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Urgent: Tories breaking electoral law to tell voters at polling stations you need ID to vote. IT’S A LIE

Tories standing outside polling stations with illegal party rosettes trying to discourage voters. Don’t believe them

Labour activists around the country are reporting that Tory canvassers are standing outside polling stations – wearing Conservative rosettes that are not allowed near polling stations on voting day – and telling voters that they can’t vote unless they have photo ID with them.

This is a lie.

The only voters who need ID are in Northern Ireland – where neither Labour nor the Tories stand candidates.

Do not be put off.

And if anyone at a polling station tells you this, don’t just tell them to f*** off – report them. They are breaking the law.

Never trust a Tory. Spread the word.

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  1. The lodgic given on Monday to and rising pound was confidence in a Tory win.The pound this morning is plunging…are we to assume that the casino economics and gambling with currency trading is in a pannick.The BBC have been silent on somthing they can legally report….I wonder why?….and nobbling the voters at the polling stations…..Shock! Horror…report to PC Plod is the advice of the electoral commission if you see anyone trying to subvert democracy..Anyone for the BBC folks?

    1. URGENT: Some voters unaware so please forward everywhere –
      The Electoral Commission advises polling stations “can get very busy, particularly towards the end of the day”,

      but voters in a queue before 10pm will be entitled to apply for a ballot paper.

      Voters in England, Scotland and Wales do not need to take anything with them to vote, while those in Northern Ireland must have photo ID.

      NB: Voters unable to vote for whatever reason can return to their polling stations at any time before 10pm tonight.


      1. ps. You do not have to take your polling card with you, but the Electoral Commission advises that having it with you can help speed up the process.

        – Can I use a pen to vote?

        There will be a pencil in the polling booth, but voters can use a pen if they prefer.

        The Electoral Commission warns voters not to write anything else on the paper – other than a cross in one box – or your vote may not be counted.

  2. Someone needs to film them doing this, and then contact the police, AND pass a copy on to Channel 4 News and the Daily Mirror (who are the only two media outlets likely to cover it. Anyway……

    I just came across this litany of lies from Lipman published in the Daily Mail yesterday. Yet another person falsely causing concern and consternation amongst her fellow Jews.

    I mean what sort of person DOES that! And writing such a disgusting and despicable propaganda piece for the Daily Mail of all newspapers (and I use the term very loosely) who supported Hitler and the Nazis right up until the outbreak of war – ie during all the years that the Nazis demonised the Jews and Kristallnacht etc, etc, etc:

    Jeremy Corbyn would be a stain on us all: MAUREEN LIPMAN blasts would-be PM in a damning verdict as she makes a plea to all decent people

    PS And I hope someone – if not the LP itself – has reported Laura Kuenssberg to the police as the Electoral Commission says they should in the event someone does what she’s done. And I hope the LP are going to demand to know who her “2 sources” were that told her that a Labour activist had punched Hancock’s aide in the face. Funny how she didn’t seem at all perturbed or irate about them having lied to her, or even appeared to suspect that they had (but then again, I doubt they even exist)! Here’s what she tweeted:

    ‘Happy to apologise for earlier confusion about a punch that wasn’t a punch outside Leeds General – 2 sources suggested it happened but clear from video that was wrong’

    Suggested eh? Yeah, I bet they did!!

    1. Lipperson is a disgusting bitch. Accuses Corbyn of

      it has suited Jeremy Corbyn well to ensure that the campaign descended into crass, distracting discussions about anti-Semitism ”

      Hang about – Corbyn wasn’t the one bandying about accusations left right and centre. She can thank her OWN rabble for doing that. And then to continue on about

      “I don’t need to list the endless, damning charges of anti-Semitism levied against Corbyn and his party. Even if I wanted to, there simply isn’t enough space on this page.”

      To be honest, I have never seen anyone yet give evidence of what she talks about. Just accusations and finger pointing. They like to throw accusations around without actually providing any proof, I suppose to inflate a molehill into ten mountains.

      Just WHAT is her agenda? Who is she friends with? She is certainly no friend of the poor. Another greedy, grabbing tory bitch

      1. As I’ve said before, how come none of these groups (the JLM and the CAA et al) or the individuals (like Hodge and Smeeth and Mann et al) or the Jewish Newspapers or the MSM so-called journalists who have endlessly described Ken and Jackie and Chris etc as anti-semitic, have ever reported any of them to the police. Funny that, I wonder why not!

        Perhaps someone should ask Maureen Lipman.

    2. The Jerusalem Post today reported that the Israeli government has issued a warning about a Corbyn victory which they say will lead to Palestine being recognised as a State (which to them is like the white South Africans having to recognise citizens) and see British Jews emigrate in ‘fear’. State interference or just being helpful? Why is it only ‘bad’ when Russia is alleged to do the same?

  3. I think we can safely say that tories are crapping their panties if they are prepared to blatantly break the law in public. Is it an imprisonable offence? Hope so.

    1. I called the police in 2017 when a Tory with a rosette was barring voters from entering the polling station untill they give her their details. The guy I. assumed was Labour just sat there and asked voters, where as she acted as though she had a right to see your polling card, and was wearing a rosette). The police told me it was nothing to do with them.

  4. Any video evidence being garnered?

    If there isn’t: ‘it didn’t happen’ will be the MSM/plod narrative. Less than 8 hours to send in undercover investigators to catch them in the act or else it’s trawl through every toerag ward to match them up – and plod aren’t even bother to get off their arses to bother (as per).

    1. “Celebrity” slanders of Corbyn are happy with the following:

      “Even more upsetting, was that several foodbanks were forced to close on the day of the election, as their regular venue was hosting a polling station and didn’t have room for both.

      The Edinburgh Food Project shared a post on Twitter informing their followers that the Rannoch Foodbank was shut due to the election.

      They said: “IMPORTANT INFO REMINDER. Rannoch Foodbank is closed today as the host venue is being used as a polling station!”

      Similarly, a Twitter user named Leon Ward shared a snap from his polling station in Cardiff West, where a foodbank session had been cancelled due to voting.”

      Lippy thing, the other over sugared crass noisy brute, Boris Garden Bridge LumLumGumly – baby sat BlobJob when it was a lying toddler – , … or any of that lot, why would they care? After all BloJob calls them “drunkards”, “they can’t budget” says another Tory, EDWINA CURRIE the Victorian valuer of John Major – moans similarly: “they drink”, have “phones” etc and Johnson’s dad thinks “they” can’t “spell”. Unbelievable characters in a “could not make it up” plot. A Tory HELLISH NIGHTMARE of them and “THEY”🔴🔴🔴

  5. IF YOU CAN – get onto Dialogue and GOTV in key seats….

    Dead easy to do and no cost to you.

  6. Stop getting hysterical is the first thing.

    Then do something about it if you have seen it or know where it’s happening – police (it counts as harassment for a start) or via the polling clerks. No if’s no buts – anyone doing it can be dealt with.

  7. The government’s disinformation campaign has been facilitated by a complicit, biased, undemocratic media
    Written by Kitty S Jones

    Disinformation and new forms of propaganda can take many forms—from the use of false images, misleading headlines, to social media techniques that create an impression of consensus – that the ‘majority’ understands an issue in a certain way (also called ‘bandwaggon technique’). Polling can be misused, for example, to create an illusion of agreement in a population, and to draw on the conformity tendency or ‘herd mentality’ of the public.

    Media agenda setting and framing of events may also contribute to the bandwaggon effect, and even subtle cues such as a broadcast presenter’s attitude and language towards election candidates can also influence voters.

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