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BBC finally comments on Kuenssberg postal vote breach: ‘no breach’ – against its OWN guidance

BBC’s dismissiveness of its legal obligations is staggering but not surprising

How can the statement on the left possibly be compatible with the BBC’s own

After arrogantly saying that the nation would ‘just have to wait’ to find out whether the BBC would decide to comment on comments by its political editor that have appalled observers, the Corporation finally decided to put out a statement.

But it is even more arrogant than its initial stance.

The BBC’s own guidance about electoral law and the broadcast of information about postal votes is emphatic – it is a criminal offence to reveal any information about postal votes before general election polling stations are closed:

The Electoral Commission agrees.

Laura Kuenssberg, on the BBC Politics programme today, clearly gave details of how people are believed to have voted by post. Programme producers of other stations reacted with astonishment to her comments and were clear that this is against electoral law.

Yet the BBC’s statement, for which it kept everyone waiting for more than four hours?

Conservative supporter Peter Oborne has said he is voting for Jeremy Corbyn in this election, because the BBC and other corporate journalists have become part of the Tories’ fake-news industry.

Based on this outrage, he is not only right – but the BBC is absolutely shameless about it.

Vote Labour.

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  1. The BBC has been beneath contempt during the whole run-up to this election. Labour is not just fighting the Tories, we are also fighting against the constant anti-Corbyn bias of the BBC.

    1. Thought K berg, stooped brazenly low into criminal territory. Seems Electoral Commission agrees‼️
      Kreature is IGNORANT or INCOMPETENT or in my assessment, definitely WILFULLY CRIMINAL ‼️‼️ Clear D E L I B E R A T E BREACH of ELECTORAL LAW .

      BBC directors will defend the indefensible as we can all see, they are standards poor, morality free and bias rich.

      I say, NO long costly INQUIRIES. The evidence is clear. Prompt swift criminal investigation & prosecution. Sentencing should reflect Kunsberg’s REPEATED behaviour eg spreading FALSE information re 4 year old lad Jack on hospital floor. Then spreading the untruth that Labour person attacked Hancock at the hospital. And that is just in a few hours‼️‼️‼️

    2. If a BBC reporter has clearly broken criminal law, then the police will soon be knocking on her door………….& if you believe that!!!!!!

  2. I heard Kuenssberg doing her summing up on Radio 4 tonight – she’s a Tory and can’t hide it; seems most of her bosses are too. I so hope we win tomorrow so that these people get their just desserts.

  3. I hope we get a really big majority tomorrow and we can get rid of all those in BBC News & Current Affairs and rebuild the BBC as Public broadcaster instead of it acting as a State broadcaster. I’m surprised someone on the news hasn’t referred to BoJo as Glorious Leader. North Korea couldn’t have bettered state propaganda put out by the BBC!

    1. Christopher,I would be open to any suggestions to get rid of the BBC but dont really want any political organisations to ever get away with using the state to rig an election and we pay for it in every way.Many us have never seen anything like it on this part of Britain ,and had hoped never to see the rigging of our system here. Still what can we expect from the Conservative party.

  4. How is it that the BBC can pipe something into our houses that we haven’t asked for and then force us, through threat of fine or imprisonment to pay for it. Can’t be right that can it?

    1. When I lived as student in the USSR, someone told me that the television was just propaganda and so no licence was required.

      When you look at the BBC today, you have to marvel at how they actually make us pay for it.

    2. “the BBC can pipe something into our houses that we haven’t asked for”

      Massive exaggeration isn’t helpful in dealing with the real issue of bias. Nobody is forced to listen to or watch anything, FFS. Simply mouthing the Tory propaganda line isn’t going to change anything!

  5. BBC have breached the elctoral of the people act 84.I have reported this under BBC(laura kuenssberg)Political reporter and why don’t you?.This was not a slip of the tongue,but calculated propaganda by the BBC on behalf of the establishment and Tory party.,This will cost us votes and in a tight race even the election Complain about both the BBC and the individual to catch all.

    1. Denotation of ‘News Story’:- Mother & 4 year old son taken to hospital by ambulance; ‘triaged’ but have to wait 4 hours to see doctor who sent the boy home to sleep in his own bed No diagnosis of pneumonia. Where is the story? A picture paints a 1000 words + captions tell you what you should be looking at & what you should be thinking… are not supposed to draw your own conclusions as MSM has its own agenda. ……..the preferred narrative must be constructed, usually with emotive language & via a ‘human interest story’……..boy becomes baby or child.
      The NHS is ‘Socialism in Action’ & must be privatised as Tory dogma….private good; public bad. BoJo’s reaction should have been the real story as his pathetic reaction was to cover up any potential criticism of Tory under-funding of NHS. A media news constructed story is un-necessary as the ‘reality’ of under-funding is a self evident truth; no need for ‘set-ups’.

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