Video: huge, defining GE moment as business chief feeds Johnson answer to tricky question at CBI conference

Johnson has answer to awkward question supplied to him by CBI boss after bumbling semi-incoherent speech

There has been a huge moment in the general election campaign this morning, as the head of the CBI bailed out a stumped Boris Johnson during media questions at the organisation’s conference.

After a rambling speech, Johnson was asked difficult questions by journalist Sam Coates – and the CBI chief was instantly in his ear to feed him the ‘right’ response.

But Johnson’s microphone picked it up:

A clearer example of the few versus the many would be hard to find.

Vote Labour.

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  1. Not sure why this is surprising – let alone ‘defining’. Illustrative, perhaps – but it isn’t going to provide a moment of revelation to those who need to be persuaded.

  2. Heard BoJo’s speech, what an appalling bumbling mess. Jeremy by contrast sounded business like and competent. A whelk stall is too much for Boris to manage unless of course he can have a quick shag round the back.

  3. I wonder how Boris Johnson will cope in the head to head debate with Jeremy Corbyn tomorrow night when he hasn’t the CBI chief to bail him out. He may have to be electronically linked up to a team in Conservative Central Office who will feed him the answers to questions as he appears incapable of stringing a sentence together never mind giving a proper analysis of policy.I shall be watching out for long pauses etc Lol.
    Seriously though, Johnson was completely outclassed by Jeremy Corbyn at the CBI conference. Jeremy was every inch a statesman while Johnson appeared to be totally out of his depth.

  4. When I place an x on labour in December in my mind’s eye I will look a homeless person in the eye and say that’s for you, not Brexit.
    I will look a disabled person in the eye and say that’s for you, not Brexit.
    I will look into the eyes of working parents resorting to food banks and say that’s for you, not Brexit.
    I will look Emergency service workers in the eye and say that’s for you, not Brexit.
    I will look at every vet homeless and to the family of a vet who committed suicide and say that’s for you, not Brexit.
    Every OAP who may go cold ignored this winter and say that’s for you not Brexit.
    Every child who is hungry at school with a threadbare uniform and say that’s for you, not Brexit.
    Every man working in a sector they can and will sell worrying himself ill for his job that’s for you not Brexit.
    Every nurse who is in tears for someone else’s pain even though she’s been on shift 16 hours under a strained nhs and say that’s for you not brexit.
    Every person that rely genuinely on benefit to feed and cloth there family and say that’s for you not brexit.
    Every person who’s world has been genuinely destroyed due to war who need safety and say that is for you not brexit.
    I will do all this because i believe in the manifesto of labour and not because of it’s leaders, i would rather feed the poor than empower the wealthy. And i will not put my self importance before these values. Brexit is the minor issue everything else is where it’s at if you have a good empathetic heart that is. #votelabour #thinkofothers ✊❤️

    Copied and pasted but this message is written from the heart and i 100% agree with it

    1. What we are witnessing is the glaringly obvious differences in terms of Corbyns knowledge and experience and Johnsons bumbling incompetence which is completely overlooked/ignored by the Media (and the CBI in this case ) and makes you wonder if your are actually sharing the same reality. It reminds me of the kid with icecream on his face who swears he has not had an ice cream.

    2. An empty, self-congratulatory, simplistic, slogan-fest of a post – with no explanatory content whatsoever, Janette. Smugly claiming to be in favour of all sorts of lovely things, and against lots of nasty things, which somehow the issue of the UK being inside or outside of the neoliberal enforcement rules of the EU is claimed to be irrelevant to. What a huge heart, but nil actual understanding of capitalism and the neoliberal EU, you display.

      Unfortunately, if , for instance a Labour government wants to run budget deficits in order to re-fund the NHS, local government, Education , the EU Rules forbid any government running a deficit of more than 3% of GDP. That rule alone has produced endless austerity across the EU states.

      If Labour wants to end the racketeering costs of water, electricity, gas, and rail travel, it needs to re-nationalise these industries, This simply cannot be done as efficient nationwide integrated units within EU competition and state aid rules.

      The poverty wages and precariat jobs afflicting entire sectors of the unskilled and semi-skilled job market, facilitating the ‘Uberisation’ (ie, casualisation) of work on a huge scale , is only possible because of the unlimited EU-wide cheap labour supply that is enshrined in the EU Freedom of Movement rule.

      And on it goes, Janette. The issue of ‘Brexit’ in or out, is not just about a plot by the globalist neoliberal spivs around Boris Johnson to ‘sell the NHS to Trump’ – in fact continued membership of the neoliberal enforcement machine that is the EU is a major barrier to a Left government implementing the major beneficial reforms of the way our economy and society operates .

      So your cut and paste set of meaningless non-sequitur phrases actually just encapsulate the empty Guardianista slogans that justify maintaining the dire status quo of Remain (dire for the poorer working class UK citizens crushed by austerity and unlimited labour supply, but OK for the privileged middle classes who just love the EU and its easy travel, and opportunities to feed off the EU bureaucracy gravy train) , but with no actual explanatory content connecting all the ills described to the issue of Brexit at all. Try harder to actually UNDERSTAND the role of the EU before blindly reproducing Mandelson’s simplistic sloganized propaganda, please .

      1. jpenney – Is that an official statement from the Tooting Popular Front?

  5. Johnson doesn’t know his arse from his elbow. He is a dangerous individual.

    1. Janette Murphy .. Both of the messages are inspiring and the second message truthfully accurate

    2. “Johnson doesn’t know his arse from his elbow. He is a dangerous individual.”

      … who is currently supported by a sufficient number of the electorate to give the Tories a lead.

      So what to do? – is the question.

      1. We have to campaign all day every day highlighting the good our party will do for the many as opposed to what the Tories will do for the few. If despite our efforts the Tories win we will have to watch the sell off of the NHS and the destruction of our society -we will see more people starving to death, more homelessness, more suicides. The country will implode. We will then have to try to pick up the pieces at the next GE whenever it may be- it just doesn’t bear thinking about but that is the reality of a Tory win.

  6. Spaffer Johnson ” burble , bluster , dweeble , haha , exactly , erhhm, dribble , and that’s what we will do yes that exactly burble ploop ! ” WTH is that then Alex ? or is it still ” Fxxk Business ” or in his case as many women as possible and leave a trail of poor innocent kids behind .
    And people think he is good PM material ?

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