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Excl: police confirm report of death-threat against pro-Corbyn rabbi

Antwerp police confirm complaint and investigation

Last week, the SKWAWKBOX reported that Rabbi Mayer Weinberger – who signed a letter in support of Jeremy Corbyn on behalf of the Union of European Jews (UEJ), a pan-European Orthodox Jewish group – had been forced to go to police after threats were made against him and his family if he did not withdraw and repudiate the letter.

The SKWAWKBOX can now report that police in the city of Antwerp, where the Rabbi lives, have confirmed that they are investigating the threat:

“I can confirm that a complaint has been made. The police is pursuing the case further.”

Since the UEJ published its letter, numerous attempts have been made by anti-Corbyn activists to discredit the letter. The threats to Rabbi Weinberger, however, appear all too real.

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  1. I wonder which nasty little group would resort to that behaviour of threats etc and whether the police force in Brighton might be able to help with their inquiries.Maybe the threats to Labour mp Chris Williamson have a connection,but then again I am not a detective?

  2. sala de(a)rite!
    You see with a bit of effort we can all learn.
    Diverse working people of the World Unite!

    1. See they’re celebrating NATO and whilst its hidden agenda may be to protect capital I think we need re NATO to Remain and Reform and here’s something revolutionary for humanity – why not turn it into a Global Peace Alliance and invite China, N Korea and Iran etc in – what no enemies?
      The working people of no country are our enemies although we may have issues with some Govts and Leaders.
      Yes I know it will mean a trillion dollar plus hit for the military industrial complex including arms and torture equipment manufacturers!
      Yes I know war is good for profit.
      Yes I know it may save millions of lives.
      But perhaps in the 21stC it may be time to turn a new page.
      We need statesmen and women and to free ourselves peacefully and democratically from the current Right Wing Neo-Liberal Macho Male (and some Right Wing Women who try to emulate them like in Bolivia).
      Food for thought, yours in international solidarity and peace.

  3. And on another bit of connected news a leading anti racist has quit the Church of England advisory board over the support that the archbishop of Canterbury gave the Chief Rabbi on not voting Labour in this election.Now that is real anti racism at work and shows the political bias towards candidates should not be allowed by leaders of religion in a election campaign.

  4. I heard a shitload about Corbyn’s pointlessly ‘apologizing’ for being against racism yesterday. But I didn’t catch the BBC foregrounding Gus John’s comments about the inherent stupidity of Welby and racism in the CoE. Was there anything? (I’d be the first to admit that I give the News scant attention).

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