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Video: relaxed, confident Corbyn starts CBI speech by dismissing bumbling Johnson as ‘warm-up act’

Boris Johnson’s speech rambled and said nothing – then business audience laughs loudly as Corbyn dismisses his ‘warm-up act’

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn took the CBI conference of business leaders by storm with a relaxed, policy-packed speech today that laid out Labour’s vision for the UK’s future.

Boris Johnson, by contrast, bumbled and blustered – and had to be fed whispered answers by a senior CBI representative even to cope with a fairly anodyne press question session.

Corbyn’s confidence in Labour’s vision and his own leadership was encapsulated in the very start of his speech, as he dismissed Johnson as his ‘warm-up act’:

The loud laughter that greeted Corbyn’s remark was chilling news for Johnson and his shambolic campaign.

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  1. de piffle as a warm-up act could never even make it to the dizzy heights of Bobby Chariot…

    1. Bobby Chariot was once offered some jokes by his agent.

      He threw several on the floor for being racist, sexist, homophobic.
      And when his agent had gone, he picked them up and put them in his pocket.

  2. During the Q&A at CBI Swinson claims she can’t support a Labour government because Corbyn is an anti-Semite.

    1. This really reminds me of what Richard Nixon later admitted about Jerry Voorhis, the man he defeated in 1946:

      “Of course I knew Jerry Voorhis wasn’t a communist. “But I had to win. The important thing is to win.”

      1. the tories, right wingers of all kinds and the establishment understand this and have understood this for the past 10 years and more …..

        lie cheat steal …anything to win because being in control and in power is everything!

        you can see this in the media and the careerist non socialist politicians.

        it is all about getting elected no matter how matter what lies need to be told to the gullible and the ones that desperately want to believe those lies are true.

        ratf*cking is now the first priority for the right and the establishment.

        i look forward to seeing a socialist government do to these paragons of virtue the same things that have been done to us in order to cling to power no matter what …..1945 level of change must happen despite the onslaught of the establishment, the corporations and the right wing against it…

        if its good for goose then its fabulous for the gander ..without mercy

    2. Totally despicable- Jo Swinson can’t fault our policies or defend her own record so she attacks Jeremy as a person. Luckily the electorate know that he is no antisemite so her cheap and nasty comments say more about her than they say about him.
      Clearly the Lib Dems are preparing to revert to type and support the Tories and their extreme policies in the event of a hung parliament. We must do everything we can to prevent 5 more years of austerity under another Tory/Lib Dem pact and all the human tragedies which will result from it. We need to get a majority and must campaign day and night for this so that minority parties such as the Lib Dems and the DUP aren’t able to prop up a hard right Tory government.
      The Tories and the Lib Dems are two sides of the same coin – they pay little heed to the needs of ordinary people earning a basic wage, the disabled and frail elderly, struggling students , hungry children or destitute adults .
      Just like Jacob Rees Mogg blamed the people in Grenfell for the tragedy that ended the lives of so many so too will the Tories /Lib Dems blame the poor the old the sick for their mistreatment under a brutal austerity regime. A vote for either party is a vote for austerity. This is becoming clearer by the day.
      The personal attacks on Jeremy Corbyn by Jo Swinson and others illustrate her and their inability to contest our policies or defend their pro austerity stance .

      1. Swinson has just lost her High Court case to be included in tomorrow night’s debate.
        It took the 2 judges less than 15 minutes to make up their minds.

  3. Excellent! Sound policies, soundly delivered. More audible than usual.. Nor was it dispiriting re energy as if you did not care. Loved the confidence. Assured ➕ sense of enjoyment. Always full of spectacular positive surprises Jeremy! BRILLIANT! PLEASE be CONSISTENT‼️

    In the debates, don’t be long winded and torturous, especially over ridiculous remote deadly no-win scenarios. The MSM ignores Tory victims of flooding, Tory neglect of waterway dredging, TORY flammable cladding, Tory Universal Credit, the despotic and perverted associations of Tory Randy Andy from the big council house and on extravagant welfare benefits.

    So, what wicked degenerates the MSM are prioritising time to press you to disclose what is a secret decision⁉️ Reply plain and straight – They do not care about day to day Tory wrecking of lives‼️ Ask them, Why do they prioritise the speculations, hypotheticals they cannot see, instead of suffering they can see everyday on our streets??? There were so many homeless people sleeping on London streets on memorial day. DISGRACEFUL‼️ Some of them ex military and it was quite cold.

    Were Trident use a matter for public disclosure, the letter signing would be in public. Furthermore the PM letter signing palaver is a pristick & paper shredding CHARADE to make our PMs feel important and in a cosy powerful clique. A good way to control the ambitious – delude them that they are not the tools they are⚫️

    ALSO: Do NOT try to defend Blair and Brown’s record. NOT your responsibility. Don’t try appeasing BnB’s fawning toads. They will not be appeased. SOD THEM. We vote for you not the toads‼️

    Blair, Brown, other snakes and the toads, are self-declared Tory Status Quo peddlers. DON’T muddle your message trying to shield that lot. They have free easy runs of the MSM. Let them defend their indefensible neglect and disdain for the people of the Midlands especially SEDGEFIELD and HARTLEPOOL, the North, Scotland, Wales, the South East, deprived inner cities EVERYWHERE. Blair, Blunket Brown, Straw et al are on MSM speed dial. Leave self-serving hypocrites to spout their own lies. Defend the people who need defending. The vipers like Blair have no sense of gratitude to show you any. STOP TRYING TO PLEASE THEM‼️

  4. Swansongs a liar and a narrow minded clown,but mud sticks and repeat a lie and eventually it becomes the truth,The Labour party are guilty of cooperation in the scam and the mud sticks to all of us .AS should have been repudiated but its too late now ,we own it like financial mismanagement and every other lie we accepted….grin 😀and carry on!

    1. Swinson is, indeed, the left-overs from Tory vomit. Scum. And, indeed, by any rational analysis, Corbyn made a speech that was massively more coherent than Mr Toad’s trademark bumble.

      But the question remains as to how that perception can be made to cut through, given that the vast majority of knuckle-draggers who might vote for either will not have clocked the CBI performance?

      I say that from no sense of having an answer. I simply don’t know – apart from the possibility of having a leaner, more focused approach and better strap lines in presenting policy proposals

      1. RH 18/11/2019 at 4:28 pm

        The paradox: people are fed up with capitalism but they still say they’ll vote Tory

        There’s a profound paradox in play at this election. The Tories are clearly leading opinion polls and yet polling by YouGov for IPPR finds that many are very fed up with the form of capitalism we have had for decades, which would imply even greater alienation from the model that the Tories who might form an incoming government desire ………

        ……….Everyone thinks we should invest in a Green New Deal.

        And yet if the Tories get into office inequality will grow and the chance of anything approaching what is required on the Green New Deal is remote.

        What people want and what they are voting far are far removed from each other. It’s a paradox I fear that we will pay for, very heavily.

        The stats in this article make for interesting reading

      2. An interesting reference, Steve.

        It reminds me of the Stockholm syndrome. Perhaps the simple explanation is around the resolution of what people see and what they are told – i.e. the old issue of media influence.

        We all admire the calm rationality that Corbyn displays, and I reckon that DE Pfaffing has blown his cover of superficial blather. But perhaps Labour *in general* lacks the rhetorical power that can cut through at the gut level (have a look at Aneurin Bevan).

  5. How are the polls defying gravity
    JC and Labour not put a foot wrong,
    It helps a lot when you actually believe in what your saying
    Bring on the morra and Thursday
    Head down arse up lads and lasses

  6. If it doesn’t happen this time it will happen more so next time. The new generations coming through will be more radical and will win with a big landslide. They will bring in voting at 16 and Tories will be wiped out. A new order is inevitable.

    1. Rayvisino…Shame really that I probably won’t be here next time to see the Torys destroyed,but at least the old buggers are mainly Torys.that are in the departure lounge…..I hope there really is a hell for them murder of innocent victims of Tory policy deserve retribution

    2. There’s growing evidence that our only value to the rich is as customers.
      They legally cheat on their taxes just because they can – more for fun than anything else – it’s like a competition between them to own the most expensive of everything.
      The second billion or even million makes little real difference to a person’s standard of living.
      The 1% have no emotional attachment to the rest of us whatsoever.
      They don’t care what their profligacy does to the rest of society – they don’t care that the vast bulk of their money sits in tax havens and just sucks in more money – and they don’t care that their ownership of 99% of the planet impoverishes 99% of its inhabitants.

      It’s obvious to anyone who thinks about it that this planet can quite easily support the 1% indefinitely, but only if the rest of us aren’t around anymore.
      The 80 million – the1% – have thought about it allright or they wouldn’t be building bunkers in New Zealand to wait out the carnage in comfort.

      Either all 8 billion of us accept that we have to live a little more frugally and responsibly – or our numbers have to be reduced one way or another.
      Unfortunately frugal doesn’t appeal to the 1% at all, and they hold the reins.
      Does anyone here seriously believe the rich will even consider making do with fewer shiny things to save our pathetic lives?

      1. David,

        You don’t have to buy into David Icke to reach this conclusion. Population reduction has clearly been on the 1%’s mind for some time and it’s really blatantly obvious that the neo-liberal war on welfare states everywhere is designed to achieve this.

        My only wonder is, once the poor & disabled have been eradicated, what tactics will they use to get rid of the aspirational lower/middle-classes? A virus, probably…

  7. If u didn’t see the CBI speeches, watch Bojo then Corbyn back 2 back here . Good but Bojo briefly interrupted by few minutes from another film. Nevertheless Bojo looks like a bumbling amateur even b4 u watch Corbyn. But then when Corbyn speaks the difference in stature and assuredness between the 2 men is enormous. It’s like Remembrance Sunday times10!

  8. Now listen up!…Forget Blair and Brown, personally I thought they were okay except for Iraq..I’ve read the comments from others..Stop nit picking,Corbyn’s a good bloke…You either want a Tory Govt or you don’t..Have you ever thought that Jeremy has a great team, this is not a one man band…For Christ sake get a grip..

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