    I have no doubt the Canary will be found to be antisemitic. It supported Jeremy throughout and many Jewish people like Kerrie Ann Mendoza and her wife who support him have been previously branded antisemites . Such a scurrilous accusation is difficult to disprove – it is very hard for an accused person to prove a negative i.e. that they are NOT antisemitic. Naturally as it involves support for Corbyn there is no presumption of innocence.
    However I am hopeful that in targeting the Jewish owners of the Canary Mann may have bitten off more than he can chew this time and will get the comeuppance he deserves.

  5. Trump has also issued an executive order giving Judaism a national or race identity and equates criticism of the Israeli state with anti-Semitism.

    The pattern of using Judaism for political agenda and shutting down free speech is looking more and more like totalitarianism in so called democracies. The state media and most of corporate media in UK has already become the voice and propaganda arms of the establishment and Gov. one of the signs of an authoritarian or totalitarian state.

  6. May I just remind everyone that this is exactly how Hitler started. He had the socialists arrested and imprisoned and had all other parties banned except his own. If you can’t see the similarities look at page 48 where they will repeal the fixed term parliaments act and give themselves the power to be unnacountable to the law.

    No more elections (or ‘blockages’ as johnson calls them) unless he sees fit.

  7. Ok breaking news, VERY important. I am getting news and videos sent to me from friends stating that not only were some turned away from polling stations over the photo id thing but loads of people trying to vote have been told that THAT THEY HAD ALREADY VOTED and their names had been crossed off the list. So Tories have been culling voters names from the electoral register and using them to place a false vote in place of the real person.

    And thats the only way a conservative can win an election. Lie, cheat and steal.

  8. And that, good people is why johnson wants to introduce photo id voting. Because they already thought up that way to fiddle the voting system, and don’t want their method used against THEM at any other election.

    1. Michael Gove was saying in his press announcement overnight that Jewish people can feel safe once again, now the Corbyn “menace” is gone.

      The utter creep.

      1. I expect such fake nonsense from Gove et al but am shocked to read it from Warsi.

        I have misjudged her, I saw her as a person of honesty and integrity, it wont happen again.

    2. But what can you expect from Sayeeda Warsi? She’s a Tory after all.
      So very different from the wonderful Asian people I met on the doorstep in Peterborough yesterday. I went from house to house and was warmly welcomed. All, without exception were solidly Labour.

      Warsi is a hypocrite with her message to her ‘Jewish brothers and sisters’. Although she complained of Islamophobia in the Tory party on more than one occasion, they did nothing about it. She then seemed to drop the matter, deciding to take it no further. Maybe someone had a discreet word with her, politiely telling her to shut up as she was making the Tories look bad when attention needed to be focussed on the so-called antisemitism problem in the Labour Party.

      What a Tory blanker!

      1. I agree,

        I also want to draw peoples attention to this site to follow for journalism based on research of declassified UK documents, so truth about what UK Govs have been up to on your taxes, national debt and austerity, mostly in foreign policy which I believe is the engine of modern financialized capitalism.

  9. What we need is a scrap yard dog to set on the media and train our best people in the dark arts
    Geordie Galloway springs to mind,
    Disassociate JOM and LFI
    Call out chief Rabbi Mirv and Sackless, expose them, give them a taste of their own medicine, expose Jewish toilet papers,
    Reinstate every member who was criminally expelled
    Draw up a list of trusted spokespeople
    Call out every dirty trick in election and start criminal and civil actions against our enemies
    Make vexatious claims a hate crime
    But for god sake do something for the members and supporters

    1. Galloway, yes, yes, yes!

      And talking of “coming for our media”, let’s not forget in all the excitement one of the biggest losers last night.

      Julian Assange’s last hope is now gone and Mike Pompeo’s got the torturing irons in the fire already…

      1. It’s up to the so called ‘great British public’ and world public to join the campaigns against the atrocity being committed against Assange, free speech, journalism and publishers.
        Here’s a starter.

    2. ‘What we need is a scrap yard dog to set on the media and train our best people in the dark arts’

      Sounds all very well in theory Doug, but THEY own and control the corporate MSM and the semi-corporate BBC – ie THEY control the narrative.

      THAT is precisely why we are where we are.

      So when you say ‘call out every dirty trick’, how is THAT going to work in practice when it it is the MSM that is part and parcel in the dirty tricks?

      As for starting criminal and civil actions etc, could you give an example or two of WHO would start them and against who.

      I think the one thing the LP SHOULD do is sue the BBC/Panorama regarding their hatchet-job in July. It is undoubtedly the case that the claims/allegations made by the ten people who participated in the program and were ‘presented’ as ordinary Jewish LP members were a pack of lies AND very damaging, and THAT can undoubtedly be proven, never mind the fact that seven of them were/are executive committee members of the JLM, and one of the other three their former Campaigns Officer, and the BBC/Panorama would be forced to explain how this came about AND why they didn’t inform viewers of the fact in the program AND why John Ware and the producers didn’t contact any of the CLPs to get their response to the allegations AND include them in the program. And THAT’s just for starters!

    1. Here’s a short excerpt from Jonathan’s article in case you didn’t read it:

      We on the left didn’t lose this election. We lost our last illusions. The system is rigged – as it always has been – to benefit those in power. It will never willingly allow a real socialist, or any politician deeply committed to the health of our societies and to the planet, to take that power away from the corporate class. That, after all, is the very definition of power. That is what the corporate media is there to achieve.


      As for John Mann, ‘their’ Witch-finder General, ‘they’ didn’t waste any time did they!

      1. Here’s exactly what Mann said in his tweet, just for the record:

        “I can this morning announce that as Government advisor on antisemitism that I will be instigating an investigation this January into the role of the Canary and other websites in the growth of antisemitism in the United Kingdom.”


        Nope, he/they certainly didn’t waste any time!

        Now given that he was appointed back in July, if there actually WAS any evidence of the Canary and ‘other websites’ promoting anti-semitism or whatever, why would he wait until NOW, the morning of the day after the GE, to announce he is ‘instigating an investigation’?

        And as I’ve said on more than a few occasions in the past, isn’t it an amazing coincidence that he just happened to be there at Party HQ with a film crew (or wherever it was) when Ken turned up there some three hours later after doing his interview with Vanessa Feltz. Needless to say, it WASN’T!

        As I think everyone who follows skwawkbox knows by now, Ken was alluding to the Haavara Agreement, in passing, when he said that Hitler was supporting Zionism, AND, it was in fact Feltz who brought up Hitler – and THAT’s what Ken was responding to – in the first place. There’s dozens of articles about the agreement on the web, but here’s a link to the wikipedia entry if you haven’t head of it before:

  10. Just wait for the knock on the door.We will be Terrorised by the establishment using the extremist laws brought in by this government and supported by the enemy within.Not supprised at all and have seen it all before in Ireland against ordinary people who wanted civil rights. The reply was the police,military armed militia supported by the orange lodge of which you have in every town in Britain..Wil we see wholesale collection of names from Party records supplied by the enemy within at HQ,or have they already got them from trawling sites like this and the canary.You have seen nothing yet,but fight back against the tyreny of the establishment and we will prevail.,And for Squawk box you realised a long time ago that you were putting your kneck on the line for feeedom and like others in the left wing you are top of the list for the extremism law.Thanks for your brave and pioneering reporting.Out of contact now and relieved as I board the plane ✈..and devastated by the nightmare you are about to face in Britain.

  11. Please take care, dear Skwawkbox. The protests in London might turn ugly and this type of cunts will use it to crack down on the left, on freedoms.

    1. Yeah, and YOU obviously care so much about skwawkbox and its reputation Ben that you come on here and use such language.

      What a joke!

      1. Jesus FUCKING Christ!
        What is it with ADULTS trying to TELL other ADULTS NOT To Express themselves with WHATEVER FUCKING LANGUAGE THEY FUCKING CHOOSE TO!?
        For FUCK’s SAKE! Have you got a Crucifix stuck up your Fucking ARSE or Something!
        Fuck of and Go Fuck Yourself!
        How Dare YOU!
        If Ben wants to Swear what business is that of anyone ELSE!!? GEEZIS!! I am so SICK of it!
        You are QUITE Right Ben There are MANY of these Kind of CUNTS hanging around Corners in Small Pockets!
        BE CAREFUL, Whenever you Go Skwawky!!

      2. Oh hatehate, you ARE full of hatehate! I personally rarely feel a need to use expletives to express myself, but on the rare occasion that I HAVE, it was my anger that ‘invoked’ me to use the F word – ie my anger at what someone had said, a really nasty response by someone to something a poster had said, for example.

        I wonder how many people, on coming across skwawkbox by chance, have signed up for notifications AND then very quickly been put off by all the swearing and expletives OR how many people – perhaps having done a search about a particular issue – have clicked on the skwawkbox article in the search results, read the article, and then been put right off by lots of F-ing and blinding in the comments section. The people who post on here are as much responsible for Skwawks reputation – AND the reputation of the Left – as the articles which skwawkbox produces are, and as far as I’m concerned, using the C-word is totally unacceptable. But you’ve made it more than clear that you don’t give a flying fox about THAT!

        PS And I don’t think it’s very ADULT to swear by the way!

      3. I agree. As with comedians who rely on swearing it’s cheap trick; when comedians do it (often those particularly hopeless anti Trumpians) they have to turn up the canned laughter to express the audience ‘shock’ at the use of such words! You are also right about giving an impression and providing an easy target. I send my son pieces which he reads and often takes on board but he often mentions the ‘crazy’ comments and even shows the sillier ones to his mates and they laugh at the language that to them sounds like the Cold War or some civil war that nobody is really fighting.

      4. WOW! Someone uses swearing to express themselves and they are Trumpian, Comedian, Hateful, etc, etc, etc JUST because it is not in your Fucking TASTE or Choice of Words!?
        Do you know How FUCKED UP THAT IS!
        If I CHOOSE to express myself by using FUCKING SWEARING I Fucking Well WILL!
        It has Nothing to do with ANY OTHER PERSON ON THIS FUCKING PLANET!
        I do NOT speak for Skwawky I speak for my Fucking Self!
        YOU Can Do the ADULT thing and read up to the FIRST Fuck, Cunt, Twat, etc, etc, etc and then SIMPLY Move to the NEXT Post without being a Fucking Twat!

      5. BTW I have never heard Johnson, May, Thatcher, Bolsonaro Trump, Orban, etc, etc, etc, etc swear, I guess by your calculation those Jesus Fucking Freaks must ALL be Good, Kind, Loving People BECAUSE THEY ARE PROBABLY AS FUCKING OFFENDED BY SWEARING AS YOU ARE!

      6. @HateHate

        I usually do the swearing around here; although I moderate meself most of te time because I can’t see the point in ‘over-egging it’ as you’re doing.

        I’m no moral crusder or paragon of virtue by any means. Yes, be angry – nowt wrong with that; in fact I try approve of people getting irate – but for fucks sake squire, tone it down a LOT, eh?

        It just might carry your argument a bit better, too when every other word isn’t a sweary!

        Ta. 👍

  12. Once Patel has her Grubs on our Human Rights there will be NO Such a Thing as a Private Internet Connection!
    We are going have start working our arses off Hacking Personal Privacy!
    Now that People have given our Human Rights to the Jesus Gang can you IMAGINE what that means! You will only be able to send North Korea Style minimal emails an SM messages!

    Hi xyz, how are you today
    Hi abc I am fine thank you
    Okay, that is Great Bye

    Whahahaha! We are used to it Skwawky! We are also used to the Idea what the Idiots who voted for this still have to realise! I will from today have a box of cake in my bag ANY Complaints! Have some MORE Cake!

    Hey Jim What is up you look Grim today?
    Got sent down for 6 Months Community Service for looking at some Porn!
    Oh Hang on Jim! Here we Go! Eat Some Cake!
    See Ya, Wouldn’t wanna Be Ya!

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