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Must-watch: 3 ex-miners on GE19 – Johnson’s a liar who hates working class. Vote Labour – Corbyn’s always been on our side

Three veterans of the miners’ strike speak out

Former miners, L-R: John Walton, Bruce Wilson, Inky Thomson

A video featuring an ex-miner laying some hard truth Boris Johnson has been one of the viral hits of Labour’s general election campaign. Inky Thomson pulled no punches – and why should he? The miners know more than anyone about the Tories and what Tory government means to working class people and their communities.

Now two more miners have added their voices to the call for working-class communities to remember who the Tories are and what the Tories do – and to remember that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has always stood shoulder to shoulder with working-class people, no matter the challenge.

Their conclusion is emphatic:

  • Boris Johnson is a liar who will finish what Thatcher started
  • Jeremy Corbyn has always stood shoulder to shoulder with the working class no matter the challenge, cost or difficulty
  • Vote Labour

The three men’s authentic voices need to be heard everywhere between now and the close of polling stations tomorrow night:

John Walton

Bruce Wilson

Inky Thomson

Get their words out as widely and as quickly as you can.

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  1. Have the British public any common sense or have they lost all sense of morality and forgotten about the establishment and the Tory party.. Find out good Friday.

    1. BBC has gotten away with lots, but this is criminal. Undisguised. Have they been assured that no action will be taken against them??? Hancock lies then this? DECISIVE action needed.
      RADIO: most BBC non news is VG or excellent. Yet, ALL news bulletins & programs, Today Prog to midnight, are worse than unforgivable. Their should be straight reporting of verifiable facts. NO TALKING HEADS ie repetition of lies, & giving semblance of independent authority.

  2. Destroy the BBC,reform!or leave it to the next Tory government or the establishment to wreck the Labour party again?.You cannot Reform a culture of the establishment.Very damaging because the British public have been subjected to propaganda of the machine all of their lives and many can’t see 👀.

  3. Well I’m exhausted my wife and I have spent days door knocking,why do they always give me the flats? Today my wife will be driving people to the polling stations before invigilating at the count. We are both nearly 70 she is a retired schoolteacher,I worked for the NHS. Of course I want Phillips,Hodge,Streeting et al to win. But if they do I hope they recognise it is ,in some part,due to the efforts of my wife and so many of the people like her I have met in the past few days. We are not as the want to label us anti Semitic Momentum thugs. I can’t remember which Blairite it was that said theiy are ok at sitting about debating policy motions but they won’t be out there knocking on doors in the rain,they were wrong and if we lose this election it will be them to blame not us.

    1. Thank you, Jim, for that contact with the reality of the Party. I’ve been largely inactive over this campaign, limited by the health problems that afflict old farts like me, kept alive by the NHS. I’m now almost in the category of the voters that my wife is currently transporting to the polling stations. It’s a bit of a bummer. 🙂

      But your posting brought to mind of the successes, frustrations and disappointments of working on campaigns over the years : the streets tramped, the dogs avoided, the finger-trapping letter boxes at the bottom of doors, the arguments – and the well wishers.

      Above all, however – it’s a reminder of how the Tory poison has seeped into this Party, with narrow factional venom often replacing the genuine rubbing along between members with varied views that I remember on the stump over the years.

      I’ve had enough of the Tories and their malignity. In all its expressions.

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