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Video: BBC withholds fact WASPI women sang ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’ as they welcomed Labour plan

Sky News mentions huge WASPI reception for Corbyn in Derbyshire – but BBC leaves it out

The BBC has again abandoned its legal obligations to impartially report on the general election campaign.

As Jeremy Corbyn arrived to speak to ‘WASPI’ women – the 1950s-born women robbed by the government of years of their pension entitlement – about Labour’s plan to right the ‘historic injustice’ inflicted on them, the gathered women broke into a spontaneous rendition of the famous pro-Corbyn chant ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’.

Yet even though BBC News was unable to find a single woman to comment negatively about Labour’s pledge – or Labour’s ability to deliver it – Corbyn’s reception was omitted from the coverage:

The BBC’s bias by omission still failed to hide the massive approval for Corbyn’s plan – and the women’s comments made clear that only Labour is helping them and only Corbyn can be trusted to keep his promise.

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  1. The Tories are furious they didn’t jump on this bandwagon. Along with their far reaching social care policy (“We’ll think of something, promise!”) it’s hard to see why the Oldies would vote for them.

  2. The BBC’s defence barristers will claim at what they’ll call “Stalinist show trials” that using a tight camera shot of both Labour and Tory rallies – so as not to show the level of public support for either party – was the only way to treat both parties fairly under election rules.

    The same argument applies to the sound in news reports of their respective public appearances.
    Only by not broadcasting the ecstatic receptions either Johnson or Corbyn received could the BBC be scrupulously fair to both leaders.

  3. Tories piss on poor people and think they can’t do anything about it because they have no financial clout. But come election time the establishment shit their pants when it finally sinks in that people don’t vote for c**ts who have made them suffer.

    1. “people don’t vote for c**ts who have made them suffer.”

      I’m afraid history doesn’t support that observation.

  4. Beware the tory trolls claiming to be women who are going to be “too young” to get any compensation pouring scorn on his settlement. They do not represent the core of the Waspis who cannot wait any longer. Women are dying in destitution. Couples who have lost the womans pension have also lost Pension Tax credits too. This is a massive step forward. It’s our only life line. For those who claim its not in the manifesto and is another “extra” – see P75.

  5. Utter little shit of a BBC interviewer , multiple digs in his questioning , negative , negative, negative , nothing along the lines of , is it not a great righting of an injustice done , or the like . typical Biased BULLSHIT Corporation desperately trying to push the Tory narrative .
    God how I hope we gut that elitist empire on day one of a Corbyn Govt

    1. rob, I know it’s a long list but the one I saw this morning asking a couple of WASPI women if they didn’t think Corbyn was just making political capital out of their plight – and whether they thought his promise was even affordable – was called Jonathan Blake.
      I even wrote the little Tory shit’s name down I was so fucking angry.
      The WASPI women saw right through his obvious bias too and didn’t concede a fucking thing 🙂

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